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Beta Green
Published at 2019-04-01

Know Beta Greens El Mostakbal City

You can now enjoy a new life with all its details in the middle of the charming nature and the pure air away from the pollution and the noise and the overpopulation which are found in the capital.

You can now live it in El Mostakbal City and especially in Beta Green Compound in the center of New Cairo where the smart and developed future.

And it's not new for Beta Egypt for Real Estate Development Company which was established for 20 years and it produced many residential and commercial projects and special administrating buildings.

It depends on the classy European style and some details from the original Arabic architecture and this made it presents unique units with special designs.

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What's Beta Greens Compound's Location?

The company wanted to dig its name strongly among the New Cairo residential compound through launching a special artistic antique and the location was one of its special features.

  • The location was chosen in El Mostakbal City that's found in the center of New Cairo.
  • It's 20 minutes away from Masr Al Jadidah.
  • It's 15 minutes away from The American University.
  • It can be reached through the Regional Ring Road.
  • The company wanted to provide transportation buses special for the compound that work on transporting the residents from and to the compound.

Units of project Beta Greens New Cairo Al Mostakbal City

Know more about the Space of Beta Greens by Beta Egypt

The company constructed the compound on a large space to construct all the various residential units and the commercial malls and the water bodies and the green spaces and clubs.

The space of the compound reached 88 acres and it was divided by a civilized and developed way, where 79% of the total space was specified for the green spaces and gardens and sports clubs and the artificial waterfalls.

The remaining space is specified for constructing the residential units as apartments, duplex, and penthouse and also villas and twin houses to suit all the clients' needs, as the compound has 3000 residential units.

A brief about the Executing Company of Beta Greens Project

As we mentioned that Beta Egypt Company is the owner of the project where it's special for its classy and special style in constructing its units and projects to present a special architectural icon.

It was established since 1993 and it constructed many residential and commercial projects as:

  • Beta Egypt project El Sheikh Zayed.
  • Beta Green project is its latest projects and its budget reached 5 billion pounds and it depends on 3 phases each divided into 5 years.

What are the Available Services in Beta Green New Cairo?

The company provided the compound with the best services and utilities that the client will need and to make the compound and integrated city, and from these services:

  • Ambulance units, clubhouse, and hospitals.
  • Also security and guarding teams and security cameras.
  • Many sports club and playgrounds.
  • Water bodies and swimming pools and an entertainment area for kids.
  • International schools and nurseries and some institutions.
  • Social clubs and educational centers.
  • Many gardens and parks.

The Units Spaces and Prices in Beta Green

  • The apartments spaces start from 110 up to 240 square meters.
  • The villas' and twin houses spaces start from 280 up to 350 square meters.
  • The unit's price starts from 1,231,000 pounds.
  • The client can pay an 8% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 6 years' installment.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club

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