Most Important Compounds & Projects By Remco Tourism Villages Construction

Remco Tourism Villages Construction
Published at 2019-11-03

REMCO Group is one of the mega real estate companies that recently managed to  execute many unique projects in Greater Cairo, North Coast & Red Sea besides the variety of mega projects like roads projects as well as desalination stations & water treatment plants as all company's projects are featured with accuracy & high quality in addition to decent designs and for more Click Egypt Real Estate.

An Overview Of REMCO Construction company

REMCO Egypt Group was founded for tourist villages in 1995 as a leading company in REMCO Group as the company's stock went on circulation in Egyptian stock market in 1998 with a current capital of EGP

The company owns the bigger portion in the following companies:

  • Egyptian Tourism Village Construction (ECTV)
  • Orient Tours Hotels and Tourism Villages (OTHV)
  • Tourism International Company (TIC)
  • Remco Real Estate Construction (RREC)
  • Pharonia Trading & Contracting Company (PTC)
  • Empain Tourism Investments Company (ETIC)
  • Scandinavian Tourism Development & Investment Company (STDIC)
  • Remco Restaurant Management Company (RRM)


Stella Di Mare Ain Soukhna Resort

خدمات ستيلا دي ماري العين السخنة

Stella Di Mare Ain Sokhna is one of the wonderful tourist villages executed by REMCO Group as the village covers a mega space of 2.000.000 EGP and it's determined to include closed islands besides bridges & lagoons as well as the super unique design.

Stella Di Mare Location

The village lies in K.46 on Suez- Hurghada Road in Ain Sokhna and its unique strategic location which is only 120 km away from Cairo.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By The Project

International Hotels, international health club, integrated mall, clubhouse, various sports playgrounds, aqua park, wonderful sand beach, swimming pools all over the compound, green spaces over vast spaces, security & guarding, various cafes & restaurants.

Residential Units Types & Offered Spaces

The resort offers two types of units which are chalets & villas as chalets space starts from 97 m² and they are varied as there are ground floor chalets with a private garden, first-floor chalets, second or third floor with a roof.

Villas space starts from 130 m² up to 600 m² as there are 3 plans for ground floor units with a garden, an upper floor with a roof, a private garden or a garden with a roof.

Prices Offered By Stella Di Mare Resort

The chalets average meter price starts from 8.000 EGP as the unit average prices are up to 1.000.000 EGP while villas prices start from 3.000.000 EGP up to 9.000.000 EGP

Stella Di Mare Sea View

شاليهات بمنتجع ستيلا دي ماري سي فيو

Stella Di Mare Sea View is one of the super unique projects on Suez-Hurghada Road as one of the projects executed by REMCO Group and covers a mega space of 450.000 m² as the project design is in a form of terraces so that you enjoy the full Red Sea view.

The Location Of Stella Di Mare Sea View Project

The project is uniquely located in K.100 Suez-Hurghada Road before Zafarana as the project is only 1 hour away from Cairo besides the close location to New Capital which makes it an easy destination.

Most Important Services & Advantages Offered By The Project

International hotels, crystal lagoons, sports playgrounds, a mall covering a vast space, various swimming pools, private garages, international cafes & restaurants, 24/7 security & guarding, kids areas & green spaces.

Residential Units & Spaces

The project offers 4 phases consist of 2100 chalets & villas as spaces vary between 50 m² up to 135 m²

Stella Di Mare Marina

حمام سباحة بقرية ستيلا دي ماري مارينا

Stella Di Marina is an excellent choice for calm, charm, beauty & relaxation seekers as the village is magically designed besides the strategic location on a hill overlooking the terranean which provides you with a wonderful view for more relaxation.

The Location Of Stella Di Marina Resort

As expected from REMCO, the project location is perfectly selected to be above a hill overlooking the Mediterranean in Marina close to North Coast on Alamein Road as the project is only 100 km away from West Alexandria.

Most Important Services & Advantages Offered By Stella Di Marina Project

Vast commercial spaces, 5-star hotel, sports playgrounds, swimming pools for everyone, commercial units, international cafes & restaurants, security & guarding, international health club, water treatment plants & desalination stations, lagoons & fountains, green spaces all over the project.

Residential Units & Spaces In The Project

The project offers 49 residential blocks consisting of 980 chalets as the chalet space is 110 m² and the village also offers a 150 room 5-star hotel.

Stella Di Mare Makadi Bay The Beach

وحدات سكنية بقرية ستيلا دي ماري مكادي

Stella Di Mare Makadi Gulf is one of the largest hotels executed by REMCO Group as the hotel lies in Makadi Gulf which is well-known for its wonderful coral reef in the Red Sea and the project covers a mega space of 220.000 m².

Stella Di Mare Makadi Location

Makadi Gulf lies 600 km² away from Cairo which is in Southern Hurghada on Red Sea Coast.

Most Important Services & Features By the Village

5-star hotel consisting of 607 rooms, 320 chalets, commercial area, shops & restaurants, diving center, health resort, sports playgrounds, swimming pools, security & guarding, lagoons, central park & green spaces.

And of the most important projects executed by REMCO Group

Stella Di Mare Makadi Bay "The Gardens"

مميزات منتجع ستيلا دي ماري جنائن خليج مكادي

This project is the final step taken in the first phase of Stella Di Mare Makadi Gulf as the project covers 224.000 m² in a strategic location overlooking Makadi Gulf, featured with the amazing coral reef.

Most Important Services Offered By The Project

723 room 5-star hotel, various chalets, malls, cafes & restaurants, swimming pools, lagoons, 24/7 security & guarding and green spaces.

Stella Sidi Abd El Rahman-1

قرية ستيلا سيدى عبد الرحمن "1"

One of the unique projects in North Coast Road in a strategic charming location close to Marsa Matruh & Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and also close to Alamein New City.

70% of residential units are ready and 20% of the units are delivered to clients.

Stella Sidi Abd El Rahman - 2

قرية ستيلا سيدى عبد الرحمن "2"

Location & Description

The project is located on the sea bank in an opposite location to Sidi Abd El Rahman 1 covering 78.000 m²

The project offers a 4-star hotel consisting of  178 rooms, 90 villas & chalets with spaces from 110 m² up to 220 m²  on an artificial hill among green natural views & swimming pools as residents can enjoy amenities offered by the first phase.

Stella Di Mare Heights Alamein

منتجع ستيلا هايتس – العلمين

Stella Heights Alamein lies in a unique location which is 150 km² away from West Alexandria as this project is best featured with the linking between Alexandria Sea & Marsa Matruh Sea as the project is located between both, Alexandria & Marsa Matrouh.

The project offers 4-star hotel consisting of 800 rooms, 640 villas with spaces from 220 m² up tp 500 m², 1100 chalets with spaces of 120 m², entertaining & commercial mall covering 12.000 EGP besides swimming pools and integrated services covering 750.000 m²

Stella Di Mare Safwa Towers

The project is 3 towers in Nasr City area as each tower contains 11 floors and 126 apartments besides a shop and underground garage.

Stella Di Mare New Cairo

شقق بكمبوند ستيلا دى مارى – نيو كايرو

Location & Description

The project lies in K.35 on Cairo-Suez Road which is in New Cairo City covering 3 acres (126.000 m²)

The project consists of 73 villa with spaces from 250 m² up to 1500 m² besides a commercial center covering 9.000 m² which contains commercial & service units as well as REMCO Group offices and 5-star restaurant.

Stella Di Mare Heliopolis

مساحات خضراء بكمبوند ستيلا مصر الجديدة

The Project is located in K.42 on Cairo-Ismailia Road and consists of 1528 villas covering a total of 1.100.000 m² as villas space starts from 170 m² up to 300 m² besides kindergartens, schools, parks, desalination station, sewage treatment plants, hospital, commercial  &entertaining areas.

Stella Di Mare Baron

وحدات سكنية بكمبوند ستيلا البارون

Location & Description

The project lies in the center of Masr Al Jadidah (Korba) covering a total space of 2.100 m² which contains 2 levels underground garage and a ground floor containing 900 m² of commercial spaces & 7 residential floors as each floor contains 7 apartments with spaces starting from 190 m²  up to 240 m²

All units are sold as semi-finished

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel Sharm El Sheikhمميزات فندق ستيلا الشاطىء - شرم الشيخ

Location & Description

The hotel lies in the head of Naama Gulf in Sharm El Sheikh and consists of 298 5 star rooms including 26 suite, embassador suite, diving center, wonderful natural views, various swimming pools, 3 restaurants, integrated health resort.

This project is owned by Scandinavian Investments & Tourism Development and run by REMCO Group

Stella De Mare Sharm Park & Mall

مشروع بارك ستيلا الترفيهي والمول

The project lies in Al Salam Road in Sharm el Shiekh covering 100.000 m² and contains entertaining games surrounded by gardens & entertaining commercial center as it will be one of tourist attraction sites in Sharm Sheikh upon project completion and the project is owned by Empain Investment

Stella Di Mare Dahab Coast Hotel

The hotel consists of 250  5 star rooms and offers diving & surfing services thanks to the unique location overlooking the beach and the project also contains equestrian club & restaurants as the project is owned by Scandinavian Investments & Tourism Development

Stella Di Mare Dahab Divers Oasis

The project lies on Dahab City Coast and close to Blue Hole as this mini-hotel is designed to serve divers and consists of only 48 rooms & 4 suites covering 8.000 m²



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park