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Pukka New Capital Compound
Published at 2019-04-10

Master Builder Company always presents what's new and special in the construction and building world where the luxury and the Arabic orientality in addition to the modern European designs, and Pukka Compound in the New Administrative Capital is the best proof, and it's located 14 meters above the earth's surface, so it becomes the highest residential compound that is constructed there as their height doesn't exceed 9 meters.

Where's the Location of Pukka Master Builder?

Pukka Compound is located in a very strategic location near the Embassies Neighborhood and especially in the B9 district.

  • It's also near the New Cathedral District and Expo City.
  • It's located directly on Mehwar Mohamed Bin Zayed in the South.

So it's near many different vital districts there and that's what the company cared for when it chose the location.

Know the Space of Pukka Administrative Capital

  • The project was constructed on 40 acres that equal 168,000 square meters, in addition to constructing the units in the shape of apartments only without constructing villas and twin houses for providing the spaces and all the services and utilities.
  • Also, it left the internal design of the apartments as the client's desire to suit all his needs.
  • It also specified 22.5% only of the total space for constructing the units and the administrating buildings and the remaining space were specified for the green spaces and gardens and sports clubs.

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Details about the Executing Company of Pukka New Capital

Master Builder Group Company is the owner of this project and it's a pioneering company in the real estate developing field.

It has a long history and experience that extends to 35 years, and it constructed many residential projects and administrating buildings as:

  • El Ola City in El-Mansoura.
  • Sunset Compound in Ras El-Bar.
  • Jihan Medical Center.
  • It also contributed in constructing The Nile Academy and El-Safa Mall.

And its real estate achievements continue in the New Administrative Capital through the Pukka project.

The Available Services in Pukka Project

The company provided many services and utilities to satisfy the clients' needs as:

  • Many commercial centers and malls.
  • Many restaurants and cafes.
  • Various swimming pools and artificial lakes and waterfalls and fountains.
  • Security and guarding teams and security cameras and ambulance units and medical center, with applying boulevard system in the division of the streets.
  • Many entertainment areas and cinemas and kids' areas.
  • Free parking garages and health clubs and centers and sports playgrounds and beauty center.

The Units Spaces in Pukk the New Administrative Capital

  • The spaces of the residential units vary inside the compound and they start from 112 up to 205 square meters.
  • The client can control the division of the rooms as he wants.

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The Units Prices in Pukka Compound

  • The units' prices start from 1,700,000 pounds.
  • The client can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 7 years' installment and the units will be delivered in 2021.




Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa