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The Gate New Alamein  - The most important features of The Gate New Alamein towers

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You will find comprehensive information about The Gate New Alamein towers on the Egypt Real Estate website. These residential towers are an unparalleled architectural masterpiece created by City Edge Real Estate, this amazing architectural icon occupies an excellent location in the North Coast. The owning company managed to build this huge global edifice thanks to the promising Egyptian manpower without relying on foreign expertise. City Edge Real Estate relied on global standards to become one of the most important and tallest architectural towers in the North Coast. We reveal more details in the following lines.

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Location of THE GATE towers new Alamein

City Edge, the owning and implementing company of this huge project, was keen to build towers similar to the famous Dubai towers and make them more distinctive and innovative. And here it succeeds in doing so by building two amazing towers, which can be considered the guardians of the new Alamein city as they are located at the entrance to the city.

These huge towers overlook the sea directly and on the other side, the towers enjoy an unmatched panoramic view as they overlook the new Alamein City Lake. A long walkway separates the two towers leading directly to the sea.

The owning company named The Gate towers the sustainable services millionaire city, as it is surrounded by a complete unprecedented entertainment area. Customers can find all the services they want inside the towers as they overlook a 14 km long tourist walkway.

These towers are distinguished by their proximity to many prominent landmarks in this magical area, most notably:

  • Alamein Gardens.

  • Diamond Hotel.

  • Midtown area.

  • Heritage City.

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The new Gate towers are distinguished by their strategic location in the new Alamein city, near many main and recreational services that make this city a unique real estate investment opportunity, represented in the following:

  • Excellent educational services including schools and universities.

  • Health services represented in a medical center.

  • Governmental bodies and institutions, and that is why the eyes of many clients turned to this huge project for its vital location in Alamein city.

  • Malls and commercial centers.

  • Yacht marina.

  • International hotels.

  • Sports clubs.

  • Huge lake.

Despite the many advantages offered by this charming area to customers, the project provides them with many services that are not available in all surrounding residential projects, represented in the following:

  • A 7-star hotel, the first international hotel to provide the best hotel services at the level of the new Alamein city.

  • The project contains 2 swimming pools, and you can enjoy your pool in the open air, as the swimming pools are located at the top of the project's residential towers.

  • Swimming pools are the first of their kind in the North Coast, as they rely on the automated technology system. This system helps purify the pool from microbes without relying on chlorine disinfectant.

  • Commercial mall and retail stores.

  • Fully equipped gym and spa, as it contains specialized trainers who provide the best services for the comfort and satisfaction of customers.

  • Garage and parking lot, its area is vast as it is 3 floors, to accommodate a large number of cars.

  • Restaurants and cafes.

  • 15 electric elevators, one of the fastest electric elevators, with a speed of up to 3 meters per second.

  • A complete garbage and waste recycling system.

  • The Gate's excellent towers contain panoramic and service elevators.

  • The Gate Alamein towers are equipped with central HVAC air conditioning, which operates on a water cooling system.

  • Electric generators that work automatically in case of power outage.

  • The project's towers are resistant to many natural disasters such as lightning and earthquakes, the best protection for residents up to 7.5 Richter.

  • A complete fire protection system, the towers are equipped with more than one entrance and exit, as well as an excellent ventilation system that works perfectly for up to two hours.

  • All residential units are equipped with the best fire extinguishing systems, these systems are installed in walls and rooms.

  • Kitchens, bathrooms in all residential units as well as parking lots contain French air extraction systems, this system helps get rid of unpleasant odors.

  • Comprehensive security system, high-level surveillance.

  • High-speed internet services, Fiber Optics, which is one of the advantages enjoyed by customers in all residential units.

  • All units and residential apartments are equipped with a ventilation system, which ensures air renewal and enhances the health of residents.

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Prices and payment systems in The Gate New Alamein project

We advise you, our dear customer, to book the residential unit you want immediately and without hesitation and not to search long for the best prices for residential units in the New Alamein area. Our prices are very special and you cannot find them with any other competing company.

The real estate developer, City Edge, was keen to meet customers' needs by providing them with many recreational services they aspire to. Get your residential unit inside The Gate Alamein towers with the lowest down payment of 100 thousand Egyptian pounds, which is the investment value for booking small studio units in exchange for the longest payment period.

The value of this investment increases according to the price of the residential unit to reach 500 thousand Egyptian pounds, and this price is for the spacious residential units that include 4 bedrooms. Unit prices start from 5 million and 700 thousand Egyptian pounds up to 19 million Egyptian pounds.

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The owning company of The Gate project

City Edge Real Estate CITY EDGE DEVELOPMENTS, the owner of this huge project, is one of the most famous and important real estate development companies in the Middle East. The company started its journey in 2017, through fruitful cooperation between three of the largest and most important governmental entities today to form a real estate investment entity with huge unparalleled achievements, represented in the following:

  • New Urban Communities Authority, which participated by the largest percentage of 60%.

  • Housing and Development Bank, which participated by 38%.

  • Holding Company for Investment and Development, contributed significantly to many projects by 2%.

The company managed to gain the trust of its customers despite its recent presence in the Egyptian real estate market, thanks to its continuous diligent work and efficiency in implementation and commitment to delivering residential units on time agreed with the client. All these factors played a major role in City Edge's rise, which is evident in its huge projects, including:

  • North Edge Towers in New Alamein.

  • Etaba Compound in Fifth Settlement.

  • Mazarine Compound in New Alamein.

  • Zahya Towers in New Mansoura.

  • Baroque Compound in New Administrative Capital.

  • Al Maqsad Compound in New Administrative Capital.

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