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Sodic Developments
Published at 2019-11-03

SODIC is a leading real estate development company in Egyptian market with long standing experience of 20 years of constant uniqueness & success as the headquarter lies in Cairo and it's enlisted in Egyptian stock market.

SODIC owns a history of achievements & awards as an appreciation to mega projects presented by the company in recent times as these projects are featured with luxury & decency in addition to providing all main life factors and luxury life at the same time.

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An Overview Of Sodic Developments

  • SODIC is one of the mega companies ranked as one of the leading companies in the real estate development in Egypt as the company has long standing experience of almost 20 years of success and mega achievements as the company seeks to respond to market requirements of residential, commercial and administrative projects and more of multi-purpose real estate projects as all projects are featured with the decency and all offered luxuries that aim, as a priority, fulfill client's comfort so the company executed a variety of unique projects.
  • SODIC didn't only go for investment projects, but also supported different social initiatives believing that the company's goals mush go beyond administrative & materialistic success as well as leave such great influence upon society as the company participated through financial donations & funding solutions  for social initiatives and even participated in the interacting actions and long-term developmental activities.

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Most Important Projects of SODIC in New Cairo

Sodic Eastown  Compound

كمبوند سوديك ايست تاون

Eastown is one of the mega projects covering 860 m² in New Cairo as the project is featured with the strategic location close to AUC and main roads leading to lively location in Cairo.

East Town contains a unique variety of residential units, shops & administrative offices in addition to the variety of spaces, services & entertaining places. The compound is also surrounded by a wall for more safety.

Sodic Eastown Location

The compound is located in the center of New Heliopolis, New Cairo and also overlooking Ismailia-Suez Road close to Regional Ring Road & main Teseen Street.

Eastown Project Services

The latest landscape, a sports club covering 42 acres, 24/7 security & guarding a commercial area, international schools, specialized medical centers, parties areas, gym & spa, a clubhouse and swimming pools.

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Units Offered in The Compound

The project offers a variety of residential units among standalone villas, twin houses, and town houses.

Prices & Payment Systems

The average meter price starts from 13.000 EGP and the payment options are as follows:

  • A down payment of 10% of the unit total value and the rest of via installment over 3 years.
  • The payment of 5% of the unit total value over 3 years and the rest via installment over 7 years.

The compound is considered the first residential projects in New Cairo as it's an attractive residential complex overlooking green streets and offering a variety of entertainment & main services. The project also has a high rank for offering everything you are searching for modern living features as well as modern designs besides the close location to lively locations and the fact that it's easily reachable.

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Katameya Plaza Compound

حمامات سباحة بكمبوند قطامية بلازا

Katameya Plaza is one of the unique projects with charming designs as the project is designed by ArchGroup Consultants as it's the same company designing Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai.

Katameya Plaza Location

The project lies in charming strategic location in Kattameya New Cairo close to 5th Settlement and it is also located clsoe to Teseen Street and only 15 minutes away from Future University, AUC & East Town Compound.

Advantages & Features Of The Project

Swimming pools, entertaining areas for kids & adults, security & guarding, parties areas, barbeque areas, cafes & restaurants, green spaces, a mall, lagoons, clinics, private garages.

Prices Offered By Katameya Plaza & Units Types

The compound offers 474 units to be delivered as fully finished or semi-finished which is determined as the client wishes and spaces vary between 150 m² up to 300 m² and prices start from 1.705.000 EGP so the average meter price for semi-finished units from 11.000 EGP.

Villette Sodic

تصميم رائع في  كمبوند فيليت التجمع الخامس

Villette is one of the unique projects executed by SODIC covering a mega space of 300 acres as project designs are modern and unique with the title of Sky Condos, one of the modern styles which is typically open fronts decorated with glass & plants.

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Most Important Services & Features in Villette Compound

Green spaces, sports playgrounds, security & guarding, gym & spa, cafes & restaurants, a commercial area, kids areas, social clubs, parties areas, modern designs, clinics, malls, areas for walking, running and cycling.

Available Spaces In Villette 5th Settlement

The project offers a variety of residential units as follows:

  • Twin houses space starts from 257 m² up to 314 m²
  • Town houses space starts from 260 m²up to 307 m²
  • Standalone villas space start from 750 m²

The Average Prices In Villette Sodic

  • Twin houses price starts from 4.250.000 EGP up to 5.400.000 EGP
  • Town houses price starts from 4.500.000 EGP up to 5.000.000 EGP
  • Standalone villas price starts from 13.678.750 EGP

The project payment options are as follows:

  • Down payment of 10% as a first payment and the rest over 4.5 years.
  • Down payment of 15% as a first payment and the rest over 5 years.
  • Down payment of 5% as a first payment and the rest over 5.5 years.
  • Down payment of 5% as a first payment and the rest over 6 years.
  • Down payment of 10% as a first payment and the rest over 6 years.

October Plaza Project

مميزات كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا

October Plaza Project is one of the super luxurious unique residential projects in 6th October as the residential units are uniquely designed besides the wonderful view of greens spaces & water bodies. The first phase offers a variety of apartments in the project to vary between apartments, penthouse & standalone apartments.

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The Location Of October Plaza Compound

The project is best featured with the strategic location as it lies in the center of the Northern Expansion Area in the back of Mall Of Arabia & Shooting Club in 6th October City.

As for the way taken to get to the compound, it can be through 8th Settlement in 6th October or via Dahshur Road besides the fact that the project is located close to Porto October & West Town Hub.

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Most Important Features & Services By October Plaza by Sodic

Clubs, cafes & restaurants, banks, a company to run the compound services, a gym, 24/7 security & guarding, international schools, kids areas, a garage for residents, areas for walking & running, green spaces, a variety of swimming pools, areas for running & walking, green spaces, various swimming pools, barbeque areas, parties areas, gym & spa and clinics.

Residential Units Spaces

  • The project offers a variety of spaces among ground apartments with a garden, duplex apartments, and penthouses with spaces start from 140 m² up to 320 m²
  • You can go through a down payment of 10% of the unit total value and the rest through installment over 7 years.

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Beverly Hills Project

كمبوند بيفرلي هيلز الشيخ زايد

Beverly Hills is one of the most luxurious and decent compounds in Sheikh Zayed. This district is really featured with calmness, comfort and strategic location close to Alexandria Desert Road which makes it super easy to get to the compound through axis like Mehwar 26th July & Dahshur Road and more.

Most Important Services Provided By Beverly Hills From Sodic

Green spaces, international designs, various spaces, a strategic location, swimming pools, lagoons, security & guarding, clinics, areas for kids, various clubs & 7 sports playgrounds, gym  spa and a commercial area.

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Most Important Projects of SODIC In North Coast

Caesar North Coast

شاليهات بمنتجع سيزر الساحل الشمالي

Caesar North Coast is one of the mega projects executed by SODIC s it's considered a unique tourist resort providing you with everything you are searching for of amenities & luxuries besides the modern designs that fit all tastes.

Caesar Village Location

The project lies in K.82 on Alexandria-Marsa Matruh Road in North Coast and it's only 1 hour away from Alexandria while it's only 3 hours away from Cairo. The project is also close to Borg El Arab International Airport, Ras El Hikma, one of the most beautiful spots in the North Coast.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By Caesar Resort

Swimming pools, sports clubs of various spaces, spa, sauna, massage  & steam room, cafes & restaurants, aqua park, various chalets, kids areas, parties areas.

Residential Units & Payment Systems

The project offers a variety of chalets and other residential units between town houses & standalone villas overlooking the sea with spaces starting from 115 m² up to 430 m².

You can go through a down payment of 10% as a booking down payment and the rest of the amount to be paid through quarterly payments of installment over 54 months.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park