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Learn about the advantages of Zaha Park Mall and whether it has any disadvantages?

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Zaha Park Mall is one of the most luxurious integrated commercial compounds that contains many of the entertainment units required by many clients and visitors. The mall is located in the New Administrative Capital, and it was created specifically for anyone looking for an atmosphere of fun and luxurious life. For more information visit Egypt Real Estate.

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Overview of Zaha Park Mall Zaha Park New Capital

  • The mall will be located in area MU 23 and will contain carefully designed commercial stores. Among the distinctive features of the mall's location are the financial district, business district, and government district.

  • The total area of ​​the mall is about 72 acres, and the mall will consist of 9 floors and roofs in addition to the parking lot that was implemented underground.

  • The ground floor and the second floor will be allocated for commercial activity in the mall. These floors contain retail stores of varying areas starting from 35 square meters.

  • The medical activity in the mall will take up the third floor up to the fifth floor. It contains a group of analysis and radiology centers, beauty centers and many private medical clinics equipped with modern and diverse equipment.

  • Finally, from the sixth floor to the ninth floor, it will be for the administrative section of the mall, which contains halls and offices designed with the latest decors and architectural designs.

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Real Estate Developer of Zaha Park Project New Administrative Capital

  • The company that established and designed this huge project is Hometown Company. It is at the forefront in skill and efficiency in the real estate market throughout the republic for 3 consecutive years.

  • This company uses unique techniques in its designs, and carefully selects its team of architects.

  • This company is characterized by carefully choosing the locations for establishing projects. It also strives to provide all the facilities that make the client comfortable inside the units and provides all means of payment for ease.

  • The company's primary goal is to strongly compete in the field of architecture, construction and modern designs. It plays a major role in helping the state to develop Egyptian architecture and increase its quality.

  • It has established many residential projects such as:

  1. Apartments within Fifth Settlement area.
  2. Many properties within New Cairo.
  3. Apartments in Al Narges district.

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What are the most prominent features and services of Zaha Park?

  • It is an integrated complex with three interests because it includes administrative, commercial and medical units. Each of them has been professionally designed and equipped in a way that suits the company's name and previous work.

  • Fire alarms will be available in the mall.

  • Modern electric elevators and escalators will be available inside the units to ensure customer comfort.

  • The mall will be surrounded by 24-hour security to ensure customer safety.

  • Central air conditioning in the mall will work efficiently.

  • The design of the administrative and medical building is completely finished with super luxury finishes.

  • The mall will have a special area for children.

  • Car parking is safe for guests inside the mall and owners.

  • The mall will contain attractively and beautifully designed water fountains.

  • The place is monitored by the latest surveillance cameras to know the finest details going on there.

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Are there any Disadvantages in the Zaha Park project?

Hometown Company needs no introduction. It has contributed directly to major developments in the real estate and investment field in Egypt. It also follows its own method of construction and leaves its distinctive fingerprint in using the latest architectural designs. Therefore, there are no flaws in this project as it provides all means of comfort and beauty.

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