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Information about The Square Compound

  • The Square Compound is from the residential compounds that provide more comfort and welfare for everyone who seeks for them, where it's considered from the largest compounds that combine many features at the same time.
  • It combines comfort and quiet and safety in addition to a healthy lifestyle, and the executing company provided many services and utilities for the residents.

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Know more about The Square Project Location

The Square Compound is located in New Cairo especially in the Fifth Settlement district, As it's considered from the highest residential compounds in the Fifth Settlement, and the compound is near many vital locations as:

  • It's 5 minutes away from American University.
  • It's located near Al-Jazeera Club and Mivida Club.
  • It's also located near many important residential projects as El-Kattameya Dune and Hyde Park projects.

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What's the Space of The Square New Cairo?

  • The Square New Cairo was executed on 110 acres and the company constructed the units on 20% of the total space.
  • And it left 80% for the green spaces and services.
  • The residential units have different spaces to satisfy the clients' needs.

The Executing Company of The Square 5th Settlement

  • Al-Ahly Sabbour For Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the project in the Fifth Settlement, As the company constructed the project from inside on the latest designs.
  • It has a different group of designs either from outside the units or from inside, and the company was established since 1994.
  • The company presented many important residential cities in Egypt as The City Of Odyssia Compound.
  • It presented Aria Sabbour Compound and many other successful real estate and touristic projects.

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What are the Available Services in The Square Sabbour?

Sabbour Company provided many important services for the residents as:

  • Private parking garages.
  • Large commercial center.
  • The units were designed on the Smart-Homes system.
  • Sports playgrounds.
  • Special system for collecting garbage.
  • Gym.
  • Yoga hall.
  • Cleaning and laundry,
  • Security and guarding.
  • Large food court for many restaurants and cafes.
  • Large green spaces.
  • Special utility for recycling.
  • Tracks for walking and riding bikes.
  • Nurseries.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Medical clinics.
  • Various swimming pools.

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What are the Residential Units Spaces in The Square?

  • The Square Compound contains Mini Villas units as the units were designed on apartments and mini villas as twin houses and townhouses.
  • And the units have modern and latest designs and many different spaces to satisfy all the tastes.
  • The spaces of the apartments start from 160 square meters.

The Residential Units Prices in The Compound

The Square Compound' prices are suitable for all the clients as the compound has many services that made it an integrated city.

  • The price per meter starts from 11,500 pounds.
  • The units' prices start from 1,850,000 pounds.
  • The client can pay a 35% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 54 months installments without interest that equals 4 years and a half.
  • The units are delivered in 2020.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
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