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Midtown : Top class compound in new capital city


The new Midtown project in the capital

Is the fourth project of Better Home Real Estate in the new administrative capital, following the unprecedented success of its previous projects, Midtown Capital, Midtown Condo and Midtown Solo. Midtown Sky New Capital is a collection of luxury condominium units, consisting of condos, condominiums and townhouses, as well as a range of commercial units. The new Midtown project in new capital will make you in the best location in  administrative capital and near the most important projects, and you will have all the main and recreational services in one of the most luxurious administrative compounds in the capital. Efficiency, excellence in design or implementation in a way that made it one of the most important real estate companies in new administrative capital, which has the largest number of investment projects, and now to learn about the Midtown project IV in new capital.
All Information about the best compounds in  New Administrative Capital

Location of the new Midtown project

The new Midtown project in new administrative capital has a dynamic location in the heart of the new capital in the low density residential neighborhood.
Which has the most important residential projects in the capital for the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East, where the R7 is located in front of Expo City or Exhibition City.
Next to the eighth residential neighborhood, which contains the compound Anakaji, which is one of the projects of the new administrative capital is very distinctive.

More of Services and Features in the new Mid Town Project

Close to the Green River, the largest central park in the world, and close to the Opera House, the Diamond Hotel, the Al Fattah Aleem Mosque and the largest cathedral in the world.
The location of the new Midtown project in the capital will make you directly on the hub of Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Janoubi, which is the lifeblood of the new capital.
It links all parts of the new administrative capital with the main roads and axes between them and the surrounding major cities.

Unit spaces

The new Midtown project in new administrative capital of 122 acres is one of the largest luxury residential compounds in new capital.
The new Midtown Mall in administrative capital offers a variety of residential and commercial units to suit all tastes.
Where it offers residential units in the form of apartments and villas Town and Twain, as well as commercial units, to choose from the client what suits his needs.

The areas of units in detail

The area of Middle Villas is 350m2 and land starts from 200m2.
The area of Corner villas is 350m2 and land starts from 300m2.
The villas are built of 350 m2 and land of 300 m2.
The spaces of the apartments "90, 135, 180" m 2
Commercial areas of land 110 m 2 and 80 m 2 outer space, the upper floors commercial or clinics of 110 m 2.

Prices and payment systems

The new Midtown project in administrative capital offers you very high prices as we always have.
Which has set up three previous projects in administrative capital and has achieved high demand, thanks to its outstanding level, and prices that are available to everyone.
Middle East's fourth project in the capital, through which Peter Home Properties offers a range of excellent offers and easy payment systems.

Speaking about the prices of the new Midtown project in the capital in detail

Prices of villas

Prices start at 3,990,000 pounds.
The prices of the Townowner villas start at LE 4.990.000.
The prices of Twin villas start at LE 5.490.000.

Prices of apartments

Prices of apartments start 90 m 2 "one bedroom" of 990.000 pounds.
Prices for apartments start at 135 m 2 "2 bedrooms" from 1.490.000 pounds.
Apartment prices start at 180 m 2 "3-bedroom" from 1.990.000 pounds.
Trading prices

Land trading prices start from LE 8.950.000.
Trading prices start the first round of LE 5.950.000.
The second commercial, administrative or clinic prices start from LE 3,950,000.
For villa and apartment payment systems, it is very easy to pay a 10% premium and installments up to 7 years without interest.
Payment systems for commercial units are paid by 10% and the rest are equal installments up to 6 years.
It should be noted that the beginning of booking for the units and receipt of checks from 15 January with the reservation provider:
75 thousand pounds for apartments.
200 thousand pounds for villas.
500 thousand pounds for shops.

Take the opportunity as soon as Peter Home Real Estate has made a 5% discount during the booking period from 15 January to the end of February.

Ownership and previous business

The new Midtown project in administrative capital is the latest launch of Better Home Properties, which has the largest number of projects within new capital.
Better Home Real Estate Investment Company was established in 1998 and has worked in many fields of investment and has moved to the real estate sector.
Where he founded 3 companies:
A private company for buildings and residential projects.
A private company for buildings and shops.
Private company for administrative projects.

Over the years, Better Home has been involved in innovative projects throughout Egypt, with more than 15 real estate projects.

THe highlighted the work of Peter Home Real Estate Investment Company

Cityscape Mall in New Menia.

Midtown Compound 5th settelment .
Cairo Business Plaza at 90th Street.
Midtown New Administrative Capital .
Compound Midtown Condo New Capital.
Compound Midtown Solo Administrative District.
The new Midtown project in the capital is Better Home's fourth project in new capital, which has surpassed itself.
Both in terms of dazzling designs, and integrated services, as well as the privileged location, prices and discounted offers.
Do not miss the opportunity and be one of the lucky ones who rushed to reserve the units of the new Midtown project in the prestigious administrative capital.

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