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It is one of the largest projects that any individual can invest their wealth in, and it includes many administrative, medical, commercial, and health centers. If the client agrees to establish their commercial project Zaha Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital, they will find a suitable place and the necessary assistance to prepare their project with a distinctive area to satisfy all customer requirements. For more information visit Egypt Real Estate.

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Location of Zaha Park Mall New Administrative Capital

Zaha Park Mall is located in a special place to become a major attraction for most residents for entertainment, shopping and purchasing all their needs. The mall is located next to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque on the central axis, the financial and commercial governmental district, in the area.

The area where Zaha Park Mall is located is characterized by the availability of all the services needed for 250,000 people. It is classified as a place that serves a large number of residents of the governmental residential compounds in the R2, R3 area, i.e. 50,000 housing units, with many hospitals, schools and universities in the area. MU 23 is a crowded area, which gives Zaha Park Mall a great location for those looking to buy housing units in it.

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Unit Areas in Zaha Park Mall

The area of ​​Zaha Park Mall is 7,200 acres and consists of 9 floors, filled with many units but different in designs. It is also characterized by unique modern designs, but they differ in price to suit everyone. The commercial center is divided into several floors as follows:

  • Three floors of commercial activity such as commercial shops and various commercial units of different sizes, ranging from 12 to 238 square meters, located on the first, second and ground floors.

  • 3 floors for the medical category such as clinics, hospitals, medical centers with different sizes ranging from 26 to 81 square meters, characterized by an amazing modern design that suits this category and its requirements.

  • 4 floors of administrative units and offices, each floor is 1,600 square meters and includes many air-conditioned units, which are characterized by modern designs with distinguished quality levels.

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Zaha Park Developer

  • Hometown is responsible for building and constructing the largest architectural projects on Egyptian lands, as it is one of the major shopping centers located in the New Administrative Capital, which is an excellent investment destination due to its unique location.

  • Hometown is one of the largest companies in the real estate investment field, and it has established many major real estate projects in many of the finest areas in the heart of Egypt. It always strives to choose the best areas due to its great interest in conducting a feasibility study for all projects.

  • Famous works executed by the company include apartments in New Cairo, apartments in Fifth Settlement, and properties in Bet Al Watan area.

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The most important features and services at Zaha Park

Anyone can own their own units either by paying immediately or choosing one of the payment systems available from the company, and the project's features come as follows:

  • Each floor contains 10 swimming pools.

  • Landscape, gardens, fountains, including the dancing fountain.

  • Units are delivered within three years.

  • Central air conditioners.

  • It is located in a vibrant and populated area.

  • The mall serves a very large number of residents in the New Administrative Capital, exceeding 50,000 people.

  • It has a strategic location starting from 33 square meters.

  • Customers can pay through different payment methods.

  • The mall offers affordable prices for all those looking to own medical, commercial and administrative units located in the heart of the mall.

  • It offers installments on all units starting from 5% for all customers.

  • It includes many private garages.

  • It is located in MU 23 area, which includes all residential towers and major government buildings.

  • Restaurants, cafés and cinemas.

  • Security forces with surveillance cameras on all floors of the mall.

  • Cleaning workers to keep the mall clean at all times.

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Prices and Payment Systems

Hometown has provided several payment methods for those who want to buy a unit inside Zaha Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital to facilitate its payment as follows:

  • Pay 5% down payment and installment plan over three years.
  • Pay 10% of the amount and pay the rest over five years.
  • Pay 15% down payment and installment plan over five years.

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