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What are the Most Important Projects & Compounds of City Edge?


City Edge Developments is one of the largest real estate companies recently launched that executed many mega residential projects as the company is featured with luxurious designs & wonderful construction along with all modern life factors through much efforts exerted for wonderful green spaces along with swimming pools & water bodies and more of amenities & integrated services which makes those projects impress many clients and for Details Click Egypt Real Estate.

City Edge Projects

A number of important constructional sections received massive participation from City Edge in order to execute its unique projects as Dr. Moustafa Madbouli, the current prime minister, mainly relied on the company in a variety of works & important real estate projects.

Of the prominent projects executed by City Edge through which the company applied its architectural style & accurate design we have

Al Maqsad Compound

تاون هاوس بكمبوند المقصد العاصمة الجديدة

Al Maqsad Compound is one of the mega projects executed in New Capital close to main roads & axis which makes it super easy to leave or get to the compound besides the offered services and luxuries in the project.

Al Maqsad Location

Al Maqsad project is located in 3rd Settlement close to Central Business Center and also close to European & Canadian University in addition to the close location to Mohammed Ben Zayed Southern Axis, the most important New Capital axis.

The compound is located close to Green River, Diplomatic District, New Capital Airport and Regional Ring Ring Road linking between Suez Road & Ain Sokhna Road.

Most Important Services Offered By Al Maqsad New Capital

Various green spaces, modern designs, 24/7 security, international parks, a mosque, an international health club, gym & spa, a clubhouse for members, an integrated commercial area, entertaining areas for kids, garages below residential units, swimming pools, sports club & various sports playgrounds.

Residential Units Types & Spaces

The project offers a variety of residential units among standalone villas, twin houses & town houses with the following spaces:

  • Standalone villas space starts from 357 m² up to 407 m²
  • Twin houses space starts from 413 m² up to 426 m²
  • Town houses space starts from 357 m² up to 407 m²

Prices & Payment Systems In Al Maqsad New Capital

The compound offers a variety of prices as follows:

  • Town houses prices start from 5.800.000 EGP
  • Twin houses prices start from 6.600.000 EGP
  • Standalone villas prices start from 7.100.000 EGP

As the real estate developer has developed a variety of payment systems through installments over up to 5 years.

The Gate Towers New Alameinأبراج ذا جيت العلمين الجديدة

The Gate Towers is a modern architectural icon bringing both luxury & development together as well as charm & beauty in a magical strategic location close to Al Hkma gulf beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world besides those amazing challenges.

The Gate Towers Location

The Gate Towers area lies in the charming coastal area, New Alamein, in a middle location between sea & the grand Alamein lake besides the view of tourist walkway of 14 km and as for close locations, they are as follows:

  • 261 km away from Cairo.
  • 107 km away from Alexandria.
  • 184 km away from charming Marsa Matruh.
  • 54 km away from International Alamein Airport & 89 km away from Borg El Arab International Airport.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By The Gate Towers From City Edge

7-star hotel, various anti-bacterial swimming pools, international cafes & restaurants, a mall, a multi-floors garage, central air-conditioning, power generators, international gym & spa, super-speed internet, ventilation & international security system.

The Gate Towers Apartments Spaces

The project offers 669 various units with spaces starting from 121 m² up to 387 m² and apartments start from small studio apartments up to 4 room apartments.

Prices & Payment Systems

The project offers a variety of prices as apartments start from 5.700.000 EGP up to 19.000.000 EGP

while booking down payment varies between 100.000 EGP up to 500.000 EGP and this is for 4 room apartments.

North Edge Towers New Alamein

أبراج نورث ايدج العلمين الجديدة

North Edge Towers Project is one of the most megaprojects executed in the center of North Coast, New Alamein that is designed to be the first million population city on the coast. The towers' designs are so wonderful besides all offered services & all modern life factors for the maximum luxury for residents.

North Edge Towers Alamein Location

The project lies in a super unique location which is 54 km away from Alamein International Airport & 89 km away from Borg El Arab International Airport and it's located close to International Coastal Road. The project is also located close to Alexandria- Marsa Matruh International Road.

Most Important Services & Features

A variety of swimming pools, parking lot, a highly equipped gum with the latest international equipment, a district allocated for hotels, crystal coast along 14 km, A mosque & a church, an international university, international medical center, conferences hall, green spaces, cultural center containing Opera House, mega entertainment park.

Residential Types Offered By The Project

North Towers consist of 15 residential towers of 40 floors as each tower contains 230 residential units and units vary between apartments & chalets with spaces starting from 90 m² up to 351 m²

Payment Options & Prices

The project offers a variety of prices starting from 3.700.000 EGP as  the average meter price of first phase starts from 40.000 EGP for upper floors.

The real estate developer offers a variety of facilitated payment options starting from 10% as a booking down payment and the rest of the unit value is to be paid through installment over 7 years.

Zahya New Mansoura

أبراج بمدينة زاهية المنصورة الجديدة

Zahya City Project is one of the mega real estate projects covering a super vast area as 7100 acres are allocated for 185.000 units as the project is accurately designed with the help of the greatest world engineering companies for unique various designs in the project.

Zahya New Mansoura Location

Towers location is accurately selected to be in the center of Mansoura close to Baltim & Gamasa and the project is also 30 minutes away from Alexandria besides the fact that it's linking between New Mansoura & Old Mansoura as an electronic train separating them both.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By Zahya Towers

The project covers 40% of the project total space which equals a total of 2063 acres as the project offers many services like international roads network, a national university, international hotels, international logistic area, an Olympic village to host sports tournaments, Marina & yacht Marina, international hotels, cinemas, a comprehensive medical area, an industrial area & a tourist Corniche with width of 56 m

Spaces & Residential Units Types

The first phase presents many apartments at towers that consist of 28 floors as spaces vary between 170 m² up to 297 m² while duplex apartments space is up to 347 m²

Prices & Payment Options In The project

Apartments prices vary starting from 3.900.000 EGP up to 7.000.000 EGP while duplex apartments start from 8.300.000 EGP

There is a variety of facilitated payment options as you can pay 10% of the total unit value and the rest is to be paid through installment over up to 5 years.

Baroque Compound

تصميمات رائعة بكمبوند باروك العاصمة الجديدة

Baroque is one of the modern architectural initiatives by City Edge after the great success made through Al Maqsad as this project is featured with the classic design bringing you back to Khedive era that was featured with decent architectural art with a modern touch.

Services & Features Offered By Baroque New Capital

Parking lots, vast green spaces all over the compound, swimming pools for kids & adults, entertaining areas, areas for walking & running, international schools, a mosque & a church, a variety of sports playgrounds, international designs, international commercial area, 24/7 security & guarding, hospitals & clinics, 5 star hotels & areas for parties & barbeque.

Offered Spaces By Baroque City Edge

The project covers a super vast area of 100 acres as the project first phase covers 250 acres and the project offers a variety of residential units as follows:

  • The first type offers apartments starting from 100 m² up to 260 m²
  • The second type offers apartments starting from 130 m² up to 300 m² which is a ground floor and 5 upper floors.

Baroque Apartments Spaces

  • Apartments spaces start from 102 m² up to 107 m² and consist of 1 room.
  • Spaces starting from 117 m² up to 140 m² and consist of two rooms.
  • Spaces starting from 165 m²up to 171 m² and consist of 3 rooms.
  • Spaces starting from 200 m² up to 235 m² and consists of 3 rooms.
  • Spaces starting from 245 m² up to 275 m² and consists of 3 bedrooms.

Prices & Payment Options Offered By The project

The unit price is determined according to the unit space, type & residential floor.

The project also offers a variety of payment options as you can pay a down payment of 5% and after 3 months a 10% of the unit total space is paid and you can pay the rest of the amount through installment over 5, 6, or 7 years as the client wishes.

Etapa Compound

Etapa Project is one of the most important projects executed by City Edge, 5th Settlement as the project covers 77 acres while constructions only occupy not over 15% of the project space as the rest of project space is allocated for services & entertainment.

Etapa Location

The project lies in one of the most decent locations close to Alexandria Desert Road & AUC and the project is a short distance away from Rabwa Compound & Allegria Sodic which is few steps away from Saudi Market Sheikh Zayed.

Most Important Services & Advantages Offered By Etaba city Edge

24/7 guarding & security, a commercial area containing all shops with world brands, green spaces & landscape all over the compound, an international playgrounds area, a garage and a parking lot for residents, kids entertaining areas & international swimming pools.

Residential Units In The Project

The compound offers a variety of residential units between the grand villa, villa, twin house, twin villa & duplex.

Payment systems are via a down payment of 5% of the unit total value and installment over up to 7 years and half a year as the apartment is to be delivered after 3 years of contraction.

Mazarine New Alamein Compound


مميزات كمبوند مزارين العلمين الجديدة

Mazarine New Alamein is one of the most important real estate projects related to City Edge that covers a super vast space of 702 acres while construction percentage occupies only 20% of the project total space and the rest of space is allocated for green spaces & water bodies.

The Location Of Mazarine North Coast

The compound is located in Alamein New City K.107 from Alexandria- Marsa Matruh Road. The compound is also 261 km away from Cairo while it's only 1 hour away from Alexandria besides the close to location to Marsa Matruh as it's 184 km away from the compound and only 30 minutes away from Alamein Airport and 1 hour from Borg El Arab International Airport.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By The Project

A charming strategic location, swimming pools, 5-star hotels, an area for cafes & restaurants, a private beach, 24/7 security & guarding, international lagoons, gym & spa, a health club, a sports club, a mosque, aqua park & a variety of aqua games.

Units Types & Spaces

The project offers a variety of 296 residential units between twin house, villas & chalets as there are buildings consist of 4 floors that consist of a chalet & a penthouse and spaces are as follows:

  • Villas space starts from 359 m² up to 576 m²
  • Duplicate villas space starts from 324 m²
  • A chalet consists of 3 bedrooms and starting from 167 m²
  • A chalet consists of 4 bedrooms and starting from 237 m²

The project also offers a variety of prices determined according to unit space, unit location & unit floor. However, prices are appropriate and reflect the offered services & privileges by the real estate developer besides a variety of payment options.

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