All Details about features of El Shorouk Springs Compound

El Shorouk Springs
Published at 2019-03-03

Information about El Shorouk Springs Compound

El Shorouk city has become one of the most important modern cities that the investments have fluided to it in the last period where it has a geographical and attractive location.

From the real estate companies that cared for investing in it, Hassan Allam Group or as it's called El Nasr General Contracting Company.

The company constructed a huge residential compound that provides many services with a large number of gardens and parks and trees that surround many units.

So the company named it springs as the compound is filled with spring season's weather and for that its a golden chance in front of many people who want to live in the middle of nature and being away from the noise and environmental pollution and the overpopulation.

Where's the location of El Shorouk Springs?

El Shorouk City Springs Compound is located in a strategic and attractive location where the company cared for constructing it near many main roads and serving utilities, like:

  • It's close to El Horeya Road and El Suez Road.
  • It's close to El Shorouk Club.
  • It's easy to reach many international schools, institutes, and universities.
  • It's close to Heliopolis Club.

Units of project Al Shorouk Springs Compound in Shorouk City

Know the space of Al Shorouk Springs project

  • As for space, it was from the priorities of the company that cared for giving the client all the services and main utilities that he needs.
  •  So, the company constructed the project on 150 acres to provide these services and entertainment activities and also constructing various residential units that suit the youth and newly married couples and large families.
  • The company allocated a space exceed 82% of the total space to construct gardens and parks and sports playgrounds and crystal lagoons and also artificial waterfalls.
  • The remaining space was allocated for constructing the various residential units among hotel apartments, penthouse, Duplex, standalone villas, twin house, and townhouse to fit the clients' needs and to provide a welfare life.

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Who's the Executing Company of El Shorouk Springs?

  • The executing company of El Shorouk Springs Compound is Hassan Allam Group that was established in Egypt since 1936.
  • It introduced through this yearS many investment projects that made a leap in the construction and building field in Egypt but also in different Arab countries like Kuwait, Lybia, Iraq, and UAE.
  • It launched its architectural masterpiece El Shorouk Springs project to be a witness on this where its investments reach 1.7 billion pounds.
  • It constructed many administrating buildings and commercial malls and also international schools and medical clinics and markets, That made many people own a residential unit inside it where the perfect life and living in the middle of the charming nature take place.

Know the Services Provided By El Shorouk Springs

  • Vast green spaces and gardens specified for a special sport as a Yoga garden and a Reading garden.
  • Various Swimming Pools.
  • Security and Guarding 24 hours.
  • Parking Garage.
  • Artificial water bodies like waterfalls, fountains, and crystal lagoons.
  • Restaurants and Cafes area.
  • Commercial area.
  • Health club.
  • Open areas for BBQ and Parties.
  • Medical Centers and pharmacies and Ambulances and Emergency teams.
  • Wide lanes and passages around the whole compound for walking and riding bikes.
  • International schools and nurseries.

What are the Units Spaces in El Shorouk Springs Compound?

  • The spaces of the units start from 170 up to 320 meters where it includes wide hotel apartments that were divided from inside by developed engineering ways.
  • Villas' spaces are large and various to suit all the tastes and start from 470 up to 580 meters.
  • The company offers large facilities in paying as you can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining on a 7 years' installment or you can pay a 15% downpayment and the remaining on a 9 years' installment.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains

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