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Top 10 Features And Flaws Of Alma Compound


Alma Compound is one of the most famous residential complexes in Sheikh Zayed City, which is characterized by sophistication and tranquility for all lovers of high-end housing and picturesque nature, so Iwan company was keen to establish a group of residential units in 6 October, which is characterized by luxury and sophistication according to the latest advanced European designs. The company also provided the best services and facilities within the compound, making it a village isolated from the outside world with all the services and facilities at reasonable prices, not far from the vital areas of 6 October City and for Information click Egypt Real Estate.

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Most Important Features Of Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

Alma Compound has a vibrant location that has attracted many families, just 3 minutes from Americana Plaza and about 5 minutes from Hyper One.

It is in front of 26 July axis, so any vital area within 6th of October can be reached, and it is 10 minutes away from The Mall of Arabia and 20 minutes from The Mall of Egypt.
It is just 7 minutes from The Nile University of Science and Technology, and 15 minutes from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

When selecting the compound location, the company was interested to make it close to all vital areas, whether within 6 October or the areas adjacent to it.

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The Services Provided By Alma By Iwan Group

The company has been interested in providing a range of services within the compound to suit all high-end classes in order to provide the greatest comfort and well-being to the population, including:

  • Provide 24-hour security and guarding system supported by a range of high-quality surveillance cameras.
  • Parking on a large area for the residents.
  • A range of multi-sized swimming pools for all ages, children, and women, as well as a number of spacious gardens, fountains and artificial waterfalls in the midst of stunning nature.
  • A complex of restaurants, cafés, barbecue areas with a high level of service.
  • A commercial district and a large shopping center including the world's most famous brands in the field of shopping, as well as a range of clinics and health centers that offer 24-hour services.
  • A health club with gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment, as well as a social club suitable for the classes of the upscale society.

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Residential Units Spaces Within Alma Project

The spaces and prices within the compound vary to suit all categories and classes as follows:

First, apartments: starting from 120 m² up to 280 m².

Second, family villas or twin houses: starting from 470 m² up to 600 m².

Third, duplexes: up to 250 m².

Prices start at EGP 4,000,000 and vary according to the space of each unit, where the downpayment is paid up to 10% of the total unit price and the rest is paid over 7 years installments.

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