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Katameya Gate Compound is one of the modern real estate projects in Katameya Gate Compound, one of the successful residential projects of Memmar Al-MorshedyThe compound is characterized by wonderful engineering designs for all residential units within it. The compound has been designed by the International company  Van Carter, which adds to the compound a touch of sophistication and beauty at the same time, also includes a residential community inside a wide range of entertainment and basic services, which are sought by everyone and Click Here Egypt Real Estate for More.

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Where is Kattameya Gate Compound located?

Mimar Al Morshedy Company has chosen the location of Katameya Gate compound very carefully it is located in the heart of the city of Katameya, It is close to several vital areas within the area where the compound is very close to the Ain Sokhna road, and the compound is located in front of One Kattameya project, which is the most important projects of Memmar Al-Morshedy architecture in the region, and the compound is only 5 minutes away from downtown Maadi project. The compound is also located close to 50th Street, the link between Ain Sokhna and Zahraa Maadi.

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Features and Services Of Kattameya Gate Memmar Al Morshedy

  • The compound is designed on a large space of 10 acres where the company has allocated 60% of the total space for green spaces and allocated only 40% for residential units so that customers can enjoy a quiet life.
  • All the entrances in the compound have been designed and exquisitely designed and the entrances are provided with large areas for the reception of guests.
  • Completely safe garages for residents to prevent congestion within the compound.
  • The swimming pools within the compound are designed to suit all ages.
  • Many artificial lakes with great shapes and designs.
  • A health club with modern appliances.
  • Green spaces that permeate buildings and residential units to provide a distinctive view.
  • A large recreational area dedicated to young children.
  • Large areas are designed for running and plenty of outdoor sports.
  • A large space dedicated to restaurants and cafes.
  • A large shopping mall with lots of shops offering the best brands.
  • Surveillance cameras in addition to security and guarding throughout the day to provide security and complete security for customers.

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Price Per Meter And Units at Katameya Gate Project

Memmar Al-Morshedy has been able to provide different areas for residential units in addition to many facilities for customers to pay the value of the housing unit as follows:

  • Prices per meter for residential units within the compound starts from 7800 LE up to 8500 LE.
  • Prices for residential units in the compound generally start from 320 thousand LE.
  • The company facilitated a lot of things for citizens to pay the value of the unit, which is to pay 5% of the value of the unit as a down payment and the remaining value will be paid over 3 years.
  • Units will be delivered to customers after 3 years of contract writing.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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