All You Need To Know About Compounds & Projects Executed By Arco Developments

Arco Developments
Published at 2019-11-05

ARCO is one of the Egyptian real estate companies with long-standing experience in the real estate field since founded in 2005 till now, it is considered the largest real estate company in Egypt as it's best feature is seeking uniqueness in all works executed by the company besides the fact that ARCO is always couping with civilized & architectural development

The company executed about 500 projects and was in charge of the most important & recent Egyptian projects n a variety of new cities due to clients' trust in ARCO as it's featured with accurate execution & commitment and for Details Click Egypt Real Estate.

La Fontaine New Cairo

Villas in La Fontaine 5th Settlement

La Fontaine is one of the most important projects executed by ARCO as it's a unique luxurious compound located in the center of 5th Settlement, New Cairo. The project buildings are designed according to the latest styles.

As the compound offers you a residential unit overlooking green spaces away from clutter, overcrowdedness & pollution as ARCO allocated a certain mega-budget for it that reached up to 2.000.000 EGP

La Fontaine New Cairo Location

The project is located in the center of the luxurious 5th Settlement, specifically in the Golden Square area in the back of Cairo Sporting Club. The project location is best featured with being close to lively locations as it's only 5 minutes away from AUC while it's 15 minutes away from New Cairo & Nasr City.

Services & Features Offered By The Compound

Swimming pools, green spaces & landscape over a vast space, a social club, sports playgrounds for all activities, a mosque, garages below blocks, various water bodies, a highly equipped health club, gym & spa, an integrated entertaining area, dancing fountains, international gym & spa, 24/7 security & guarding.

La Fontaine 5th Settlement Offered Spaces

The compound provides a variety of residential units spaces to fit all clients as apartments space starts from 145 m² up to 210 m² while townhouses space starts from 218 m² taking into consideration that units will be delivered semi-finished.

Prices & Payment Options

  • The project contains 565 units with different prices as apartment prices start from 3.000.000 EGP while town houses prices start from 6.600.000 EGP
  • The real estate developer offers a variety of facilitated payment systems for you as you can pay 4% of the unit total value as a down payment upon contracting and the rest of the amount to be paid through installment over 8 years without interests.

Royal Meadows Compound

فيلات بكمبوند رويال ميدوز الشيخ زايد

Royal Meadows Project is one of the most luxurious & beautiful residential projects executed by Arco as the project is uniquely designed as it's considered a villas complex located in the center of 6th October and covering 240 acres.

Advantages & Services By Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed

an international mall, an hotel, administrative units, an international sports club, swimming pools, a club house, entertaining areas for kids, vast spaces, lagoons all over the compound, tracks for walking & running, 24/7 security & guarding, areas for parties, international cafes & restaurants.

Units Types In Royal Meadows Project

Royal Meadows is a compound offering 340 units vary only among standalone villas, town houses and twin villa and spaces are as follows:

  • Standalone villas spaces starting from 372 m² up to 422 m²
  • A twin villa space starts from 296 m²

Prices & Payment Options

The compound offers a variety of prices differ according to units space as prices start from 7.000.000 EGP up to 19.000.000 EGP

ARCO also offers a variety of payment options as you can pay 50% of the unit cost and the rest of the amount to be paid through installment over 3 years.

Also, ARCO Projects include:

City Stars North Coast

Villas and swimming pools in City Stars Resort

City Stars Compound is one of the most important projects by ARCO that's designed to be an integrated tourist resort with all services as the project covers a super mega space of 743 acres in the most luxurious location in North Coast.

Arco City Stars North Coast Village Location

The village lies in Kilo 199 Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road and close to La Vista North Coast & Mountain View besides the close location to Alamein International Airport.

Most Important Services & Features Offered By City Stars North Coast

Various units to fit all clients, swimming pools for kids & adults, green spaces & lagoons, sand coast & turquoise water, marina & yachts docks, 3 international hotels, a highly equipped gym with the latest sports equipment, eco-friendly solar energy, 24/7 security & guarding through surveillance cameras & security crew, entertaining areas for kids & adults.

Residential Units within The Project

The project offers a variety of units that fit all clients with different spaces starting from 48 m² cabins directly overlooking the beach while villas space starts from 383 m² besides floating chalets.

Prices & Payment Systems

The project chalets prices start from 2.600.000 EGP. However, you can get your unit without any down payment along with installment over 8 years as the real estate developer determined to deliver units in 2021.

Arco Lagoon North Coast

Studio in Lagoon Arco North Coast

Lagoon Arco Village is an architectural charming masterpiece presented by ARCO for its clients in the heart of the North Coast after the great success made through City Stars North Coast as the developer focused efforts towards the project development that offers many wonderful features as it's considered a tourist village.

Arco Lagoon Resort Location

Lagoon Arco village lies in K.108 from Alexandria Desert Road and close to Alamein New City & Alamein International Airport after Porto Golf by only 7 km.

Features & Privileges Of The Resort

Crystal lagoons covering 6 acres, green spaces, entertaining area for kids, a variety of shops offering all world brands, marina & yachts dock, service area, international cafes & restaurants, swimming pools for kids & adults, charming international designs, 24/7 security & guarding for more safety, cafes & restaurants area.

Units Offered By Lagoon Arco Village

The project offers a variety of units covering 33 acres that contain only 33 buildings as each building consists of a ground floor & 3 upper floors while the project is divided into 3 areas as follows:

  • Phase 1: Chalets spaces start from 108 m² up to 142 m²
  • Phase 2 & Phase 3: Chalets spaces start from 87 m²up to 95.5 m²

Prices & Payment Methods

Chalets prices are so unique compared to wonderful offered services as chalets prices start from 1.100.000 EGP up to 2.100.000 EGP

There is also a variety of payment systems as you can pay 10% of the total unit value and the rest of the amount is to be paid over 7 years.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park