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Jefaira north coast
Published at 2019-07-29

The most important information about the developer Jefaira Bay Resort 

  • Inertia is one of the most important real estate development and investment companies as well as tourism, which has been characterized by a large expansion and extension of its construction projects and residential construction and tourist villages, not only throughout Cairo and Giza, as usual for a large number of real estate development companies, Rather, its projects extended beyond the capital.
  • It has reached a large number of its residential and tourism projects in particular to the coasts of the Red Sea and the North Coast, occupying a distinguished position among the major real estate development and investment companies in Egypt within 10 years, although its real estate and tourism projects are relatively less compared to some major companies as Al Murshidi Group or Palm Hills Developments for example.
  • Inertia is the developer of the Jevera Bay Resort North Coast. If you do not know much about this company, we will try through this article to learn a little brief on the establishment as well as the precedent of its work.

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The establishment of Inertia 

  • The company was established in 2007 in an attempt by its founders to add new and new in the field of real estate development and investment, but in a relatively few years has been able to make civil and urban moves in many geographical locations that have been distinguished in their choice of construction projects.
  • In order to execute major projects and keep up with the latest construction and design methods, the company will provide integrated housing and tourism projects and health, education, tourism, and sports services. In a few years, its investments reached 22 billion LE.
  • This number is considered a huge number for the company's modernity. However, due to its outstanding efforts and constant innovation and renewing, the company managed to achieve large sales of nearly 3.2 billion LE and to build major urban and tourism projects in a vast space of approximately 6 million m³.
  • The company has succeeded in achieving such records in a short time not only because of its continuous efforts but also because of what it offers of the various housing units between the small studio and distinctive hotel apartments, duplexes, townhouses, Twin House and independent villas to meet the needs of different individuals at affordable prices.

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The previous works of Inertia 

Inertia has contributed to many of the most important major real estate development projects in some parts of Greater Cairo, as well as the North Coast and the Red Sea coasts, although the most important previous projects as follows: -

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