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Porto Heliopolis Compound

Porto Heliopolis compound is one of the real estate projects of Amer Group that will be located within the New Heliopolis district. The company plans for the compound to be comprehensive with all types of residential, commercial and entertainment units. Its strategic location is excellent and its services are world-class, in addition to its reasonable prices for the facilities and services it provides to customers. More details about its area, meter price and payment methods are in the following paragraphs, and for more visit Egypt Real Estate.

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Overview of the real estate developer of Porto Heliopolis compound

The real estate developer responsible for the Porto Heliopolis project is Amer Group, a company with vast experience in real estate, with 25 years of experience.

The directors of the company enjoy several qualities, first the intelligence in choosing the locations of their projects, with the strongest proof being the location of Porto Heliopolis compound, which is located in the heart of one of Cairo's most popular neighborhoods.

The company is not only one of the largest in Egypt, but in the entire Middle East region.

Some of its major hotel and residential projects are:

  • Porto Hotels
  • Porto Home
  • Porto October
  • Porto El Fayoum for Touristic Development

Important details about Porto Heliopolis project

  • The compound area is 27 thousand square meters.
  • The compound is not only residential, but will also include hotel, medical and commercial units.
  • The compound apartments will contain several bedrooms and more than one reception, and will also include 3 bathrooms in each residential unit with spacious areas.
  • The client will determine the type of finishing as there will be units that are super luxury finished and others that are unfinished.

Learn about Porto Heliopolis location

  • Porto Heliopolis compound is located in the Heliopolis district in Cairo, so it is close to Nasr City and Thawra Street. It is also close to all the services available in the area such as schools, universities and hospitals.

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What are the most important services offered by Porto Heliopolis to customers?

  • The compound will consist of several basic services, starting with security that will surround it from all entrances to prevent any harm to the compound residents.
  • Modern surveillance cameras will be placed throughout the compound's corridors and internal buildings to clearly capture images and provide clear, crisp audio.
  • A number of corridors will be allocated for compound residents to enjoy its magical atmosphere at night and early morning. These corridors will also be suitable for jogging, and corridors will also be allocated to enjoy cycling within them while at the same time keeping residents safe from any accidents as they will be completely away from roads allowed for car traffic.
  • For all fans of world famous foods like pizza and others, branches of these international restaurants will be established to satisfy residents' desire to enjoy them.
  • Cafes of global standards will be built as a kind of distinctive entertainment service for residents, in addition to allowing light meals and hot and cold beverages to be served in them.
  • No residential compound will be without a medical center or hospital to monitor the health of residents and provide emergency care, and indeed a large hospital will be planned with medical professors in all specialties.
  • Landscaping and crystal lakes will be available within the compound, in addition to gardens designed for children and adults as well.
  • For swimming enthusiasts, spaces will be allocated to build pools suitable for all resident ages.
  • Parking will be covered and secure.
  • For animal lovers, the compound will allow pets to be raised within the residential units.
  • For all athletic individuals, you will not need to leave the compound to go to the gym because it will be available where you live with the strongest equipment inside for fun and beneficial exercise for your bodies.

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Area and prices of residential units and price per meter

  • Unit areas will range from 44 square meters up to 232 square meters.
  • Price per meter will start from 7,954 EGP up to 12,184 EGP.
  • Unit prices will start from 536,096 EGP up to 2,826,688 EGP.

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Payment methods and unit delivery dates

  • The developing company will follow one method of payment which is 10% down payment and installments of the remainder in equal payments over four consecutive years.
  • The residential units will be delivered in 2023.

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