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Details About Major 10 Features And Defects In Madinaty Compound


It is said that Madinaty is a city with international specifications and designs on Egyptian soil, as it has a unique features and it is worth mentioning that a number of international companies have worked on its design until it came out to us in this superstitious form and these companies are American and have a great experience in design and especially the design of new cities: HHCP, Sasaki, Swa, Madinaty has so many facilities that the guest who lives inside feels like inside a whole integrated country in terms of the availability of places for education, hospitals, and clubs as well as government and private services and for more Click Egypt Real Estate.

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Most Important Information About Madinaty

  • Madinaty was established in 2006, located in eastern Cairo and a few minutes from Al Shorouk.
  • The total area of Madinaty is 33.6 million square meters or about 8,000 acres and this huge area has provided the opportunity to build many residential complexes within them, so these complexes occupy 27.3 million square meters of the total area of the city.
  • As for its transportation, it includes 22 bus lines that transport the city's residents to any place they want to go outside the borders of Madinaty and the bus comes twice at hour with due respect to the dates, while internal transportation includes 9 bus lines that transport the population to all inner parts of Madinaty.

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What Are The Major Features Of Madinaty?

  • Madinaty is a developed and civilized place full of services and features as it contains a number of malls with a lot of international shopping centers which includes an infinite number of international brands and on top of these malls is Arabesque Mall, which includes several services including telecommunications service and luxury cafes, Inside the mall, there is a parking that can contain 400 cars inside.
  • South Park is a popular area within Madinaty with international restaurants and a school building, as well as a number of bakeries, a pharmacy and a men's hair salon.
  • It has a large area of gardens, mainly central park, which has a recreational park inside.
  • Madinaty has a power plant due to any malfunctions that will suddenly cut off electricity.
  • It has a large number of efficient banks, and also a number of international schools.
  • The sports club occupies a very large part of the total area of Madinaty and has a large number of sports activities such as football- hand-tennis-swimming and other individual sports.
  • It has a large number of hotels and resorts that will give you positive energy, fun and special weekends.

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Who Is The Developer Of Madinaty Project?

  • Talaat Moustafa Group is the responsible company and developer of Madinaty project including buildings, hotels and tourist resorts where Madinaty project is one of the largest architectural and residential projects throughout the Republic, the president of the company is Hisham Talaat Moustafa, one of the largest and most important people working in the economy and architectural investment in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • The company has carried out many large projects that have gained international fame, the most important of which is the project of Al Rehab City in New Cairo, El Rabwa project in Sheikh Zayed area, and the North Coast where it established Virginia Beach project.

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The Defects Of Madinaty Talaat Moustafa

  • Madinaty is a project that has not lacked anything in terms of facilities, services and all personal needs of the individual, it is a global life with an Egyptian flavor placed in your hands and you have to take the opportunity to live a global human life, so the project is free of defects.

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