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Jedar Compound
Published at 2019-07-07

The compound is considered from the large residential compounds in the 6th of October city and especially in El Sheikh Zayed district, And the project is considered from the classy residential projects that include villas and twin houses and the compound provides many important factors for more comfort to the residents, also the compound includes many special services that satisfy the clients' needs, in addition to it's perfect location near many vital locations inside the 6th of October city.

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Jedar Compound's Location

The compound is located in the center of El Sheikh Zayed district in 6th of October city and especially on the main axis of Juhayna Square and near Swan Lake Compound also it's near to The Nile University.

Important Information about the Executing Company of Jedar Project

Iwan Group is the owner of Jedar Compound, and the company is considered from the important companies that have many important residential projects inside the 6th of October city, and the company seeks through these projects to change the concept of the residential compounds in Egypt, and the company constructed many successful residential projects in El Sheikh Zayed district as Jewar Compound and Jeera and Atrio Compound and many other important projects.

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Major Services in Jedar Sheikh Zayed

  • The residential units in Jedar Compound were designed according to the highest level of designs to satisfy the clients' desires, also a small space of the compound was specified for providing many services and features inside the compound, also the executing company seeks for making the compound an integrated residential compound inside El Sheikh Zayed district and it provided many and various services in it..

And from the services the company provided in the compound:

  • Clubhouse on 6300 square meters for more comfort.
  • A large commercial area that includes many commercial stores.
  • Wide Kids' area.
  • Gym and spa.
  • Many sports playgrounds.
  • Mosque.
  • BBQ areas.
  • Tracks for walking and running.

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The Residential Units Spaces in Jedar Iwan Group

  • Jedar compound was constructed on 43 acres and it's from the large residential compound in El Sheikh Zayed that provides many important services and features for the residents, also the company constructed the residential units on a small space of the total space of the compound and the remaining space was specified for the green spaces and the various services.
  • The residential units were designed in the shape of villas and twin houses and duplex with 9 meters' height and different spaces that start from 275 up to 400 square meters.

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The Units Prices and Payment Systems in Jedar

The prices in Jedar compound is very competitive, as the company put special prices for the clients to suit all the services and features inside the compound, and the company also provided many paying systems for the clients as:

  • The client can pay a 5% downpayment of the total price and 10% after 3 months from contracting and 10% on delivery and the remaining on a 7 years' installment, and the units are delivered semi-finished after 2 and half years from contracting.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Aqua park