Everything You Need to know about Sarai New Cairo compound in Mostakbal City

Sarai Compound New Cairo

From 1,292,000 EGP
Published at 2019-09-11

Sarai Mostakbal City in New Cairo

master plan of sarai new cairo
Madinet Nasr Housing and Development has offered apartments for sale in Sarai Compound at very reasonable prices, with easy payment systems, as well as the design of these apartments, which combines the European character and the eastern character in terms of maintaining the privacy of customers, in addition to the entertainment and basic services located within the fifth Settlement compound, which completely eliminates the exit from it and for more click Egypt Real Estate.

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Prices of Sarai Compound

  • When the company offered apartments for sale in Sarai compound, they took care to be reasonable prices that fit a large segment, as well as services and different spaces of residential units, taking into account the tastes of customers and also to suit the number of each family.

  • As for the prices of the apartments within Sarai Compound, the company has identified as follows:

  • Prices start from LE 1,464,000, where the price per meter in Sarai starts at LE 10,000.

  • The price of this meter is valid for all the different and diverse residential units that the company has established within the compound, when the owner of the project put up apartments for sale in Sarai Compound considered that the payment systems are easy, so that it suits many customers who are fond of sophistication, tranquility, and excellence.

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Sarai New Cairo


  • Sarai El Mostakbal City is one of the most important residential projects recently established by Madinet Nasr.

  • It has a space of ​​about 1300 acres, which is not a small area at all, it was also founded by select elite of engineers and the most skilled, who have great experience in this field, and they have excelled in the design of buildings inspired by European architectural styles, but at the same time preserve the eastern character.

  • The company has also taken care to ensure that Sarai Suez Road project is completely quiet, to keep the residents comfortable, and to ensure that no noise.

  • As well as the spread of green spaces at the bottom of the compound, the landscape and industrial lakes, which gives a wonderful view of the entire place.

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Location of Sarai Compound


  • When you see apartments for sale in Sarai Compound, it is best to speed up booking your apartment before the opportunity is over, due to its unique location that combines vitality and sophistication, excellence and luxury, as well as its proximity to many important signs, where the company took ownership of the company at the inception of the project of Sarai New Cairo pick a very special location, where the compound is located inside in the heart of El Mostakbal city in the most beautiful cities and the most upscale is the New Cairo 5th settlement.

  • Which has become a modern path for a large number of customers with prestigious places, where they took from their home, because it is characterized by calm, rich and luxurious, and away from congestion and roads overcrowded.

  • The site is only about a quarter of an hour away from the ring road, making it easy to save time and effort, it is also close to the most important sites of the New Administrative Capital, which is about 5 minutes away, it is also very close to the American University, which is about 10 minutes away.

  • The company has been able to choose a good location for the project, which combines the proximity of all vital axis, in order to facilitate on the residents to exit and enter it without taking into account the traffic congestion and car crashes.

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Services and spaces

Sarai Compound can be considered an integrated residential compound. If we want to talk about the problems of Sarai Compound, there is nothing to be described, so when the company offers apartments for sale in Sarai Compound knowing that you are the winner, this project has many features and services, which vary from the basic that no one can dispense with, and the recreation that the residents may not need to get out of.

Units of project Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai compound
New Cairo
Sarai project New Cairo
New Cairo

Units For Sale With A Space Starts From 127 To 133 M² In Sarai

1,938,309 EGP

  • apartment
  • 2
  • 2
  • 127 m2
New Cairo
Sarai compound New Cairo
New Cairo

Villa In Sarai New Cairo With A Space Of 260 M²

3,961,959 EGP

  • villa
  • 4
  • 3
  • 260 m2
New Cairo
Sarai New Cairo
New Cairo
Residential units in Sarai
New Cairo
Sarai New Cairo
New Cairo

Apartments With Garden In Sarai With A Space Of 120 To 123 M²

1,720,863 EGP

  • apartment
  • 2
  • 2
  • 120 m2
New Cairo


Sarai mostakbal city

  • One of the most important features of Sarai compound is the countless services, which are as follows:

  • There is a very large mall in the heart of Sarai Compound containing many shops where you can get the most famous international brands.

  •  In addition to a private hospital with state-of-the-art technical equipment that works for the comfort of patients throughout the day, providing all the food commodities that each individual needs, within a very large hypermarket.

  • It was added that there are many international schools and universities equipped with all modern educational means.

  • When you offered an apartment in Sarai Compound and owning a unit, you will probably enjoy the service centers scattered throughout the compound.

  • Smart home service is also available in line with the technological age we live in.

  • In order to be able to control all the home appliances when you are outside, using computers.

  • There are also many places of worship and mosques, which are equipped with the highest designs and furnishings.

  •  In addition to the presence of a large number of banks that facilitate the customer financial transactions without the need to get outside.

  •  There are also many famous international hotels that are well equipped to satisfy all the visitors of the compound.

  •  There are a large number of health clubs that contain a large number of sports equipment.

  •  In addition to the presence of a large number of sports playgrounds, in order to enable customers to exercise their hoppies.

  •  Many parks are also available for children.

  •  In addition to the allocation of a specific place to establish the best restaurants and the best cafés.

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  • when viewing apartments for sale in Sarai Compound, this does not mean that the apartment contains only apartments; it also includes stand-alone villas, townhouses as well as duplex apartments.

  • These units range from 122 square meters to suit the whole family, in addition to the presence of areas of up to 295 square meters, where the project was established as a whole on an area of ​​1300 acres only 18% of the area was allocated for residential construction, while about 50,000 m² were allocated to industrial lakes.

  • Most of the green spaces and water bodies were allocated for the greatest visual pleasure, in addition to the presence of special cabins and terraces for many houses, an area of ​​2600 square meters was allocated.

  • Pure water with a beautiful turquoise color that sparkles and resembles bright crystal beads, so when you get an apartment for sale in Sarai Compound, feel free to buy your apartment.

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Ownership and previous business

  • Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, which has established in 1959 and has a long history in this field.

  • The first of its projects was the establishment of a residential project on a small area of ​​only 45 square meters, and then managed to expand to the number of employees to 450 engineers and designer, and was able to establish several projects on vast areas.

  • Sarai is one of the largest residential projects the company has established in four phases. It has completed two phases and delivered them to customers, and it is worth mentioning that it has exceeded success beyond expectations and it is now on its way to completion of the third phase.

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It is better to have the opportunity to own your unit in order to enjoy the comfort and quiet, as well as the multifaceted services and lifestyle of luxury, full of modern technological services and a source of luxury.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club