Advantages & Services Offered By Etapa Square Compound

Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed
Published at 2019-08-19

Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed is where you enjoy the luxurious life as the compound is executed on vast space hill in Sheikh Zayed by City Edge, the most well-known development companies in the field of development so that an emitation of luxurious life in Dubai takes place to be in Egypt. The compound is featured with the close location to important places as the project is in an opposite location to El Rabwa Village & next to Karma Compound while only 3 minutes away from Hyper & also close to National Bank Of Egypt.

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Services Of Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed

  • Etapa Square is located in Sheikh Zayed area as constructions occupy only 16% of the total project space besides the charming view of vast green spaces boosting to comfort & pleasure.
  • Golf courses where you enjoy the green natural views while playing your favorite sport.
  • Highly equiped international schools with the most experience professors as the educational process is in progress according to the latest educational strategies that enhance student's educational & cultural skills.
  • There is the Canadian University featured with the luxurious buildings and highly equiped for students according to the latest educational strategies enhancing the student's educational level as well as helping students achieve their educational success.
  • Etapa Square Village is featured with the strategic location as it is located in the highest spot in Egypt and links between all services in the neighboring close locations like Masr Mall Of Arabia and close to Axis, Haram, Ring Road & Desert Road.
  • Etapa Square contains club house where you can find Billiards tables, bowling & bing bong as you can have your favorite drink while playing your favorite sport at one place.
  • Kids area covering vast green spaces where kids can play games which boosts to their pleasure & happiness.

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Advantages Of Etapa Square Compound

  • Cinemas & theater displaying the latest movies & plays where you can go with your families & friends for fun after a long tiring working day.
  • A social building containing everything residents need.
  • A highly equiped gym with the latest sports equipment & devices helping you play your favorite sport in the atmosphere of vitalization & pleasure.
  • A spa where you can have massage so you feel active & refreshed.
  • Football playgrounds where you can enjoy your times with your friends & enjoy the charming natural views.

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More Advantages Of Etapa Square City edge

  • Tennis court covering a vast space where you can do your favorite hobby actively.
  • A variety of swimming pools for all ages so that kids enjoy swimming in a charming atmosphere.
  • A highly trained integrated security crew working 24/7 besides surveillance camera for more safety in compound.
  • A variety of residential units with different spaces & prices like apartments, town house, twin house & villas to select the right unit for you.
  • Unique payment options granting the buyer comfort & advantages while purchasing their faborite resiential unit through the down payment of 10% of the total amount and the installment of the rest of the amount over 7 years.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa