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Published at 2020-09-09

Sodic Eastown

Luxury and leisure you will find in Eastown Compound, which is located in the heart of New Cairo in the most distinctive place within it, it is a golden investment opportunity for those looking for a residential unit in an average place easily accessible from everywhere, as it has many distinctive services that fulfill the wishes of its residents and make them live a high life completely different from living within other cities.

Where life is characterized by cleanness and order, as well as taking into account the privacy and psychological comfort of all, it is worth talking about through the following lines so that everyone gets to know this charming spot and for more details click on Real Estate Egypt.

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Eastown Sodic location

Sodic Easttown is characterized by a unique and accessible location in the heart of New Cairo, it is an exclusive location with the following features:

  • A strategic location close to 90th Street, one of the most important streets of New Cairo, a vital and main street with many residential compounds and many diverse services.
  • The Compound is located near the American University.
  • The last phase of the project will be opened directly on 90th Street.

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Units of project Eastown - New Cairo

Area of Eastown New Cairo

East Town Egypt is a large project built on a huge area of about 200 acres and is sufficient to house a lot of services and facilities within it.

The most important features of the area within the compound are as follows:

  • Trees, blossoming gardens, and greenery occupy a large area of the site, providing psychological comfort and relaxation for customers.
  • Units on site are varied between apartments and duplex apartments.
  • A long green walkway is designed across a sports club established on 8 acres.
  • The area of apartments in the compound starts at 130 square meters up to 220 square meters.

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Services provided by Sodic Eastown New Cairo

If you're looking for a full life in a place that offers leisure services and units with charming designs and around you all you dream of, Sodic Eastown brings you all this through its limitless services, including the following:

  • Large green spaces, trees, and grasses make the cheerful green color the master of the situation in this compound.
  • A large sports club with playgrounds for a large number of sports.
  • The units are designed with modern designs and follow all standards of safety of facilities and buildings.
  • Malls, shops, and shopping areas.
  • Schools and educational services.
  • Clinics, pharmacies, and medical services.
  • Places for walking and cycling safely.
  • Recreational areas dedicated to kids' games, where kids can play comfortably and safely.
  • Various parks, gardens, and recreational areas.
  • Security and guard services at the highest level of training and efficiency for 24-hour protection.
  • State-of-the-art digital surveillance cameras are operating around the clock.
  • A selection of restaurants and cafes serving western and eastern food.
  • A health club, gym, and spa dedicated to ladies are equipped with the highest standard.
  • Beauty centers for men and women.
  • Gym and sports centers for men are equipped with state-of-the-art sports equipment.
  • Sauna and jacuzzi for men and women.
  • A large number of swimming pools, taking into account the diversity of their sizes and shapes and well distributed in the compound to suit adults and kids.
  • Garages and parking for the residents of the compound are completely safe, so as to prevent traffic in place.
  • Club House is luxurious.
  • There are power generators that are used in power outage cases, so there is no room for darkness in Easttown, and there are regular maintenance services.
  • All the facades of the buildings are designed from reflective glass to provide privacy for residents, as reflected in the stunning landscape.
  • There are branches of the major banks, and special ATMs are available.
  • Schools and educational services for all stages.
  • Cultural centers.
  • Mosques.
  • All buildings have modern and fast elevators.
  • There are plenty of markets and hypermarkets to cater to all the needs of the population.
  • Hospitals and medical centers equipped with medical staff and the latest medical devices operate all day.

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East Town prices

The spaces within Eastown Sodic are varied to suit all tastes, all apartments have the highest standard of designs and super lux finishes, and prices are also varied according to the variety of unit spaces, but they are the best.

There are also easy payment systems provided by the compound management with the aim of comforting and satisfying all customers, where the customer can pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, then agreed to pay the rest of the amount in equal installments over 6 years without interest, provided that the units are delivered with full finishing within three years of the contract.

As for the finishes, the company took into account the different tastes of customers, so it provided a variety of designs for residential apartments, all according to the latest international models, so that each customer chooses his unit in accordance with his own desire and taste.

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Sodic the owner company

Eastown Sodic New Cairo is a prestigious project offered by 6th Of October Development and Investment Company (Sodic), one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

A company with a long history of nearly twenty years, a company listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange based in Cairo, and has received many awards in recognition of its outstanding work, so it has a good reputation in the real estate market.

The company was founded on May 1996 and was listed on the stock exchange in March 1998, and during these years proved its efficiency and ability to provide the most luxurious projects with the highest degree of mastery, and it always takes into account its customers and provides them with everything that gives them comfort and security.

It has a selection of engineers, technicians, and consultants who have extensive experience in planning projects to the highest standards of international quality and safety.

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The company operates in many areas and has many branches, including the following:

  • Diwan Real Estate Development.
  • Sodic Polygon Real Estate Investment is an Egyptian joint stock company.
  • Tabarak for construction.
  • Sodic for hotels and clubs management.
  • Sodic Syria.
  • Sodic Golf and Tourism Development.
  • SODIC SIAC Real Estate Investment is an Egyptian joint stock company.
  • Fourteen egyptian joint stock companies.FOR real estate investment.
  • Sodic Development and Real Estate Investment is an Egyptian joint stock company.
  • Sorrell Real Estate Investment.
  • Sodic securitization.
  • Al Yusr for projects and agricultural development.
  • 6th of October for development and real estate projects.
  • Trade for shopping malls.
  • La Maison Real Estate Investment.
  • Management of City and Resort Services is an Egyptian joint stock company.
  • Sodic Garden City Development and Investment.
  • Sodic Real Estate Services.

The company has submitted many giant real estate projects that refer for the genius of this large company and confirms its credibility, the most important of which are as follows:

Eastown Compound New Cairo is Sodic New Cairo complex that offers not only a residential complex for luxury life but also a distinct investment opportunity in the heart of New Cairo with the Fifth Settlement.

This quiet, upscale place with a large number of luxury compounds, including Sodic Eastown, which is beautiful and luxurious and provides all the services that make its residents do not have to get out of it, is self-sufficient and provides all the comfort and luxury.

So now it's easy to choose, pick your luxury unit and receive its key and immediately live in a luxurious unit surrounded by all the entertainment you wish for.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains

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