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Inertia Coast North Coast Resort: Live A Unique Life


Inertia Coast North Coast

Inertia Coast North Coast
Inertia coast is characterized by its strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, is one of the finest tourist resorts there, where Inertia established Jefaira Resort, which is a residential city with integrated services and basic facilities, In addition to being a coastal city that carries all the luxurious villages and tourist resorts of leisure, luxury, and fun and for More Information Click Egypt Real Estate.
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Location of Inertia Coast

  • Inertia Coast occupies a privileged position among the tourist resorts of the North coast.

  • Jefaira Inertia is located directly on the most beautiful beach in the North Coast of the 200 km by Alexandria-Matrouh Road, after La Vista North Coast, followed by Mountain View Resort.

  • Jefaira North Coast is about 65 km from Marassi resort.

  • Inertia coast is one of the most important resorts close to the vital roads of the North coast and is also close to the most important cities and provinces. Jefaira Bay Resort is just 100 km away from Matrouh, and about 300 km from Cairo, making it easy to travel to any other governorate.

  • Inertia Coast is designed with terracing system on the sea, allowing all its units to have a great view of the sea directly. Where Jefaira Resort has many different units including chalets, Townhouse, and Twin House, which suit all needs and tastes, It also overlooks the finest coastline with white sand, pure turquoise waters and clear blue skies.

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Owner and previous business

  • Inertia is the founder and owner of Inertia Coast project, it is one of the companies that brightened its name during the previous period in the real estate market. Since its establishment, it has been striving to execute the largest projects that carry a picture of architectural artifacts in the western world to the heart of Egypt.

  • Inertia has been established by the greatest expert engineers in architectural consultancy and engineering studies.

  • Inertia's founders are Hussein Al-Rifai and Ahmed Al-Adawi, who are among the most experienced engineers in engineering consultancy.

  • Inertia has a large investment volume of about 22 billion pounds, while the company's sales volume is about 3.2 billion pounds, on an area of ​​about 6 million cubic meters. The company has succeeded in launching several successful projects that have taken a huge investment in Egypt. These projects were distributed to many places and governorates inside Egypt, including 6th of October, Red Sea, New Cairo, and others.

  • Among the most important projects achieved by Inertia are the following:
  1. Joulez 6th of october.

  2. Veranda Sahl Hasheesh.

  3. G-cribs El Gouna.

  4. Brix 6th of October.

  • And the most important and latest project has been presented by the company, namely, Inertia Coast, which used the latest tools used globally in modern designs with the provision of all basic services such as education and health, as well as recreational services, making the project modern all real estate markets.

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Prices and payment systems

  • Inertia Coast was established on an area of ​​1300 acres. It was designed with terraces to view a beach of 3,600 meters, while the depth of the project is about 2200 meters. The name Jefaira is named after the area in which the project is located, Jefaira region of the North coast. 

  • The same name carries the meaning of the permanent source of fresh water in the Arabic language dictionary. All of the village's units overlook the North Coast directly thanks to the design of the resort with terracing system. Inertia is keen to take care of all the needs of the owners by providing all the things that help them to get what they wish in the resort.

  • The company has provided privacy to all unit owners by separating each unit from the other with wide green spaces, fresh industrial lakes.

  • On the North coast of Jefaira, the price of villas may start from LE 3,160,000, while the prices of chalets in Jefaira start from LE 1.880.000.

  • As for payment systems of the coastline units, it is easy for all its customers, where 10% of the total amount is paid, and the rest by installments over 7 years, provided that the units are delivered after 36 months from the date of the contract.

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Inertia Coast

  • Inertia company gathered in Inertia coast resort between the features of residential compounds of the availability of all educational services, health, and all facilities in it, among the most luxurious tourist resorts, from beaches, clubs, malls and other attractions.

  • The company has allocated the largest area of ​​the project for green areas, crystal lagoons, industrial lakes, while the smaller area is made up of villas, chalets, duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and more, all overlooking the beach directly.

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Services and spaces

  • All services that cover all the needs of its residents are available within Inertia Coast, such as health, education, recreational services such as malls, cafeterias, etc.

Among the most prominent services Inertia Resort are the following:

  • Inside Inertia North Coast, there are all types of units such as villas, chalets, all of which carry one view of the sea directly, units are surrounded by green gardens, industrial lakes, and lagoons, which have been taken as a separation between the units each other.
  • There are swimming pools within the project, in addition to a swimming pool within each unit in the compound, with all the spaces for swimming pools that are needed by all ages.
  • Inertia North Coast is characterized by the presence of the largest industrial lakes inside, which are widespread throughout the project, for hiking enthusiasts and lounging with friends there is a walkway from the beginning to the end to spend the sweetest time with your friends while enjoying nature's attractions.
  • The most luxurious hotel in Inertia was built to welcome the visitors to the resort and provide all the hotel services to them, whether foreign or Arab, all of the units are dedicated to hiking in degrees, with many parks to enjoy the attractive nature, there is a lot of children's places inside Inertia North Coast, which helps them to have fun.
  • There are also numerous shopping malls, fine restaurants, and cafés within the project with the largest commercial areas with all the products available in all international brands, Inertia has built the most luxurious conference hall in Inertia Coast, where weddings and birthdays are held.
  • As for sports enthusiasts, there are five sports clubs in the most prestigious clubs in the North Coast, all this with a guard inside the village around the clock.

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Area of Inertia

  • The units within Inertia Coast vary in terms of space, finishes, prices, and species.
  • The most prominent types of units within the project are villas, chalets, Condor chalets, Town House, and Twin House.
  • Villas starts from 247 m² to 387 m², while the chalets range from 168 m² to 225 m², and the space of condor chalets are starting from 105 m² to 183
  • Dear researcher of freedom and luxury, everything you dream of a simple life amidst the beautiful nature, with the availability of security and privacy, All this you find when you own a unit of the coast of Alexandria, please feel free to make reservations.

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