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Apartments For Sale in Rock Vera New Cairo

 Rock Vera 5th Settlement
El Batal Group for Housing and Development has put up apartments for sale in Rock Vera 5th Settlement, which is characterized by diversity in terms of space, the designs of the apartments were established in accordance with Italian architecture in the Middle Ages, making life more like a unique European trip, making you far from the routine and boring life.

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Prices and payment systems

  • For those who want to own apartments for sale in Rock Vera 5th Settlement, the prices are reasonable and very that may suit all customers, It is worth noting that the units have been built on large spaces while providing more space for water bodies, green spaces, and services.
  • The brick and stone materials were founded in the founding of the Rock Vera 5th Settlement; This is a replica of the same materials used in the construction of Italian buildings in the Middle Ages.
  • As for the prices of apartments, it starts from 2,343.807 pounds.
  • As for the penthouses, the second part of the residential units starts from 3,112.730 pounds.
  • As for the payment systems established by the company decided to facilitate through which all the customers of the Compound and lovers of excellence, to own a residential unit you can pay a symbolic and simple deposit of up to 5% of the total amount due for the unit price, the remaining amount can be paid over seven years, in equal monthly installments.

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The Location of the project

  • There are apartments for sale in Rock Vera New Cairo, located on 90th Street. It is certain that those who pass through New Cairo City in the 5th settlement know the vitality and importance of this vital street, In addition to Rock Vera 5th Settlement site is very close to the new regional road, and the ring road.

  • One of the most popular features of the site is the easy access, its proximity to the American University where it is only ten minutes away; it is therefore very close to Hyde Park, a project established by Hyde Park Real Estate.

  • Rock Vera Compound New Cairo also contains a large number of lanes and streets with polished floors, which helps in the easier and more enjoyable journey, as the sides of the corridors and streets, roses are spread evenly in color, giving the streets the same atmosphere of historical fragility, psychological calm, and inner comfort, when you stroll through the streets of the project, you will find that there is a strong quote from the streets of  Spello Italian city especially the medieval period, so you can enjoy the comfort and luxury, the picturesque landscape surrounding the compound is characterized by its vast green spaces and magnificent landscapes, and the appearance of the buildings as a whole makes you feel as if you are inside Rialto Bridge, one of Venice's most important areas.

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Services and spaces

 Rock Vera Services

Rock Vera 5th Settlement was built on a vast area of ​​10 and a half acres, the models and buildings of Rock Vera 5th Settlement are unique and may not be found in any other residential community, as it is more like a painting of artistic creativity is not clearly reflected only through this huge residential project, in addition, it has a variety of spaces suitable for all families, both large and small.

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  • The entire project was built in the form of similar buildings so that you feel like you are outside the country from the creation of the landscape.

  • The number of residential buildings currently is about 27 residential buildings; each building consists of four identical floors.

  •  The ground floor contains 4 apartments in each building, while the upper floors in all buildings contain two apartments in each floor.

  • Each residential building is completed in the form of a dome made of transparent, non-colored glass, so that residents of the last floor of each building can see the sun clearly, and allow its useful rays to enter the house, in addition to the possibility of enjoying the view of the stars and the moon shining at night in the sky.

  • The space of each housing unit is varying between 138 square meters and 253 square meters.

  •  The residential apartments are in the range of 20 square meters to 40 square meters.

  • For the entire building terrace, it has been uniformly designed for a beautiful creative look.

  •  It is designed with a semicircular semi-circular shape, the same as that used in ancient Italian buildings.

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  • All the apartments in Rock Vera have many green spaces, which relax the eye and calm the heart, as well as the provision of areas and tracks for private running, whether jogging or fast walking, as well as cycling.

  • There are a large number of swimming pools along the length of Rock Vera 5th Settlement, which varies in terms of space to suit all age groups.

  •  The project sponsors were interested in providing the largest hypermarket, which contains large quantities of food and important goods.
  • There are also many recreational services in the health clubs equipped with the latest sports equipment, in addition to the social clubs that contain a large number of sports fields with multiple areas.
  • The company also made sure to provide cinemas in the compound as well as ballet studios, which are one of the most important features of Rock Vera 5th Settlement.
  •  A number of libraries with books in various fields have been provided for the readers and their fans.
  • The company was keen to deploy members of security and guard at all entrances and exits of the compound in order to provide security, protection, and comfort to all residents of the Compound.
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Ownership and previous business

  • This great work has been attributed to Al-Batal Company for Housing and Development, the company that has proven itself on the real estate field, it was established in 2002, which means, sixteen years of success and progress in this field.

  • The first of its first high-rise residences and artistic creativity is the Sheraton Heliopolis project.

  • It is worth noting that it has built about 1,000 residential units with a high-quality architectural style, but after this project, the company turned its attention to investing in new cities, which is 6th of October City, New Heliopolis, Badr City, Al  Obour City, Al Shorouq City, New Cairo, and other new cities.
  • Rock Vera 5th Settlement is one of the most recent mega-projects being built by Al Batal Real Estate Investment Company, as the company is scheduled to complete the establishment of about 272 residential units, and decided to finish it in two phases in a row and will complete the establishment and delivery of all residential units to customers who have booked certain units during the year 2020.
  • One of the company's most prominent activities is Rock Vera Compound at the 5th settlement, as well as Rock Eden Compound on 6th of October, and continues to do many other residential projects.
  • Your unit shall be delivered by 2020. It does not take long to think.
  • Life here is very much like the life of princes and kings, it is full of luxury and comfort, as well as mental and physical relaxation, offering apartments for sale in Rock Vera is one of the most exciting opportunities you have to acquire before your unit is finished.

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