Details About Administrative Capital Layout & New Capital Space

Published at 2019-09-25

New Capital outline was genuinely set by the world elite counselors and it was to completely finish the project in record time through an integrated perfect plan as New Capital will contain many services, main roads and axises helping with getting to and from New Capital besides all offered amenities and luxuries and the strategic project location is also counted which is close to Suez area, Ain Sokhna & Badr City away from clutter, pollution and overcrowdedness. We are to know more about the New Capital outline as well as project features and how to get there in detail through this article.

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New Capital Spaces Division Plan

مخطط العاصمة الادارية

New Capital division in detail

New Capital covers 170.000 acres which make the project divided into 3 phases as follows:

First Phase:

  • The first phase covers 40.000 acres of the project total space.
  • The first phase also includes the most luxurious districts like Governmental District, main works area, ministries location, Culture City, El Sefarat District, Culture & Arts City, International Airport & Green River and as for unfinished works in the first phase, as follows:
  1. The first residential district covers 1000 acres and includes 25.000 residential units as it's considered a unique integrated building for all Egyptians where you enjoy all amenities & luxuries besides other services.
  2. Units space starts from 100 m² up to 185 m² besides 4000 villas in this unique district.

Where are Serrano New Capital Located?

New Capital Location On Map

موقع العاصمة الجديدة

  • New Capital lies on Badr City borders in the area between Cairo-Suez Road & Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road directly after New Cairo, Al Mostakbal City & Madinaty.
  • New Capital is best featured with its location which is 60 km away from Ain Sokhna, Suez & DownTown areas. Suez Road leading to Gendali 2 Road, the main road leading to New Capital and it's also considered a temporary road until Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is ready.

Administrative Capital Company

New Capital Company lately announced via General. Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, the head of the company, that 50% of Governmental District is ready and ministries, as well as employees, are to be relocated according to certain plans as this matter is to be in action within the middle of 2020.

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Location Of New Capital Of Egypt On Map

Administrative Capital is best featured with location, specifically in Cairo East and close to New Cairo which is only 15 minutes away from New Capital. It's also 45 minutes away from DownTown which equals the distance between New Capital & Ain Sokhna or Suez Road. New Capital is also located on Badr City & Al-Rehab borders which makes super easy to get to and from it wherever you are.

New Capital Maps

New Capital outlining in detail as follows:

  • The New Capital first phase plan is set as the first phase covers 10.000 acres and it's to include up to 7.000.000 people.
  • Ministry of housing plans are to execute 25.000 residential units in the residential district as units spaces vary between 100 m² up to 180 m²
  • Plans also include the execution of Governmental District that includes 18 ministerial building as well as Presidential Palace as many Egyptian contracting companies participated in the execution of both, residential district & governmental district in New Capital like Talaat Moustafa Group, Arab Contractors, Allam Sons, Concord, Orascom along with Petrojet, Wadi El Nile, CSCEC, ranked as one of the best 250 world contraction companies.
  • The top priority of the first phase in New Capital is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018 as the following ministers location will be relocated in New Capital by the middle of 2020 and these ministers are: Ministry Of Health and Population, Ministry Of High Education, Ministry Of Education, Ministry Of Supply & Internal Trade, Ministry Of Endowments, Ministry Of Justice and parliament building as well as The Cabinet and finally the Presidential Palace. New Capital also contains the most mega Business Area in the Middle East besides Al Sefarat Neighbourhood and Governmental District where we can find the new Presidential Palace, House of Representatives and The Cabinet and this is by the middle of 2020
  • Conferences City contains conferences halls and it's expected to execute  the mega International Fair Zone (Expo) & It's also expected to execute the city of knowledge & technology as it's a smart city offering universities & scientific research centers as well as factories for scientific research projects.
  • 4.800 MW New Capital power station is executed and considered one of the mega power stations in the world besides the New Capital International Airport and areas for towers that contain two of the top 10 world towers. It's also planned that the New Capital is to be linked with the Suez Canal Axis Development Project through axes and tunnels.

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New Administrative Capital Designتصميم الحي السكني بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • In coordination with a group of elite constructing companies and world engineering offices, all New Capital designs are fully set that's why New Capital location was selected close to main roads and mega space was allocated for green views besides Green River, Opera House, ministries areas & Presidential Palace.
  • New Capital sketching was fully set and designed in order to execute the project covering 170.000 acres which equals 3 times Washington space and it will be divided into 3 phases in order to include 40.000.000 people by 2050.

New Capital Power Station

  • New Administrative Capital Power Staton is one of the largest projects in New Capital as it's also considered the most mega in the Middle East as it consists of 3 power stations with a production capacity of 14.420 MW as the station was finished in 2016 while the first phase was launched in May 2018.
  • The station covers 175 acres which is 42 km away from Katameya while the station total cost reached up to Euro with general productivity of 4800 MW as the station works with an air cooling system through 12 mega fans and it's considered a new system to be followed.
  • The power station can save up to 400.000.000 Euro annually as fuel value as it also contains 8 gas stations working with "H Class", the latest technology in gas units in the world and it's also featured with productivity efficiency of 65%, the best efficiency percentage in the world.

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Phases Of New Capital Execution

وحدات سكنية بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • First Phase: Covers 40.000 acres including a group of residential neighborhoods as well as Governmental District, Culture & Arts City, Central Works Area, Al Sefarat Neighborhood, Green River, airport & international universities as New Capital park covers 8 km making it the more mega than Central Park in NewYork by 2.5 times while it's 6 times bigger than Hyde Park Garden in London.
  • The first residential district R3 has already started the execution process as it covers 1000 acres including about 25.000 units.
  • Offering all Egyptians a place to live with all facilities & general services as unit space starts from 100 m² up to 180 m² besides 4000 villa in the same area.
  • Governmental Neighborhood: (ministries & governmental authorities area) that works by the latest governmental electronic systems supervising all governmental operations as it will be moved from Cairo to the new everlasting location in New Capital.
  • There is the parliament & The Cabinet as well as a service office for all ministries.
  • Culture & Arts City: designed in a modern and developed design as it also contains Opera House and tourist attraction for all arts seekers in the world as well as theatres & cinemas.
  • Opera House: Of civilized style reflecting the power of our civilization to be a tourist attraction for all arts & culture lovers in the world as it contains 3 theatres that generally include 3300 audiences as well as an outdoor theatre.
  • Knowledge City: A city for science and knowledge covering 300 acres as a first phase and including 12 college and research centers as well as schools complex, administrative and industrial youth centers besides all scientific & service activities and student campus, hotel, and scientific conferences center.
  • Central Business District: Contains 20 towers including, in the middle, the highest tower in Africa.
  • Green River: a group of gardens along the city forming a mega central park considered the life artery for the entire city going all over New Capital of 25 km long creating a clean atmosphere free from the exhaust.

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  • Medical City: A medical area designed according to world standards serving the entire New Capital.
  • Expo City & International Conference Center: The city is designed to be one of most beautiful landmarks serving fairs & international conferences industry so that the design reflects our unique civilization and creative present especially when Expo City contains 2 hotels and outdoor display area as well as a display area designed according to world standards. Conference center contains a variety of halls which include up to 5000 members and it also contains an administrative building as well as meeting rooms making Egypt the leading structure in international fairs also thanks to the country's geographic location, one of the success factors.
  • Knowledge City & Smart Village: a complex for international schools & universities as well as complexes of technologic & scientific researches.
  • Al Massa Hotel: covering 10 acres which include tourist resorts, lagoon, conference hall, mosque, and a mega mall, opened as the first project in New Capital.
  • Sports Complex: covering 93 acres that cost initially 500-600 EGP
  • New Capital International Airport: Covers 33 km² to facilitate ambassadors, investors, and visitors journeys to get to New Capital from abroad. the airport also contains a mosque.
  • Main roads network: extends along 650 km in a wide paved way to include New Capital population and avoid overcrowdedness as well as traffic jams with a width of 120 m in some main streets while other streets are 60m wide.
  • A railway is to be released and linked to Egypt railway network including 20 trains as this project is to be executed after the first phase.
  • New Capital is to be linked to 10th Ramadan & Belbes through the electronic train.

Where are The Loft New Capital Compound  Located?

New Capital Map 2018

New Capital reflects Egypt's vision announced through the release of support and Egyptian economy development as it's a developed city fixing all governmental authority gaps including separated buildings, crowded roads, traffic jams for hours and pollution all over Cairo. New Capital will also bring the most important governmental foundations, Egyptian Parliament, Presidential Palace as well as international airport, luxurious building, clean wide streets and using renewable energy as greenspaces cover 80% of the New Capital space.

What Is The Purpose Of Establishing the Administrative Capital?

New administrative capital

New Capital is a national investment project seeking a new economical administrative city to be the new advanced capital that will replace the current capital (Cairo). The new capital will also provide wonderful opportunities for investors & businessmen as well as job opportunities for Egyptians as the project is executed by Egyptian authorities and costs up to $

and These are some of the project features:

  • New Capital helped decrease overcrowdedness and pressure in Cairo as many ministries & governmental authorities are to be relocated to the new location in New Capital.
  • New Capital offers over 1.500.000 job opportunities which reduce unemployment in Egypt.
  • New Administrative Capital managed to attract new investments & new investors which enhance the Egyptian economy as well as individuals & community standards of living.

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New Capital Space

المساحات الخضراء بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • As per New Capital layout, a mega space is allocated for the project as New Capital space is up to 170.000 acres which equals Singapore's space and 4 times Washington Space and it's also expected that New Capital first phase will include 6.000.000 people.
  • New Capital will also provide about 2.500.000 job opportunities as 45.000 are to be relocated to New Capital.

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As for the project's spaces executed within the Administrative Capital, it is as follows:

  • New Capital covers 170.000 acres which equal Singapore space and 3 times Washington's and can also include 6.500.000 people within the first phase.
  • The project is divided into 3 phases, the first phase covers 40.000 acres, the second phase covers 47.000 acres while the third covers 97.000 acres besdies Green City consists of 13 sectors, each sector is for certain activity and field.
  • Residential City: 40% of space is for housing as it consists 20 various residential neighborhoods in terms of population (35% of units is with high population, 50% of units is with medium population and 15% of units is with low population)
  • Each resident's portion of green space equals 15 m²
  • 70% of buildings roofs are covered with solar energy panels to be the source of everlasting renewable energy.
  • All types of transportation are offered in New Capital so that you can move inside the city or move out and come back too.
  • Business City: 30% of the city is for business & economic section.
  • The entire city is covered with an international information network of the latest technology according to international standards.

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New Capital Location

  • New Administrative Capital location is accurately selected and according to international standards to be in the middle between Cairo & Suez in order to be an extension to the current capital besides the New Capital close location to Suez & Ain Sokhna.

Public Facilities In New Capital

مميزات العاصمة الجديدة

  • Facilities Networks: Integrated infrastructure network designed according to the latest international techniques and for the first time in Egypt  facilities networks in tunnels of water, electricity, and communication to facilitate maintenance operations without the need to digging or any kinds of disturbance
  • Power Station: The station executed by Siemens as it's the first station type in Egypt & Middle East that works with an air cooling system by 12 mega fans and also depends on the gas turbines system with 4800 MW besides a control building of the latest international technology.

Top 10 Amenities within Bleu Vert New Capital

New Capital Layout

Many service projects are to be executed in the center of New Capital for residents as of these projects we have:

Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque

One of the most mega mosques in the world that covers about 106 acres with 3.150 m high including about 17.000 people.

The Cathedral

  • One of the largest churches in the Middle East designed according to unique international patterns and styles.
  • Located in Green River South & Expo City East as it covers about 15 acres to include about 1000 citizens.

Foreign University

  • Called Canadian University, one of the first universities founded in New Capital with a presidential resolution.
  • Canadian University offers a variety of services as well as playgrounds of the best international styles and it's expected to cover 30 acres.

The Green River

The life artery of New Capital of 35 km to go along New Capital from the beginning to the end.

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New Capital Vital Neighborhoods Layoutمنطقة المال والأعمال بالعاصمة الجديدة

New Capital has a variety of neighborhoods whether they are residential, governmental or more as lively neighborhoods are divided as follows:

Residential Neighborhood:

  • It covers about 67% of New Capital total sapce and it has 285000 units for low-paid residents besides 185.000 units for medium-paid residents and 15.000 units for high classes and it's expected to include up to 6.500.000 people.

Owner Companies Of Residential Neighborhood

  1. Talaat Moustafa Group executed about 69 blocks containing 2096 units.
  2. Orascom & Allam Sons Companies executed the project infrastructure covering 740 acres
  3. Petroject executed 36 blocks in the residential neighborhood in New Capital containing 1008 unique units.
  4. Concorde Company executed 61 blocks in the residential neighborhood which is about 1792 units.
  5. Wadi El Nile executed about 121 blocks.
  6. The Department of Military Works of the Armed Forces is carrying out 234 residential buildings.
  7. Arab contractors executed about 44 blocks which contain 1408 units as the company managed to pass many working checkpoints until reaching the 8th floor at many blocks the company is in charge of which added another 34 blocks to Arab Contractors.
  8. Arab Contractors received a big portion of execution works in New Capital that equals 2.800.000.000 EGP that includes the following: the execution of 78 blocks in the residential neighborhood.

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  • Governmental Neighborhood: is supervised by 12 Egyptian contracting companies after the disagreement upon meter price with Chinese Company.
  • Governmental Neighborhood is the most strategic lively neighborhood whose target is to decrease overcrowdedness in DownTown through the foundation of headquarters for a variety of governmental authorities besides ministries locations designed via the latest equipment and strongest international communication networks.
  • It's expected to have 18 ministries relocated to Governmental Neighborhood besides the main headquarter and House Of People Parliament.
  • Of the most important ministries to be relocated in Governmental Neighborhood are

Ministry Of Endowments, Ministry Of Justice, Ministry Of Housing, Ministry Of Military Production, Ministry Of Education, Ministry Of High Education, Ministry Of Supply & Internal Trading & finally Ministry Of Health.

  • Governmental Neighborhood covers 1133 acres of New Capital total space equalling 4.800.000 km.
  • A variety of ministries locations are to be executed covering 134 acres which will include 34 buildings.
  • The Cabinet building consists of 3 floors & a ground floor as the building covers about 74.000 m²
  • As for House Of People, it's one of the most luxurious buildings in Governmental Neighborhood as it consists of about 8 floors besides ground floor and 2 domes as House Of People covers about 149.000 m².
  • It also includes mini buildings offering services like maintenance, firefighting, garage, mosque, medical center, and more services as it will be officially opened in June 2019.

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Most Prominent Companies In Charge Of Governmental Neighborhood Works

  • Orascom is executing The Cabinet.
  • Arab Contractors is in charge of House Of Representatives.
  • Allam Sons is responsible for works of Ministry Of Housing & Ministry Of Social Solidarity.
  • While Alrowad Group supervised works of Ministry Of High Education, Ministry Of Education and Ministry Of Endowments.
  • Samcrete Egypt was responsible for works of Ministry Of Immigration, Ministry Of Investment, Ministry Of Industry, Ministry Of Trade and Ministry Of Manpower
  • El Soadaa Group executed Planning & reform building, Ministery Of Communication, Ministry Of Culture, Ministry Of Tourism, Ministry of Antiquities.
  • Talaat Moustafa Group executed the Ministry Of Military Production, Ministry Of Energy & Electricity.
  • Red Sea has executed the Ministry Of Finance & Environment.
  • Gama Company was responsible for the Ministry Of Transportation, Ministry of Assemblies Affairs, Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Youth & Sports.
  • While Gharably Engineering Co executed the Ministry Of Agriculture and Spark participated in the execution of the Ministry Of External Affairs.

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Central Business District

  • Business District is the most lively spot in New Capital as it's expected to include all local and international banks headquarters.
  • It's also expected to include Finance District & Central Bank as well as stock market as companies supervising works in New Capital focused efforts towards making this district one of the luxurious districts in terms of design for it includes mega towers and skyscrapers for investors and businessmen to include about 20 towers.which attracts many investors & businessmen from all over the world.
  • One of New Capital plans is to execute this luxurious districts via towers similar to those in Dubai as well as conference halls at mega constructions.
  • Knowledge City is expected to provide about 50.000 job opportunities.
  • It's also expected to include a technology training institute that helps youth qualify enhancing their efficiency to serve their country.

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The Green River

  • The longest & most mega central park in the world and is considered the life artery of New Capital.

Culture & Arts City

It's also expected to execute the most cultural luxurious city in New Capital containing theatres halls, cinemas, and a tourist attraction.

It also contains Opera House which is considered an important tourist attraction, especially for luxurious art fans as it contains 4 theatre halls as one of them is an outdoor one.

Expo City

  • This city is executed to host all international fairs & conferences.
  • It's scientifically & innovatively designed as it's a mixture between heritage & Egyptian civilization as well as between advancement, development & creativity.
  • contains highly designed display halls besides 2 hotels, a mega center for conferences that contain halls that contain up to 4500 members and even more.
  • Contains an administrative building and meeting rooms in order for Egypt to be the leading country in hosting international conferences & fairs around the world.

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Medical City

  • The health sector of  New Capital residents has received great care so the most mega medical city was executed there where you get all developed medical services through the most advanced medical equipment.
  • The Medical City contains a sports complex covering 95.000 acres costing from 500-600m EGP

Al Massa Hotel

Al Massa Hotel is one of the most prominent landmarks in New Capital as it was executed by armed forces in the center of New Capital in order to be super close to New Capital International Airport.

The hotel is designed according to innovative developed styles to be one of the luxurious hotels in the world as it offers all hotel services following international strategies along with offering many activities for hotel residents.

The hotel contains a variety of international cafes  & restaurants serving the most delicious foods besides the highly equipped hotel rooms.

There are also mega garages on certain floors to include up to 450 cars.

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New Capital of Egypt Map PDF

واجهة تصويرية للعاصمة الجديدة

  • New Capital is an integrated city offering a variety of residential projects besides the strategic location along with all offered amenities as well as allocating up to 40% of New Capital total space for green spaces for comfortable relaxing views.
  • In addition to lagoons all over New Capital making the entire project super unique attraction location for investors in real estate field in & out of Egypt.
  • New Administrative Capital offers a variety of residential units with different spaces like

villas, town houses, twin houses, penthouses, duplexes and a group of penthouses designed in order to fit all dear clients' tastes.

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The Owner Of New Capital Project

تقسيم العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

  • New Capital is presented by an Egyptian enlisted company with a capital of EGP as the partners of this company are National Service Products Organization in cooperation with Armed Forces Organization & Urban communities Authorities.
  • The board of directors consists of 13 members divided as follows: 3 members who are Urban Communities Authority representatives, 6 members experts in the real estate field, 4 members as armed forces representatives and General. Ahmed Zaki Abdeen is the CEO of the company in charge of New Capital
  • Moreover, Arab Contractors also received a big portion of execution works in New Capital that equals 2.800.000.000 EGP that includes the following: the execution of 78 blocks in the residential neighborhood, implementation of the accumulation plant and transportation line for the source of water for the project with 1000 mm in diameter in addition to the 550-acres facilities works in the residential neighborhood.
  • Governmental Neighborhood is supervised by 12 Egyptian contracting companies after the disagreement upon meter price with Chinese Company. As a result, the Chinese Company (CSCEC) got in charge of a number of investment buildings in the Business District.

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New Capital Project Importance

مساحة العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

  • New Administrative Capital is one of the mega national projects seeking new economic administrative city as the project offers about 2.000.000 new job opportunities.
  • The project also includes the execution of Mohammed Bin Zayed Northern Complex, Conference Center, Expo City, Governmental Neighborhood, Residential Neighborhood, Medical City, Sports City, Central Park, Smart City which makes a real change to modern life vision in Egypt.
  • Governmental Neighborhood has 18 ministerial buildings, Parliament, Presidential Palace, and The Cabinet besides the fact it's expected to relocate many ministries which massively decreases pressure on the current capital.
  • New Capital has the Residential Neighborhood which contains 25 residential areas and 1.100.000 units, 40.000 hotel rooms as well as 10.000 km of roads which will decrease traffic jams and overcrowdedness in New Capital as the first phase of the project target the goal of including 7.000.000 people.
  • New Capital project will be linked to Egypt railway network through another railway besides the electronic train project linking between 10th Ramadan, Belbes & New Capital which makes it super easy to get to and from the New Capital.

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New Capital Features

أبراج العاصمة الجديدة

  • Unique strategic location between Cairo & Suez besides the close location to main roads, Badr City, El Shorouk City, New Cairo & Ain Sokhna Road.
  • Located about 60 km away from Cairo, specifically between Cairo-Suez Road & Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road.
  • One of the most mega important investment projects that offered over 2.000.000 job opportunities.
  • Seeking a new economic advanced capital replacing Cairo which will decrease the percentage of overcrowdedness, pollution & clutter in Cairo, especially in DownTown.
  • Couping with the modern age and the awakening of heritage along with a unique Egyptian modern touch according to international accurate standards considering New Capital one of the numeric smart cities that changed housing vision in Egypt.
  • The project main target is the enhancement of the Egyptian economy as well as the standard of living in society through the renewed investment opportunities offered for investors.

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  • One of New Capital plans is to be completely covered by information network following advanced systems in order to cope with the modern era & modern technology.
  • All types of transport means are offered for easier movement to and from the project as there are trains, cars, planes and electronic tram which means all transport types are available.
  • Eco-friendly systems through the use of solar energy & water recycling.
  • The most mega central park in the world for more relaxation and a wonderful source for pure oxygen to the entire New Capital as the park is considered the life artery.
  • New Capital contains 663 hospitals & clinics offering the best services and medical care in all specifications.
  • Many international universities like BEU, AUC and over 2000 educational foundation of international styles that guarantee the best educational level.

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How To Reach The New Capital?

العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

We are to explain how to get to New Capital from many governorates as follows:

How To Get To New Capital From Zagazig?

  • If you are in Al Ahrar Station in  Ash Sharqia, Zagazig, you can take a car to Al Salam City in order to 10th Ramadan Station.
  • From there you can take a car in Zahraa direction or 5th Settlement until you get to Suez Road.
  • Beneath the bridge, you will find transportation to Badr City and from there you can get to New Capital

How To Get To New Capital From 5th Settlement?

  • If you are in 5th Settlement, you can take your private car via Suez Road to find New Capital on your right hand.

How To Get To New Capital From Suez?

Nazlet Suez Road via Ring Road to get to Territorial Ring Road as you will go through a checkpoint and after that spot by 15-minute driving, you will get to the center of New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Mansoura?

  • In case you are in Mansoura, you can take the train to Ramses Station, Cairo and from there you can get to 10th Ramadan Station in El Salam City.
  • Afterward, take transportation going to El Zahraa & 5th Settlement.
  • Then get to Suez Road and you will find Badr City transportation beneath the bridge, then you will take the bus going to New Capital.

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How To Get To New Capital From Ring Road?

You can take the bus from Ring Road Mounib via 10th Ramadan, then you will have to take the bus going to Suez Road and beneath Suez Bridge, you can take transportation to New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Egypt's governorates?

After coming from Ash Sharqia, Cairo, Giza, Suez, Ismailia & Al Qalyubia, Ring Road is considered the easy shortcut way for all of these governorates to reach the New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Ramses?

Upon coming from Cairo, you can take Suez Road Axis in El-Thawra Street direction along Suez and from there on your right, you will get to the entrance of Regional Ring Road, then to Mohammed Ben Zayed Axis in New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Giza?

Upon coming from Giza, you can take Ring Road Mounib, then to Regional Ring Road, to New Capital as previously explained.

How To Get To New Capital From Red Sea?

Red Sea Governorate citizens can take Ain Sokhna Road to get to Regional Ring Road as from there you can directly get to the New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Ismailia?

From Ismailia, you can take Ismailia Desert Road, then to the entrance leading to Regional Ring Road. Afterward, you can go through a regional ring road to Mohammed Ben Zayed Axis, then directly to New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From Agricultural Road?

Via Agricultural Road, you can get to Ring Road entrance leading to Suez Road, to Suez Desert Road, to the entrance leading to Regional Ring Road, then to New Capital.

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How To Get To New Capital From Al-Haram?

You can take the bus from Ring Road Mounib on 10th Ramadan Station Road, then to Suez Road and you can from there take transportation beneath the bridge to New Capital.

How To Get To New Capital From 10th Ramadan?

  • There is a plan of the railway line linking these cities & New Capital.
  • There is also a plan for the most mega airport in the project covering 16 km.
  • There is a project of a road for Cairo of 194 km.

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Administrative Capital Transportation

New Capital

  • A layout is set for a variety of main roads in New Capital that extend along about 650 km with 120 m width in order to facilitate the journey to New Capital neighborhoods.
  • New Capital streets are 60m wide in order to prevent overcrowdedness.
  • A railway line is to be executed including 20 trains linking between Egypt cities & New Capital.
  • Besides electronic railway linking between Belbes, 10th Ramadan & New Capital.
  • Another layout for the main axises execution process like Southern Mohammed Ben Zayed Axis as the Southern axis has while the Northern has 6 tunnels.
  • New Capital has Southern Ben Zayed Bridge, the first bridge in New Capital linking between East & West of New Capital as this bridge is about 155 m high and 70 m wide besides another bridge is pending execution which will link Ben Zayed Bridge & Al Amal Road.
  • As for current executed projects for the sake of facilitating the journey to New Capital linking between New Capital and other Egyptian cities, they are as follows:

Monorail Train Project

  • One of the most important projects announced by Ministry Of Housing that will link New Capital with Nasr City & 6th October.
  • This train is designed in a similar way to the underground metro in Greater Cairo as the project layout is set through allocating 10 stations for the project in order to include 1.000.000 passengers.
  • This project is divided into 2 main lines, New Capital Monorail & 6th October Monorail.
  • The monorail train links  Shiekh Zayed City & 6th October with Giza & Cairo as you can go there within only 35 minutes besides Ministry Of Housing announced a list of instructions set for companies in charge of the project execution as follows:
  1. Companies must have former experience in railway works.
  2. Companies must have great capital and annual high profits.
  3. The total value of the last 5 projects executed by the companies  must be almost 3.000.000 m Euro
  4. All applicant companies attach all documents proving their qualifications to join the project.

The Monorail Line

  • The railway line starts from Nasr City to Al Marg passing by 22 stations along about 52 km
  • Those stations are like: Hesham Barakat, Stadium, 7th Settlement, Nori Khattab, Free Zone, Zaker Hussein, Al Moshir Tantawi, Air Force Specialized Hospital, Mohamed Naguib, American University, Al Nafoura Station, Emaar, Mohammed Ben Zayed, Middle Ring Road, Regional Ring Road, Massa Project, New Capital, Hay El Wezarat and other stations.

Electronic Train Project

  • Ministry Of Housing & Construction received a loan from Chinese Exports & Imports Bank of about $ for the sake of electronic train execution linking between New Capital, El-Salam City & 10th Ramadan as the train is expected to include about 11 stations for 350.000 passengers daily.
  • Electronic train projects is for new cities residents located in Cairo East like Al Mostakbal City, El Salam City, El Shorouk City, El Obour city & New Capital.
  • The railway line will start from Adly Mansour Station passing by Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road until Roubiki Leather City, then it will be go into 2 lines as the first line will go to Northern side of New Regional Road for the sake of 10th Ramadan residents while the second line will go to South to finally get to New Capital.

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New Capital Project Phases

خدمات العاصمة الجديدة

One of New Capital layout aspects is to divide the project into 3 phases due to the mega project space as the project is divided as follows:

First Phase: 90 acres

Second Phase: 47 acres

Third Phase: 97 acres

  • As for Green City layout, it's divided into 13 valleys as the valley is a residential area covering from 4.500 acres to 1400 acres besides the fact that each area has its own activity and rules.
  • Residential City: 40% of space is for housing as it consists 20 various residential neighborhoods in terms of population (35% of units is with high population, 50% of units is with medium population and 15% of units is with low population)
  • Each resident's portion of green space equals 15 m².
  • New Capital Park covers about 8 km which makes it the most mega central park in the world as it's 2.5 times NeyYork Central Park.
  • 70% of buildings roofs are covered with solar energy panels to be the source of everlasting renewable energy.
  • Another layout is set for walkers & cyclers as 40% of roads space is allocated for them for more freedom.
  • As for Business & Economy City, 35% of New Capital total space for money and business which attracts many investors into New Capital.
  • It's also expected that New Capital will have from 18.000.000 up to 50.000.000 people by 2050.

Interior & Exterior Roads Networks In New Capital

  • The main roads network is pending execution as it will be 650 km long and 120 wide as interior streets will be about 60m wide.
  • New Capital is featured with interior wide streets whose width is about 60 m in order to avoid overcrowdedness taking into consideration cleanliness of roads and it's expected to start the execution process of the railway of 20 trains linking between Egypt's cities & New Capital.
  • An electronic train is to be released linking between Belles, 10th Ramadan & New Capital
  • Besides a layout for the execution of main axes like Southern & Northern Mohammed Bin Zayed as the Southern Axis contains 3 tunnels while Northern contains 6 tunnels as the developing company focused efforts towards axes to be designed according to international standards.
  • As for bridges, there is Ben Zayed Southern Bridge, the first bridge in New Capital linking between Its West & East. This bridge is 155 m long and 70 m wide and another bridge is pending execution that will link Ben Zayed Bridge & Al Amal Road.

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New Capital Apartments

أبراج العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Many New Capital apartments for sale have been announced with different prices according to location, neighborhood, space and finishing pattern as the average meter price starts from 4.500 EGP as this offer is considered so appropriate comparing the price to offered services.

Features Of New Capital Apartments

  • One of the most projects announced by the Egyptian government that seeks to decrease overpopulation as well as generate many job opportunities.
  • The project offers a unique luxurious standard of living to the entire Egyptian society including all classes and with the least cost for a better standard of life.
  • There is a variety of units with different spaces & designs among villas, twin houses, penthouses and apartments with super facilitated payment options.
  • Upon getting your apartment in New Capital, you will be close to the most important neighborhoods like Governmental Neighborhood, El Wezarat Neighborhood, Presidential Palace, Massa Concert Hall and most important international hotels besides the lively location close to all main roads that facilitate the journey to New Capital.
  • Units spaces vary between 100 m² up to 180 m²
  • The average meter price starts from 3000 EGP up to 15.000  EGP according to individual budgets.

New Capital Apartments Booking Requirments

حي الأعمال بالعاصمة الجديدة

Ministry Of Housing set a list of instructions & conditions in order to book your unit in New Capital as follows:

  • You must be Egyptian.
  • Your age mustn't be less than 21.
  • It must be the first time to book a residential unit in New Capital or any projects.
  • First grade relatives mustn't have booked any unit before.
  • Each unit has a right to the land allotment where the unit is located and its value is determined according to purchased unit space.
  • All units available for sale are not used in any other purpose other than housing as it's completely forbidden to go against this condition.
  • After approving all previously mentioned conditions, all buyer's information is provided in the booking sheet along with a booking down payment through Housing & Development Bank and you can book online along with the payment of 500.00 EGP besides the booking down payment of 100.000 EGP
  • Upon booking online, you will receive an SMS on your registered phone number you provided along with other information of registration and this is within 2 days as a maximum in order to confirm the transaction process.

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New Capital Layout

New Capital is one of the most projects recently became the topic of the hour as it's expected to make a mega civilized shift in the original luxurious life vision as all efforts are focused towards offering all services as well as entertainment as we are to view the most executed projects through layouts set in New Capital.

New Capital Facilities

Facilities Network: infrastructure networks offering all needed services according to international standards as one of the network most important advantages is the fact it's the first time in Egypt's history to have facilities network in tunnels including landlines, water & electricity for the sake of a super easy maintenance process without the need to dig or cause any kind of disturbance for a healthy environment free from pollution & clutter.

Power Station: Working through cooling system through 12 mega fans making it the first station power station in Egypt working via this advanced system as the station works via latest technology set by Siemens

As for the most important service projects in New Capital, we have

مسجد الفتاح العليم بالعاصمة الجديدة

Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque

  • This mosque is one of the mega mosques in the world with a space of 106 acres, 3.150 m² high and includes 17.000 people.
  • The mosque is located in Ring Road and includes about 4 minarets, each is 95 m besides the mosque designs according to Kharijite style. It also contains 21 domes.

New Capital Cathedral

  • One of the largest churches in the Middle East to be designed according to unique high styles and it was opened along with Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
  • Cathedral is located in the West of Green River and East of Raid Zone covering a total of 15 acres to include about 1000 citizens.

Foreign University

  • It is called the Canadian University as one of the first universities in New Capital with republican resolution.
  • Canadian university offers a variety of services as well as highly equipped playgrounds of international designs and it's expected that Canadian University to cover 30 acres.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park