Top 10 Amenities of City One El Shorouk

City One El Shorouk
Published at 2019-10-28

Many of us need a place that combines several qualities, the first of which is the privileged location, the spacious space, the pleasant views, the organized place, the nearby facilities, the special services, and unfortunately the searching journey takes a long time and if we find a residential unit somewhere we will find only some features but with City One El Shorouk will find all the previous features and more and for Details Click Egypt Real Estate.

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About Space And Location City One El Shorouk

  • The compound is located in Shorouk City and one of the most important marks that characterize the route to reach it is the Central Ring Road because it will be located at the intersection of the central ring with Carrefour.
  • It will be only 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • The total area of the project is 304 acres, of which 25% are for residential units of all kinds, so it is the largest compound in the entire city of Al Shorouk.
  • A large and diverse number of residential units will be built, such as apartments of various spaces and sizes ranging from 70 square meters up to 187 square meters.
  • Prices per meter in the compound will vary according to the difference in finishing, the semi-finished residential units start the price of a meter starting from 7300 to 9500 Egyptian pounds, but if the housing unit is not trimmed i.e. on red bricks the price of a meter will start from 5500 to 6500 Egyptian pounds.

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The Developer Company Of City One El Shorouk Compound

  • The company that owns the project is A One Group, this company is known for many years for its activity and its rare mark in the field of development and real estate investment, so it is one of the oldest and most experienced companies, established in 1983 AD.
  • It has participated in many architectural projects and has built many of them as well, as she owns a large number of residential towers in many provinces such as Cairo, Al-Sharqiya, and others.
  • It has established a large number of educational buildings for schools and has made significant contributions to Heights Ain Sokhna.

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What Are The Most Significant Features of City One project by A One?

  • The company will allocate an entire 25 acres to sports or social clubs.
  • The compound will contain an international university building on 18 acres, providing comfort for customers who are concerned that their children are leaving the compound to go to their universities.
  • Two mosques will be built, each with a capacity of more than 1,000 people.
  • The compound will provide 18,500 square meters of its area for the establishment of all administrative and medical units on various types, whether private companies or clinics.
  • It will allocate a full space for gardens, cafes and the best types of restaurants and will be 14,500 square meters.
  • The payment system is different from the payment systems known in some compounds as the developer company will open the payment up to 10 years, and your apartment or unit that you booked will be delivered after 3 years.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa