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The Icon Residence 5th Settlement

  • The Icon Residence Compound is one of the most mega residential complexes so if you seek uniquness & luxury, you should know about The Icon Residence as it's one of the best unique commercial projects that offers a facilitated smart life standard thanks to many offered advantages & services as it's located in the most luxurious Cairo areas and it's the only compound to find shining in the skies of Cairo due to its super unique location and it fits all clients.
  • The compound is one of the recent commercial projects that offers the opportunity to live in the best residential units as it fits all community categories for it contains entertaining places besides areas for kids and more of public facilities that we need in our daily life. The compound is divided into sections and each section contains certain features like residential units & public facilities.
  • It's an integrated compound with services & unprecedented advantages that you can't find any other place so don't hesitate and get your unit in this compound for a luxury life 7 more privacy along with all offered services by the compound that fits all. All units here are full finished according to the latest style as units are made of luxurious marble and high quality finishings are applied on units besides high quality electronic devices.

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Services Of The Icon Residence

This compound certainly offers many wonderful services making it go further up in the real estate investment market in addition to the fact that the compound is designed for luxury & uniquness as this compound offers services as some of these services are:

  1. The compound contains many lagoons with different beautiful colors attacting clients as residential units overlook a number of lagoons so you can enjoy the view at night.
  2. A variety of places for parties & barbeque.
  3. Vast green spaces.
  4. Integrated health club with spa & gym.
  5. A variety of cafes & restaurants for compound residents.
  6. Security crew set at the compound gates 24/7 for our security.
  7. Parking lot for compound resients at nights.

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The Icon Residence Style Home

  • This compound is a wonderful residential unit that fits all tastes & familities. So if you love to get a luxurious unit, you should get your unit in The Icon Residence for peaceful comfortable calme life in the compound as the compound offers apartments, villas & twin house besides many units that fit all community categories where you enjoy fresh air, luxury & natural views.
  • These features help you easily get your unit and you just need to know more about services & advantages offered by The Icon Residence to enjoy all of them while you are in the compound. You can also safely live with your family thanks to security crew in the compound and you will not worry about your kids while they are playing as the compound is also equiped with the latest surveillance system as some of compound features are:
  1. Security & guarding
  2. Swimming pools
  3. Comemrcial centers
  4. Social & health clubs.
  5. Entertainment park
  6. A mosque at the residential building.
  7. Football playgrounds
  8. Advanced fountains.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Water Fountains
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