All information about Aria 5th Settlement by Sabbour

Aria 5th Settlement

Aria Compound Sabbour Mostkabal City

From 1,125,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2021
Developed by: Land Mark Sabbour
Published at 2019-09-11

Aria Compound Sabbour

Aria 5th Settlement
It can be said that Aria 5th Settlement Sabour is one of the most important residential projects recently announced by the owner, this is because of the unique location of the project, which combines a dynamic character with a quiet, upscale nature, as well as distance from congestion, in addition to the designs of residential buildings in the project, which takes the global nature inspired by European countries and green spaces that put an aesthetic touch on the appearance of Aria 5th Settlement Sabour from the outside.
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Prices and payment systems


  • When talking about the prices of Aria compound, it is characterized by its suitability to a wide range of customers, it is also suitable for lovers of investment in residential units because the price per meter in Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour will increase in the next period, this is because the company executing this residential project is characterized by trust among many customers and enjoys a huge name with a history.

  • The units of Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour are diverse and varied to satisfy all customer tastes, this is reflected in the units that are represented in the apartments with normal spaces for the lovers of luxury and excellence, and in addition, there is a multi-space penthouse to suit the needs of customers with small and large families.

  • The price per meter in Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour starts from LE 12,500, which applies to apartments and penthouses as well, in addition to this special price, the company has taken care to ensure that the payment systems for Aria New Cairo units are very easy by paying only 5% of the total value of the unit price, provided that the rest of the unit is paid over 7 consecutive years with a fixed monthly installment. The company also pledged to deliver the units to all its owners within 4 years from the date of conclusion of the contract between the parties, provided that the units are fully finished.

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Location of Aria Sabbour

  • The features of Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour are clearly evident in the unique location where Aria is located, it is located in the most vibrant district of the Fifth settlement in Mostakbal city, which has been given attention of many from the elite of the community and senior citizens of the state and therefore when you live inside Aria Sabbour, you will not only enjoy the comfort and calm, but will enjoy the neighbors of the best men of society.

  • The location is far from any noise or inconvenience that may cause noise pollution to all residents; it is specifically located in the first sector of the middle ring road, which makes it easy to get to and from it without paying attention to traffic congestion.


  • The site has many other features that are close to the compound of Landmark Sabbour of several vital sites are:
  1.  It is very close to City Gate compound, in addition to facing many of the residential projects are Palm Hills, Mountain View and City Compound, it is also very close to the Middle East residential, civilized New Administrative Capital and, the American University.
  2. The Suez Road is only 5 minutes away.
  3.  This is the site of Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour of the most prominent residential sites that combine the character of the dynamic and close proximity of important sites and between the sophistication and tranquility and distance from places crowded with many residents as well as taking into account the designers of Landmark Sabbour that the units are not facing each other to take into account the privacy of customers to ensure a dignified life full of freedom and movement without restrictions within their residential units.

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Services and spaces

Aria new cairo

  • One of the most unique features of Aria 5th Settlement Sabbour combination of a large percentage of green spaces that add to the picturesque nature within Aria New Cairo, which helps to restore the psychological comfort of all its inhabitants, in addition to the spread of services that each individual needs within his unit, which completely eliminates the daily requirements.

  • One of the major features of Arria compound is its full range of entertainment services, so you may not need to get out of the compound at all.


  • The most important services of Aria City of the Future are:

  •  Inside the Compound there is a large multi-room hospital, offering services throughout the day to receive emergencies any time, in addition to the availability of a large number of medical clinics on which the most skilled physicians in various disciplines to take into account the health of the population.

  • Aria New Cairo also contains a large hypermarket including basic food and entertainment items, in addition to the presence of a large commercial mall, which can get the most famous brands in the world, whether in clothing, glasses, perfume or shoes.

  •  The compound includes many green spaces that have overcome the area of ​​residential facilities.

  •  Many parks and playgrounds have been established for children.

  • In addition to the allocation of some places for the establishment of the best restaurants and best cafés to stroll families together, or young people with their friends.

  •  As well as the presence of large clubhouses and has a spa and a large swimming pool area to accommodate the largest possible number and nursery for children.

  • For sports enthusiasts, a social club has been provided with a variety of sports fields.

  • As well as a health club equipped with the latest sports equipment for lovers of fitness.

  • As for the cars of the residents, certain spaces have been allocated to them, so as not to congest roads and streets.

  • In order to provide protection and safety, the CCTV system was provided throughout Aria Compound for all its entrances and exits.

  •  As well as the deployment of security and guard personnel throughout the compound to provide security for all customers of the Aria fifth settlement Sabbour.

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  • The units of Aria Landmark are diverse and vary in style and space to suit the number of members of each family.

  •  A large area of ​​108 acres was allocated for the establishment of the Aria fifth settlement Sabbour.

  •  The entertainment and basic services were distributed in a parallel and coordinated manner, which may occupy 11% of the total area of ​​the compound.

  •  The residential and green areas were distributed in a harmonious manner reflecting artistic creativity and coordination.

  • As for the apartments, it starts from 122 square meters, which includes 2 bedrooms, a reception room, kitchen, and bathroom.

  •  The penthouses are between 165 and 180 square meters and all have 3 bedrooms, one reception room, kitchen, and bathroom.

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Ownership and previous business


  • Landmark Sabbour Company announced the opening of the booking for the units of Aria fifth settlement Sabour.

  • For the second phase after the success of the first phase, was established in 2005, which is one of Sabbour group, which has achieved great success and a brilliant name among many real estate companies, where the projects exceeded the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt to reach Dubai and Barcelona, ​​as well as the spread of projects outside Cairo to reach the northern coast and Sharm el-Sheikh and has been succeeded in establishing many residential projects ranging from commercial, residential, hotel and administrative.

  • The establishment of this company may be attributed to Eng. Ahmed Sabbour who is characterized by skill, accuracy, and excellence.

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One of the company's most beautiful works is:

  1. Rakan residential project in Dubai.
  2. Zoya North Coast.
  • Thus, the experience of living within the units of the Aria fifth settlement Sabbour is a unique experience worth going into.

  • In order to enjoy the charming nature and the beautiful calm that brings comfort from all life problems, giving you the ability to make many difficult decisions and important result of calm and away from any noise that causes noise pollution and intellectual confusion.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa