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Hacienda Bay Resort in the North Coast has many advantages and services that have made it an unparalleled ideal place in the region due to the beautiful golden sands and blue waters that tend towards turquoise, in addition to the distinctive and different design of buildings that made them look like an architectural masterpiece designed by the most skilled experts in the world for more details click Egypt Real Estate.

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 Hacienda Bay Resort is strategically located in the North Coast, specifically overlooking the sea directly in Sidi Abdel Rahman, and especially at km 200 on the Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh road.

The resort is close to Alamein Airport at just 15 minutes away, while the distance between it and Marsa Matrouh is about 1 hour, and about 10 minutes from the World War II Museum, and the distance between it and Cairo Governorate is 265 km, so its most important feature is its proximity to vital areas, axes and main roads.

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 The executing company of the Hacienda Bay project was keen to implement a different and attractive design for all units, whether from the inside or the outside, which relied on luxury and modernity, in addition to providing all the necessary and entertainment services and facilities.

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The area of ​​the Hacienda Bay project is estimated at 2,229,811 square meters, where 800 thousand square meters were allocated for the sake of beautiful green spaces and gardens, both large and small, in addition to water surfaces, and dividing the rest of the area between diverse residential units with different areas to meet all customer desires which were as follows:

  • Chalets: their areas start from 200 square meters, in addition to having a private garden with an area of ​​200 square meters as well.

  • Twin houses: areas start from 399 square meters, while the private garden is the same area estimated for the unit.

  • Villas: The areas are 354 square meters, while the private garden is 578 square meters.

The executing company was also keen on diversifying the sizes of the villas, so it was divided into several types, represented in the following:

  • Water Villas: The area starts from 353 square meters while the land area is 700 square meters, and enjoys a wonderful and attractive view as it is located near the beach in addition to its overlooks the swimming pool.

  • Hotel villas: The area is estimated at 298 square meters, while the garden area is 590 square meters.

  • Villas overlooking the hotel: The area is 357 square meters, while the land area ranges from 800 to 1000 square meters.

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 Palm Hills, the executing company of the Hacienda Bay project, provided many features and services to meet the diverse needs of customers so that they would not have to go outside the resort to buy their supplies, which were represented in the following:

Pharmacy: The project implementers paid attention to the health aspect, as a pharmacy containing all kinds of medicines was provided, in addition to building a large hospital containing all specialties as well as equipping it with the latest medical devices.

 Security and guarding: Security is provided 24 hours a day, in addition to providing them with the latest security devices and surveillance cameras to provide safety and stability.

Restaurants and cafes: The project includes many high-end designed restaurants and cafes that offer the best and finest types of different foods and drinks at prices that suit everyone.

Hotel: There are huge and multiple hotels in addition to a 5-star hotel that provides the best services to customers, as well as a mosque designed in the Islamic style.

Green spaces: The resort includes vast green spaces that provide a sense of comfort, tranquility and relaxation when looking at them, in addition to gardens and parks located on an area of ​​up to 798 thousand square meters.

Swimming pools: There are swimming pools of various sizes, in addition to the presence of private swimming pools for children and women to respect their privacy.

Gym and spa: The project includes a gym equipped with the latest gym equipment, as well as a spa and jacuzzi for relaxation and relaxation enthusiasts.

Sports club: There is a sports club for enthusiasts of practicing various sports activities, in addition to halls for playing billiards and Play Station, as well as establishing a social club to provide all kinds of luxury to customers.

Golf course: Its area is estimated at 672 thousand square meters, and includes 18 holes and enjoys an attractive design from Stanford.

Commercial mall: The project includes a commercial mall containing many commercial stores that offer the best brands and international brands at affordable prices for everyone.

Garage: Providing a private garage for cars to avoid congestion and overcrowding.

Entertainment area: There is a specific area for children equipped with the best and latest entertainment games to entertain their time and preserve their privacy.

Water Park: There is an area designated for the establishment of a water park equipped with the best water games, which is one of the most beautiful entertainment services as it brings an atmosphere of fun and happiness between people and each other.

Cinema and theater: A theater and cinema have been built within the project to display everything new to customers, with distinctive and attractive designs.

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Hacienda Bay Resort offers reasonable prices for all customers for ease of choosing the appropriate unit, compared to the services that will be provided, and it is delivered with full finishing after 3 years from contracting, in addition to providing many payment systems which were represented in paying 10% or 5% as a advance of the total value provided that the remaining amount due is paid in installments over 6 years.

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Palm Hills, the executing company of the Hacienda Bay project in the North Coast, has a wide reputation in the real estate field since its establishment in 2005, as it is one of the companies listed on the Egyptian and London Stock Exchanges.

 The company has implemented about 20 projects in many places with a total area of ​​27,000,000 square meters in west and east Cairo as well as the North Coast, while it owns about 5,000,000 square meters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement its distinctive projects.

Previous works were represented in the following:

The other projects were: "Holly Town project, Capital Gardens Future City compound, Village Gate compound, in addition to Palm Hills El Sokhna resort, Palm Hills Katameya project, Palm Hills Katameya 2 project, as well as Hacienda White North Coast, Golf Extension project, Casa Sheikh Zayed compound, Palm Valley compound, Palm Hills Alexandria, Golf View, Palm Park, Casa, Woodville, Bamboo Extension, The Crown, Laguna Bay Palm Hills El Sokhna".

Hacienda Bay Resort is one of the best projects in the North Coast due to its many features and services that made it unique from other projects in the region. It provides a luxurious, different and distinctive life for all customers, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in the Arab Republic of Egypt to which People come from all over the world all year round to enjoy the wonderful beaches with blue waters and golden sands in addition to the clear sky and refreshing air, so you must hurry to book your unit in the resort, whether for investment or housing, to get reasonable prices and multiple payment methods.

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