All what you need to know about Genova Sheikh Zayed Compound

Genova Sheikh Zayed Compound
Published at 2019-07-08

El Sheikh Zayed district is from the classy residential districts that include many important residential projects as Genova Compound, This project is from the important and special projects with its special location in El Sheikh Zayed in addition to the services available inside it that made it from the integrated residential compounds, and the executing company provided many and various services in the project that satisfy the clients' needs.

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Genova Compound's Location

The location of the compound is very special as it's near Hyper One market and Royal City Compound and Asos School which is from the international schools, and the compound has two entrances one of them on Alexandria Desert Road and the other on El Mehwar Road.

Important Information about the Executing Company of Genova Sheikh Zayed

Genova Compound is from the important residential projects that were constructed by Eastern Development Company, and the compound was executed according to the famous European designs and especially on the Italian Style, and the compound provides the comfort and welfare life for all the residents.

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The Services in Genova Project

  • Genova compound was constructed according to the latest international designs and especially the Italian style, as everything the client wants will be provided in one place which is Genova Compound, and the company provided many services and various features to satisfy the clients' desires.
  • About the important services inside the compound:
    • Wide green spaces.
    • Smart Home technology.
    • Many commercial malls with many stores.
    • Various swimming pools for all genders and ages.
    • Gym.
    • Tennis playgrounds.
    • Parking garage.
    • Sports and social clubs.
    • Clubhouse.
    • Many medical clinics.
    • Security and guarding teams.
    • School.

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The Residential Units' Spaces in Genova Eastern Development

  • Genova Compound was constructed on 30 acres as the executing company constructed the residential units on a small space compared to the space that was specified for the services and the green spaces, and it also provided different residential units' types to suit the clients' needs.
  • The compound has various residential units with different types and spaces to suit the clients' desires,  and the units vary among the apartments, duplex, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses, and the residential units' spaces start from 153 square meters and they were designed according to the highest international designs.

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The Units Prices and Payment Systems in Genova

  • The prices in Genova Compound is one of the best and suitable prices in the district today, and the meter's price starts from 11,500 up to 17,500 pounds and it depends on the type of the residential unit.
  • And there is a paying system for the clients as:
    • The client doesn't pay any downpayment 0% while the price of the units will be paid on a 10 years' installment.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa