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What Are The Features Of Life Within The Pearl Compound?


The Pearl New Mansoura 

  • New Mansoura City is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, which is characterized by a small population and is one of the fourth generation cities that the state is interested in and keen to build, and one of the most prominent features of New Mansoura City is that it is suitable to be a residential place providing all facilities and a coastal vacation place and this is what exploited by the developing company.
  • The Pearl Compound is one of the first compounds in Egypt, which has the advantage of being a luxury residential complex and a special resort that can only be found anywhere else with great difficulty.
  • The executing company is one of the largest companies and the great design of the complex will be under the supervision of one of the huge specialized offices in engineering design, DMA, i.e. The Pearl is a gift to every citizen who wants to live a life of luxury and for Details Click Egypt Real Estate .

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A Brief About Space And Location of The Pearl Compound

  • The Pearl Compound will have an area of 60 acres, 22.5% of the total area of the project will be for buildings and 77.5% for corridors, green spaces, swimming pools and other important facilities and services for residents.
  • The Compound will look directly over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The price per meter will start from 10,100 up to 14,500 EGP and these prices are not only per meter but will include prices of your clubs and children, and will include your use of the parking in the compound.
  • The units will vary in space to suit all social classes, from small apartments to large-sized villas.
  • The compound is located in front of the sea corniche and the beach is 520 meters long and its width will be 60 meters.
  • The company was keen to choose a unique location for the compound and has already chosen it suitable for university students, the compound is close to Nahda University.
  • The compound will be surrounded by several main streets for easy access and exit without any difficulty.

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The Developing Company of The Pearl Project

  • The owner company of The Pearl project is Safwa Urban Development.
  • This company has been launched in 1996, the company is now one of the largest companies in the Republic.
  • The company not only specialized in the construction of compounds and resorts but extended its activity to shopping malls and schools, as one of its most prominent commercial projects is High City Mall, Capital Hub, and Sunset Mall.
  • Its most significant residential projects include Safwa Elegance Tower, and its most important educational projects were Safwa International School.

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What Are The Amenities of The Pearl SUD?

  • The Pearl Compound is suitable to be a residential compound and a tourist resort due to its privileged location, i.e. the compound will not be seasonal but will always be open to its customers at all times.
  • The first and largest mall in the entire New Mansoura will be built.
  • The compound will be equipped with all recreational, aqua and sports clubs for games for adults and kids.
  • A 5-star hotel will be built to welcome visitors.
  • There will be a fitness center with a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • The compound villas will reach 150 villas and will be equipped with their own green garden, knowing that the area of each villa will range from 325 square meters up to 400 square meters, and the area of the private garden will range from 200 square meters up to 250 square meters.
  • The compound will have residential buildings with 5 floors and on each floor 4 apartments, while the size of the apartments will be between 115 square meters up to 175 square meters.

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