Details about the developer of Sodic Westown

Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed
Published at 2019-09-25

SODIC is the real estate developer of Sodic West and is one of the most prominent real estate developers that have emerged in Egypt since the mid-1990s, with many successes in Egypt and the Arab world in general.

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The establishment of Sodic Sheikh Zayed

  • SODIC was established in the mid-nineties in Giza on May 25, 1996. Although a large number of real estate development and investment companies were established during this period, SODIC succeeded in emerging as a first-tier real estate development company.
  • Since its inception, it has been able to achieve a large spread of various real estate and tourism projects carried out not only in Egypt but its projects spread out of Egypt and reached Syria and even the number of branches of SODIC to 27 companies spread in Egypt and Syria.

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Why is SODIC special?

  • Due to its huge urban and cultural projects of a modern nature on the ground, it occupies a distinguished and prestigious real estate position among clients, especially those looking for sophistication and modernity, It is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and is considered one of the most recognized companies in the field of real estate and urban development.
  • SODIC has become one of the companies that occupy an important position in the ranks of real estate development companies because they rely on experts of the highest level of professionalism and specialization in planning, design, implementation, construction and even marketing and sales, and this was evident in all the company's housing, commercial and administrative units meet all needs and purposes.

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Vision and strategy of SODIC 

SODIC, through its large-scale urban and civilization projects throughout Cairo and Giza, aims to contribute to new urban housing complexes of a modern and distinctive character on Egyptian land in a global style, mostly Italian and French. By working on a distinctive strategy, the company is trying to meet the wishes and aspirations of different customers to move and develop from the lifestyle prevailing in the heart of the capital.

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The Previous works of SODIC

SODIC has been able to set a precedent full of many urban projects that have spread throughout Greater Cairo throughout its history and since its inception from the nineties of the last century until now.

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You can read about the largest and most important projects of SODIC's previous work as follows:

  1. Westown October
  2. The Polygon
  3. Auto Ville Project
  4. Villette - Sodic New Cairo
  5. ALGERIA Project
  6. Forty West Project
  7. Katameya Plaza
  8. SODIC East
  9. Eastown - Sodic

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