All Details about Sodic East Compound

Sodic East El Shorouk
Published at 2019-02-26

Information about Sodic East Al Shorouk

  • Sodic East Compound is one of the famous high residential compounds that are located in New Heliopolis City, It presents many comfort and welfare for all people through the landscape and the luxurious architectural designs.
  • It's also special for many important services inside the compound and the executing company for the project aims through it to prove its capability of competing with the largest companies in this field, as the company achieved a new concept through making a large leap in the real estate investment concept inside Egypt.

Know the location of Sodic East New Heliopolis

Sodic East Compound was constructed in a special location and it's easy to be reached from outside as:

  • It's located on Ismailia and El Suez road.
  • It's a few minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • It's near El Shorouk city and in front of the Madinaty residential project.
  • All these features made it easy to reach the compound through the Regional Ring Road.
  • It has 12 gates to be easily reached from all the surrounding districts.

Units of project Sodic East New Heliopolis

What's the space of Sodic Compound?

  • The Sodic East Compound was designed with extreme care and perfect architectural designs on a large space that reaches 650 acres, and it was divided from inside by an engineering and homogenous way.
  • The executing company worked on leaving many spaces for entertainment means and services like clubs and parks, as 18% of the total space was specified for the residential units and the remaining for the services.

What's the Executing Company of Sodic East Compound?

Sodic real estate Company is the executing company for Sodic East Compound and it's from the giant companies in the real estate designing field that is special for its luxurious projects and everyone ensures that this project today is an architectural masterpiece compared to all the residential compounds that are found today in reality.

The company got many prizes for its large efforts in the real estate designing and it has many special projects as:

  • October Plaza Project.
  • West Town 6th of October Compound.
  • East Town Compound in the Fifth Settlement.

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Find Out More about the services in Sodic East Compound

Sodic East Compound has many important services and it provides many comfort and entertainment means for the residents like:

  • The compound has the best landscape design that's found in Egypt today.
  • International Schools.
  • Mosque.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Many gardens and parks.
  • Riding bikes lanes and passages.
  • Large Commercial Malls.
  • Many medical clinics.
  • Kids area that has many games.
  • Sports club on a 42 acres' space.
  • Security and Guarding 24 hours.

What are the spaces of the residential units in Sodic East Compound?

The residential units were executed on 18% of the total space of the project and 44% of the space of the residential unit was specified for the villas while leaving the remaining space for the townhouse and twin house.

The executing company designed all the residential units overlooking the green spaces and landscapes inside the compound, about the spaces of the residential units inside Sodic East Compound 

  • the spaces start from 234 up to 340 square meters.

The prices of the units in Sodic East Compound

Sodic East Compound is considered from the compounds that the residential units inside it were designed in the shape of villas and townhouse and twin house, and the prices are considered from the least prices inside the Fifth Settlement district and El Mostakbal city as:

  • The standalone villas' prices start from 5,250,000 up to 6,000,000 pounds.
  • The prices of the twin house start from 4,600,000 pounds.
  • The prices of the townhouse start from 3,900,000 pounds.

The company provided payment systems as you can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 7 years' installment.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa

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