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Published at 2019-10-06

The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the most important and most prestigious residential districts in Egypt due to its many features, amenities, services, and facilities, it offers a calm and sophisticated life and a great deal of privacy with the availability of services and all modern living requirements with the latest methods of construction and real estate construction on Egyptian land.

And all this in a city that has all the modern lifestyles and has all the ingredients of investment, real estate, tourism and commercial development away from the randomness and away from the noise of the city and not high prices compared to the advantages it provides, and in this subject we can highlight the most important features of living in Fifth Settlement

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The privileged location of the Fifth Settlement

The geographic and cultural location of the Fifth Settlement is one of the most important features and attract the inhabitants to live in, especially those who aspire to a life of prestige and tranquility, as the Fifth Settlement is located in the east of Cairo in a unique location between Suez Road in the north and Katameya-Ain Sokhna Road in the south, near the road The ring made it a unique location to move to the rest of the governorates of the republic, as it is very close to the neighborhoods of Maadi, downtown and Nasr City, but only a few minutes to reach the most vital neighborhoods of the Republic, Downtown Cairo.

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Fifth Settlement, Huge Commercial Malls, Teseen Street

Another feature that made the Fifth settlement an attractive urban and commercial and tourist investment is the presence of a large number of the most important and largest shopping malls in Egypt the Malls of Teseen Street Fifth settlement, which is the most important and largest streets of the Fifth settlement is the vital artery of New Cairo.

Where we find many of the most important major banks and a large number of important government institutions in addition to a large bunch of the finest international and local restaurants on the land of Fifth settlement.As for the shopping malls of Fifth settlement in teseen Street is located the largest shopping mall in Egypt and Fifth settlement and New Cairo in general, Cairo Festival City Mall, in addition to a large number of other distinctive malls, including Down Town Mall and Concord Mall American Plaza and all represent the most important and most prominent malls in teseen street, which includes a large number of shops and the most prominent restaurants serving international and Eastern food.

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The gardens of the Fifth Settlement wonderful green spaces

One of the most prominent features of living in the Fifth settlement is the presence of gardens and distinctive green spaces play an important role in purifying the air inside the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo to more than that of providing large parks to spend quality time in the most prestigious neighborhoods of New Cairo.

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Various residential units in the Fifth Settlement

The residential units in the community have been constructed in a variety of ways to suit all the needs and desires of different customers. It provides many types of housing units between the housing units in the modern compounds and between ordinary housing units in the Fifth Settlement, including the distinctive hotel housing units and luxury housing, in addition to the average housing and youth housing and housing below average.

This gives all customers distinctive opportunities to obtain distinctive and affordable housing units in the most prestigious districts of Egypt and the finest neighborhoods of New Cairo.

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Fifth Settlement Weather - Fifth Settlement Special Weather

As we are accustomed to the fact that the Fifth Settlement is always distinguished in all services, livelihoods and other features of the urban attraction, we find that the Fifth Settlement has a special weather also throughout the year in summer and winter from other areas and other residential neighborhoods, because the land of the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo is high Relatively far from the sea to allow a distinct atmosphere and weather throughout the year.

Fifth Settlement International Universities - Fifth Settlement International educational services

One of the most prominent features of living in the Fifth Settlement is that it provides all the services and facilities of education with the latest methods and modern international educational systems, in addition, a lot of the most prominent modern international universities, most notably the American University and the German University, in addition to the Canadian International College and the University of the Future.

There are also a large number of the most important and largest international schools in various stages of education, including the International School of Choueifat and Akhenaton School in addition to a large number of American international schools to cover all the educational services to the residents of the Fifth Settlement without the need to leave the New Cairo for any educational service.

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Fifth Settlement - Social Clubs

One of the most important features of living in the Fifth Settlement, which made it one of the most prestigious neighborhoods that attracted many Cairo residents to live in Giza. The presence of social clubs and sports clubs in the Fifth Settlement, most notably Petrosport Club, Zohour Club, and New Cairo Club, in addition to other important clubs such as Platinum Club and Wadi Degla Club and other distinctive clubs in the Fifth Settlement.

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