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Apartments for Sale in The Canyon Maxim

إمتلك وحدتك الآن في كمبوند ذا كانيون بمساحة تبدأ من 135 إلى 155 متر — 24  عقار للبيع | موقع عقارات مصر
The Canyon Maxim is one of the most important residential projects at the moment, Where there is likely to be a boom in the world of residential communities, due to different areas, as well as The Canyon apartments that cater a large segment of customers and for more Click Egypt Real Estate.

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Prices of The Canyon Apartments

  • When the owner company offered apartments for sale The Canyon Maxim, it set unit prices according to the space, and the price per square meter was unified, where the company preferred to make it a pleasant surprise to all the customers of The Canyon compound, which was estimated at about 10 thousand and a half per square meter.

  • Canyon's prices are very convenient, especially when compared to spaces, services, wonderful foyer and a luxurious life, as for the payment systems, the company has developed a monthly installment system, in order to facilitate for the customers, to be paid in equal monthly installments, for a period of up to 8 consecutive years, with a payment of 5% downpayment of the total value of the unit price that the customer intends to own according to a contract concluded between the parties.

  • The Compound within the Fifth Settlement is diverse and varied between luxury apartments and duplex apartments, in addition to the existence of stand-alone villas as well as townhouse and twin House, in addition to the apartments and small studios.

  • All units are designed in a distinctive and different style, all inspired by European style models, even the streets are designed in green spaces with thick, leafy trees, with different colors that resemble the design of European streets, as well as the arrangement of units within three adjacent districts, each unit containing a particular model of units.

  • The first district was built by all the independent compounds, in addition to the Townhouse units and the Twin House, the second district, which has received a high turnout among a large number of customers, has been allocated to luxury apartments and duplex units, the third and final district was allocated for medium-sized apartments and small studios.

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Services and Spaces

كمبوند ذا كانيون القاهره الجديدة - احجز وحدتك بمقدم 5% فقط
The owner of The Canyon Maxim New Cairo is known for providing various services and parks within the compound in order not to require any resident to meet his needs from outside.


  • As well as the diversity of spaces that fit the whole number of family members, for example, there are residential units starting with a space of ​​45 square meters, to suit the number of small family members, as well as luxurious spaces up to 350 square meters to fit the number of large family members, thus the project has served all customers, by placing different units and spaces.

  • The area of ​​the project as a whole is located on a vast area of ​​up to 200 acres, allocating the largest part for the green areas, in addition to the water bodies and industrial fountains, while the smaller part was allocated to the districts of the three residential units.

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  • There are a large number of vast green spaces, which give the compound impressive view, as well as the provision of tracks and routes dedicated to jogging and cycling.

  • There are various spaces to accommodate all age groups, for the children of the customers and their wives.

  •  A large number of commercial malls, which contain a variety of shops for the sale of the world's most famous brands, were also available.

  •  The Compound has a more spectacular view of water bodies, green spaces, lush trees, and harmonious colors.

  • For lovers of family parties, their own events, as well as barbecues, there are places have been allocated for them.

  • In addition to providing a social club that was built on a luxurious space.

  •  A number of recreational activities such as spa, gym, and swimming pools are provided.

  •  As well as a health club equipped with the highest level of sports equipment and modern equipment.

  • Certain areas have been provided for the establishment of the most famous international restaurants, which offer the most delicious hot meals.

  • Special place for the establishment of the best-known cafeterias, which offers many drinks that suit the youth and adults.

  •  The company will never forget kids and develop their academic skills, as many universities and international schools are provided.

  • There is also a huge international hotel, famous for providing hotel services to all visitors of the compound.

  •  It is best to offer apartments for sale in Canyon Maxim, so take the opportunity to enjoy the sight of pure water in gorgeous turquoise water.

  • There is a large hypermarket that includes all the necessary and essential food items that everyone needs.

  • One of the most important features of The Canyon compound that its location is very lively and close to all the main axes that make it easy for customers to enter and exit the compound.

  • The problems of Canyon compound are that you may not need to get out of your community because everything is inside.

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Ownership and previous business

  • This great project is attributed to Maxim Real Estate Development Company, which has a long history and a great name in this field, it has recently announced about apartments for sale in The Canyon Maxim, and has been very popular with a large number of customers, as it is expected that this residential project will make a new breakthrough in the world of residential communities.

  • Where the company chose everything carefully, starting from the location of excellence and vitality, to select the most experienced candidates.

  • The company is well known for its previous residential projects, with a passion for creating harmonious units characterized by beautiful artistic creativity, as well as the extra attention to the magnificent view, and the enjoyment of the nature of the customers, in addition to the shape of the outside from the outside like a painted painting.

  • This is clearly reflected in all of its designs within its previous projects, which always depart from the traditional framework of other residential communities.

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Its most important projects are:

  1.  The Kempinski Hotel is well-known within the 5th Settlement.
  2.  Maxim Club.
  3.  Maxim Mall.
  4. Bo Islands North Coast.
  5. Maxim Residence in the heart of Al shorouk city
  6. Royal Maxim, which may include about 40 palaces within the fifth settlement.

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Location of The Canyon Compound

  • The Canyon Maxim in the second phase in the heart of El Mostakbal specifically in New Cairo within the fifth settlement, where this region has become a gathering area of ​​all senior men of the state, and the most famous artists and authors, because of its calm nature, as well as the spread of the landscape there.

  • As for the location, this great residential project is located near the most famous places of interest, such as Madinaty compound.
  • It is also close to many axes that connect Cairo with its lights, thus making it easy to get in and out of the Compound in a way that makes you free from the traffic jam.

  • It is also very close to Suez Road 90, as well as the road connecting Cairo and Ain Sokhna, it is also located near the New Administrative Capital, as well as the American University. So living in such a wonderful residential community will make you out of the ordinary and away from the traditional setting, which is so boring, so when you see apartments for sale in The Canyon Maxim, you must speed up to reserve your unit, whether to invest or live.

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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