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Al Dau Strand Hurghada resort: A Different Lifestyle


Al Dau Strand Hurghada

Al Dau Strand Resort Amenites
A very distinctive resort in the Red Sea, with all the services that you are looking for your comfort. You and your family will enjoy the best holidays in AL Dau Strand Resort as Hurghada is characterized by a moderate climate throughout the year. ALDAU Development Company, a group of Sami Saad Holding Company, one of the largest investment groups in Egypt and Red Sea that makes a qualitative leap in the form of tourist resorts in Egypt, to a more level of sophistication and well-being in terms of services and facilities within Al Dau Strand Hurghada.

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Location of Al Dau Strand Resort

swimming pool in Al Dau Strand Resort

  • Hurghada is now no longer that remote, deserted place, which has few villages and tourist resorts, which are hard to reach, but now and during the last few years has been taken care of, as a global machete with the best tourist ingredients, this is because Hurghada has beautiful beaches, natural environment, world-class diving sites, top-class resorts, and tourist villages.

  • The location of Al Dau Strand Hurghada is close to this huge amount of tourist attractions in Hurghada, making it of course a distinct location, where Al Dau Strand is located in the Red Sea in Huwaidq Square in Hurghada, just 3 minutes from Hurghada International Airport, on the sea directly, at the beginning of the tourist hall, which is the heart of the city of Hurghada.

  • The tourist walkway in Hurghada stretches for more than 8 km and is full of cafés, restaurants, malls and hotels, which serve all year. Al Dau Strand resort is located close to the vital areas of Hurghada in addition to its excellent services; you will also be able to enjoy the city of Hurghada.

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Services and spaces

Al Dau Strand Hurghada Resort has been designed and executed to be an integrated city with all services, where you will find all of your major services, shopping, health, entertainment and services.

The most prominent services of Al Dau Strand Hurghada resort are as follows:

  • Al Dau Strand units have soundproofed glass fronts and armored doors. There are also German elevators at the highest level of safety and accuracy; all the units in it enjoy a wonderful sea view.
  •  Central air conditioning for all the buildings.
  •  Large green spaces through the units, in a way that achieves privacy, well-being and psychological comfort for the customers.
  • A variety of swimming pools distributed evenly throughout the resort.
  • The 5-star hotel offers the highest level of quality hotel services to the visitors.
  •  A children's play area with a variety of fun games.
  • Commercial malls with a large number of stores, offering the most luxurious international brands.
  •  Yacht Marina and Marina for fishing enthusiasts and cruises
  • Health club with the highest level of international sports equipment.
  • 24-hour security and guarding.
  • The space of Dhow Strand is diverse to suit all your needs, spaces of 89, 104, 145, 221 m2 to choose from what suits you.
  • Al Dau Strand Hurghada offers chalets with a hotel level, with great sea views.

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Pricing and payment systems

  • Al Dau Strand Red Sea is located on an area of ​​6 acres, equivalent to 25,000 m², and will be executed in two phases, with a beach width of about 106 m. It is located near the most important areas of Hurghada, near Old Vic Resort and Mashrabiya.

  • Al Dau Strand Hurghada offers you a range of hotel chalets with central air conditioning, German elevators, soundproofed glass fronts, and armored doors, all you get is in Al Dau Strand Hurghada Resort and at the lowest prices in the Red Sea, the prices are not competitive, compared to the services and the level of hotel units provided by it. The prices of chalets within Al Dau Strand Hurghada start from 1.588.000 pounds, payment systems are diverse and soft, including 25% downpayment and the rest is through installments up to 5 years.

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Owner and previous business

  • Al Dau Development Company is the owner of Al Dau Strand Hurghada, a subsidiary of Sami Saad Holding Group, that was established in 1963, and since this date and until now its path of supervision is the one you talk about, where the company has several projects with several local and international partners, in the development of hotels and resorts, and conference centers.
  • As for the most prominent work of Sami Saad Holding Company is:
  1. Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel, consisting of 388 rooms.
  2. The Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel, consisting of 723 rooms.
  3. The Holiday in London West, consisting of 225 rooms, is located in the heart of London.
  4. Al Dau International Conference Center, the largest conference center in the Red Sea.
  5. Al Dau Strand Hurghada.

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  • Al Dau Development Company takes its next step in the Red Sea, Al Dau Strand Hurghada, where it made sure to rebel through the traditional form of the tourist resort, and make it closer to the hotel style in all its aspects, both in terms of internal village division which offers the opportunity for large areas of Landscape and Crystal Lagoons, as well as the privacy of the residents within their units, while providing all the services that may be known to them around.

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Al Dau Strand Hurghada Project

  • Al Dua Strand Hurghada will give its residents the opportunity to enjoy beauty of Hurghada, while at the same time without having to travel far from their home. Where the owner of a chalet in Al Dau Strand Red Sea will serve as his second home, which will love staying there throughout the year.

  • Thanks to the new road network established by the Egyptian government, which made Hurghada much closer to the most important provinces in Egypt, most notably Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, and that was not available in the past, where it was required to get to Hurghada to fly by plane as an ideal solution, but now, within a few hours' drive you can reach your unit in Al Dau Strand and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea.

  • Don't Let the opportunity miss and book your chalet at the hotel level in Al Dau Strand Resort at the lowest prices in the Red Sea compared to the wonderful services provided by Strand it, especially as Aldau Development Company strives to overcome all your difficulties by providing easy and diversified payment systems to achieve the best safe investment for your money.

  • Al Dau Strand Hurghada is your ideal choice for owning a luxury resort in the Red Sea.

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