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Know the most important information about Cairo Town Compound by Arba Developments

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Information about Cairo Town Compound

Cairo Town Compound is considered from the integrated residential compounds in Madinet Nasr, It's from the special residential compounds in the center of Cairo and near many vital points inside the city also it's considered from the fancy compounds inside Madinet Nasr.

Also, the executing company worked on executing many services in the compound for providing all the means of relaxation for the residents, and for providing all the necessary and entertainment needs for the clients inside the compound.

Where's Cairo Town Arba Developments?

Cairo Town Compound is located in a special location in the center of Madinet Nasr in New Cairo as it's located in El Waha ( Oasis ) City and near many vital points inside Cairo like:

  • Mehwar El Mosher Tantawy on the entrance of Madinet Nasr and in front of 30 June Stadium ( Air Forces Defence Stadium ).
  • It's near Cairo Festival and 3 minutes away from Abbas Al-Aqqad.
  • It's near the Ring Road that makes it easy to reach any place in Cairo from inside the compound.
  • It's near Teseen Street which is from the famous streets in the Fifth Settlement district.

Know the space of Cairo Town Project

Cairo Town Compound Madinet Nasr was constructed on a 30,000 square meters', and the executing company designed the residential units in the shape of apartments and the project contains 29 residential towers.

The residential units were designed on a large space, where 45% of the total space was specified for the green spaces and landscape, and the company worked on providing many different spaces for the residential units to satisfy the clients.

A brief about the executing company for Cairo Town

Arba Developments is considered the executing company for the Cairo Town project and it was established since 2004, and until today the company managed to construct many residential, touristic, and commercial projects.

The company includes many engineers and masters in the designing world and works on choosing the special locations for the projects carefully, and the projects are executed by using the best-developed ways in the real estate designing world.

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Know the services in Cairo Town Naser City

The executing company of the project worked on providing many important services inside Cairo Town Compound working on providing comfort for all the residents like:

  • 45% of the total space was specified for the green spaces and the landscape and gardens.
  • 3 artificial lakes and a large fountain.
  • Many Swimming pools.
  • Entertainment area for kids.
  • Commercial Mall.
  • Many Cafes.
  • Gates made of Trees.
  • Garages.
  • Security and Guarding.
  • Nursery for kids.
  • There are Pergolas on the roof of the buildings.
  • Hotel entrances for the buildings.

Know more about the spaces in Cairo Town Compound

  • Arba Company worked on designing Cairo Town Compound in the shape of 29 residential buildings each residential tower contains a basement, a ground floor, and 11 upper floors each floor contains 4 or 5 residential units.
  • Their spaces start from 100 up to 150 square meters and each tower has 2 elevators.

The price of the meter and the paying systems in Cairo Town by Arba

The price of the meter in Cairo Town Compound starts from 6,450 up to 6,650 pounds. And the paying systems vary as follows:

  • You can pay a 50% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 45 months' equal installments.
  • In the case of paying in cash, the client gets a 20% discount.
  • The garage unit in the compound is optional and you can get the unit by paying 60,000 pounds.

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Water Fountains
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