Top 10 important features in Jnoub Administrative Capital Compound

Jnoub Administrative Capital Compound
Published at 2019-04-10

Details about Jnoub Compound

  • Jnoub Compound is from the important residential compounds in the New Administrative Capital.
  • The project provides a group of classy villas that suit all the clients.
  • In addition to providing many other services and features inside the compound.

Know the Location of Jnoub OUD

  • Jnoub Compound is located in the Seventh residential district and in front of the Diplomats Neighborhood directly.
  • It's located on the Ring Road and El Ain El Sokhna Road.
  • It has a special location near the Diplomats and the Embassies Neighborhoods and that provides a classy social level for the residents.

Properties for sale in Jnoub New Capital

Know more about Jnoub New Capital Space

Janoub project was executed on 48 acres and it was designed in the shape of 23 buildings that include 1900 units.

90% of the units overlook the natural views in the project and the artificial lakes and it also works on providing more services and entertainment activities for the residents.

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Information about the Executing Company of Jnoub Project

Orientals for Urban Development - OUD Company is one of the companies of the Oriental Weavers Group which is the executing company of Jnoub the New Administrative Capital project.

And it was established since 1994 and it has many projects in the real estate investment world as:

  • Fountain Park project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Heliopolis Hills Village in El Obour, and many other successful projects.

And the company put many investments in the projet that reached 3.9 billion pounds and the project will be developed in 4 phases.

The Services in Jnoub Administrative Capital

The compound provides many services and utilities to satisfy the clients' needs as:

  • Many private parking garages.
  • Many streets for each group of buildings.
  • All the utilities of the buildings were constructed internally as the gas pipes and the electricity cables.
  • The buildings were constructed by environment- friendly materials and also they use the solar panels.
  • Large social club on 3000 square meters.
  • Artificial lakes.

More Services in Jnoub New Administrative Capital

  • And from the features that are found in this compound is that it's located on 5 street and not 4 as all the other compounds.
  • Large commercial mall.
  • Kids' areas.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • International schools and universities.
  • Large green spaces.
  • Security and guarding.

Know the Details and Spaces of the Residential Units in Jnoub

The residential units were constructed on a small space of the compound compared to the space specified for the green spaces to make the residents enjoy the nature and the services inside the compound.

The units were constructed in the shape of 23 buildings with different designs and some units overlook the natural views and others overlook the artificial lakes.

  • Each building consists of a ground floor and seven upper floors.
  • And each block contains 3 buildings.
  • Each floor includes 4 apartments and 2 elevators and 2 stairs.
  • Apartments spaces start from 110 up to 330 square meters.

Payment System and the Meter's Price for the Residential Units

The prices of the residential units differ in the project according to the spaces.

  • The meter's price starts from 10,750 pounds.
  • The installment varies inside the compound as it starts from 4 up to 7 years and the downpayment starts from 1% up to 15%.
  • The units are delivered Semi-finished in 2022.

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