Your Guide to Know Units Types and Prices in The City Compound

The City Administrative Capital
Published at 2019-07-22

The City New Capital Compound

You can live in a classy compound with cheapest prices if you bought your apartment now in The City Compound that's located in the center of the New Administrative Capital, as it's from the top compounds inside the capital and it has special and cheap prices although it provides the same hotel services, and that makes it from the best profitable real estate investments as the apartments' prices will rise till the sky as the due of the compounds' opening is near.

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The Payment Systems in The City Compound

Although the compound consists of residential apartments only, It has very special and fascinating engineering designs and near all the services, and you will enjoy the highest level of privacy in addition to being near to all the landmarks of the Administrative Capital as THe New Presidential Palace and the compound overlooks many classy neighborhoods and embassies and it's 15 minutes away from the Capital Airport.

The spaces and prices are various and different as Master Group Company is the owner of this project and it provides many facilities in paying as:

  • The client can pay a 1% downpayment of the total price and 5% after 6 months and the remaining on a 3 years' installment.
  • The client can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and 5% after 6 months and the remaining on a 4 years' installment.
  • The client can pay a 15% downpayment of the total price and 5% after 6 months and the remaining on a 5 years' installment.

And there are many paying systems until the client can pay the price on an 8 years' installment with a 45% downpayment, and the project will be delivered after 3 years from the beginning of this year.

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Properties for sale in The City New Administrative Capital Compound

Information about the Units in The City Administrative Capital

As we mentioned before that The City Compound includes apartments only, and their spaces start from 140 up to 211 square meters as each tower consists of 7 floors + Ground floor, and each floor includes 4 apartments.

The width of the separating streets between the towers and the residential units in the compound starts from 18 up to 24 square meters, and the units are delivered half-finished to give the client the freedom to finish his units as he desires.

The Units Spaces and Prices in The City Project

  • An apartment with 140 square meters and includes 3 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms and reception, and a wide lobby in the building and the apartment overlooks the artificial lakes and the charming fountains, its price starts from 1,540,000 pounds.
  • An apartment for installment with 120 square meters and includes 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and the building contains a parking garage and a common swimming pool and gym and health club, Its price starts from 1,380,000 pounds.
  • There is also a townhouse apartment with 249 square meters that equal 2,680 square feet and includes 3 rooms and an additional room for the maid and 5 bathrooms, And you can keep animals in it and own a private external garden and enjoy a fascinating view on a main landmark with a special price that starts from 4,500,000 pounds.