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Compound The Marq New Cairo
Published at 2020-09-02

The Marq Compound New Cairo

Lovers of privacy and luxury accommodation can now own a residential unit within this complex which is one of the luxury residential complexes, which was implemented by The Address Developments Company in one of the highest areas located in New Cairo, the company has designed it according to the latest architectural models of originality and sophistication, as well as providing all the services which customers need for added comfort and luxury.

Extra information about The Marq

The Marq Location

The Marq New Cairo is unique with its strategic location in one of the best areas of New Cairo specifically the Fifth Settlement at the Golden Square area, where the calm and distance from noise and traffic, and the most important features of the site of the Compound is that it is close to the American University as it approaches the ring road, which connects many of the main roads, as well as it borders many luxury residential projects including:

Properties for sale in The Marq New Cairo

Area of The Marq Compound

The developer has allocated an area of 26 acres for the implementation of the compound, and the green spaces and landscapes occupied the largest proportion of this area, and the residential units within the complex varied among townhouses, duplexes, and standalone villas with various spaces, to satisfy all desires and requirements.

Design of The Mark Compound

The Address adopted a unique design, in implementing its residential project, which contributed to the distinctive appearance of the compound that catches everyone's attention, the design has combined the luxury of western style with oriental originality, as the company took into account the high taste in the interior finishing of the units, it has provided customers with the opportunity to choose between classic finishing or modern, in order to meet all tastes and demands.

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Services Provided by Marq Compound

The Adress Development was keen to provide Marq New Cairo with various types of facilities and services, believing that the services are the ones that make up the place and make it distinct from other residential projects, and the most important of these services are the following:

  • Swimming pools have different shapes and sizes, suitable for all ages within the compound.
  • Each unit has its own garage for residents' cars.
  • The project is equipped with a sports area, equipped with the highest level of the latest sports equipment and devices.
  • A security system with highly trained guard personnel, working at their best 24 hours a day.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras, to provide maximum protection and security to the population.
  • All units are designed according to the latest architectural styles, which are luxurious and refined.
  • Residential units have various sizes to meet all tastes and desires.
  • An area of the compound is dedicated to recreation, gym, and yoga to bring tranquility and comfort to customers.
  • Inside The Marq Address, there are four beautiful gardens including moon garden, butterfly garden, quiet garden, and water garden, all allowing residents to enjoy stunning scenery that helps them rest and relieve stress and pressure.
  • The Outdoor cinema, which enables residents to watch their favorite movies outdoors, within the scenic landscape, which contributes to having a good time with friends and family.
  • Vast green spaces are scattered throughout the compound, making all units enjoy a wonderful view of the landscape.
  • A system for collecting garbage from the roads to keep cleanness, and the beauty of the compound constantly.
  • All residential units have laundry service.
  • A walkway dedicated to walking.
  • Area for medical services represented in pharmacy and medical clinics.
  • The Marq Hotel is about 230 square meters above the sea for a stunning view.
  • All super lux finishing units have high-quality coolers.
  • 2 acres of the total area has been allocated to build a commercial area, comprising many shopping centers and shops that provide all the requirements and demands of the population.

The Marq Prices & Payment Systems

Prices within The Marq 5th Settlement were competitive compared to the many advantages and services available to customers, which achieved for customers the concept of luxury housing and the high life, these prices varied according to the type of unit and its size and type of finishing, as follows:

Middle Townhouses Prices

The 180 m² unit with semi-finishing is priced at EGP 3,900,000, while the fully finished unit is priced at EGP 4,800,000.

The semi-finished unit with an area of 200 meters is priced at 4,200,000 EGP, while the full finishing price is 5,200,000 EGP.

The 220 m² unit with semi-finishing is priced at 5,200,000 EGP, and the same unit with a full finishing is priced at 6,300,000 EGP.

All of these units are equipped with a garden ranging from 40 meters up to 70 meters.

Corner Townhouses Prices

The 180 m² unit with semi-finishing is priced at 4,800,000 EGP, and if it is fully finished, it will be priced at 5,700,000 EGP.

The price of the unit with an area of 200 meters and semi-finishing is 4,900,000 EGP, while the full finishing is priced at 5,800,000 EGP.

The 22  m² unit with semi-finishing is priced at 5,800,000 EGP and the full finishing is priced at 6,800,000 EGP.

The entire units include a garden, with an area ranging from 80 meters up to 110 meters.

Duplexes Prices

The duplex units have an area of 245 meters are with an average price of 8,500,000 EGP, and have been attached with a garden of 150 meters.

Standalone Villas Prices

The complex features 515 m² standalone villas, which will be fully finished with air conditioning, priced at EGP 13,200,000.

The developer also made sure to provide a flexible payment system, to facilitate its customers wishing to own a residential unit within this upscale residential complex, the company has made it possible to pay the price of the unit in installments that the customer pays 10% of the value of the unit as a reservation down payment upon contract, and pay the rest in equal installments over 7 years, in addition to paying 8% of the unit value for maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that the announced prices are for the first half of 2020, making them adjustable at any time depending on the real estate market.

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The Owner Company Profile

This project was implemented by one of the pioneers of real estate development companies, The Adress Development Company, owned by Mr. Niazi Salem and famous businessman Mr. Mahmoud Khattab.

The company implemented its wonderful residential project in cooperation with the private company Al Fouzan Trading & General Construction, and this resulted in a high-end residential project like no other thanks to its magnificent designs, the project appeared as if it were a creatively designed painting.

It should be noted that The Address has overseen the implementation of several residential projects, as it owns more than 20 residential projects within the New Administrative Capital and New Cairo.

The Project Features

  • The prices are suitable for a large segment of customers and there are convenient payment systems.
  • A great design that combines originality and sophistication, it is one of the unique designs.
  • A unique strategic location.
  • Diverse spaces, suitable for all desires and requirements.
  • It has many services, making it look like a small, detached city.



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