All information about The Developer Of Kai Sokhna Resort

حمامات سباحة في منتجع كاي العين السخنة
Published at 2019-12-27

The Developer of Kai Sokhna Resort is Misr Italia the well-known company and its giant projects that created a boom in the real estate market are witnesses.

Misr Italia is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment and development, where it was characterized by the diversity of its projects among residential and urban projects, villages and tourist resorts and its projects extended in the capital and beyond to reach the North Coast where Kai Sokhna resort and other projects like no other.

The Establishment Of Misr Italia, The Developer Of Kai Resort

  • Misr Italia the leading real estate and tourism development company was established in 1998 and succeeded in proving its worth in a record period.
  • In a very short time, the company became the first choice for all its customers and became trusted by all with its outstanding projects, and contributed to the prosperity and development of real estate and tourism investment in Egypt.
  • The company employs professional personnel in the field of real estate to work on the establishment and development of its projects, where it uses highly experienced people in the fields of design, space selection, and decoration.
  • In a short time, the company has successfully offered a large number of luxurious projects in Cairo, the North Coast, and other regions.
  • All of its projects are characterized by high quality, unique design and competitive prices, and payment facilities to suit the different needs and budgets of customers.
  • These projects are characterized by the integration of services such as Kai Sokhna Resort, which is characterized by the integration of its services of health, entertainment, and residential services at the highest level, as well as the diversity of the spaces of residential units in it to suit all needs.

What are the reasons that made Kai one of the most important resort in Ain Sokhna?

The Previous Projects Of Misr Italia

Misr Italia has contributed to the development of many major projects such as:

  • Kai Sokhna Resort.
  • The Italian Neighbourhood in 6 October.
  • IL Bosco New Capital.
  • Mousa Coast Ras Sedr.
  • Business Park Project.
  • Vinci Administrative Capital.

Misr Italia is using the world's largest and most well-known urban planning companies to complete its mega projects, such as callisonrtkl, one of the world's largest companies in urban planning and engineering design, to develop Kai Sokhna resort, which has been established at the highest level.

IL Bosco New Administrative Capital is one of the most important and prominent projects of Egypt Italia and is also characterized by the integration of its services such as:

  • Clubs and sports and recreational games.
  • Luxurious shopping center.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Variety of the residential units and its spaces.

As the residential units vary among apartments, villas, twin houses, penthouses with different and various spaces to suit all society classes.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa