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Al Burouj El Shorouk City

Al Burouj compound is one of the most beautiful compounds executed by Capital Group Properties, one of the leading real estate development companies. It has established several projects in London, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and other countries. This compound is one of the very distinct compounds that offer a lot of features as a small village in addition to providing all the amenities and entertainment for the service and customer satisfaction.

All you need to know about Apartments for sale in Shorouk City

Where Al Burouj El Shorouk City Compound is located?

The location is one of the most important things that the customer is looking for as it distinguishes a project from another, so the developer has been keen to choose a strategic location. This project is featured by very distinctive designs in the heart of El Shorouk city on the Cairo-Ismailia desert road, Al Burouj is Located between the Regional Ring Road and the International Medical Center as it’s easy to reach from anywhere. It is also only 10 minutes away from Cairo International Airport and 20 minutes from New Cairo, so this project occupies a very distinguished location.

All Details about The Most Important Compounds in El Shorouk City

More About Al Burouj Compound From Capital Group Properties:

  • This project is built on a huge area of 1200 acres, but the most important feature is that the developer has made sure that the project is low density so built on an area of 170 acres or about 17% of the total area, so you will enjoy the vast green spaces, lakes and swimming pools in a very fabulous image.
  • It also provides many services such as health clubs that are set up on a large area in addition to various sports playgrounds, and the shopping malls with hundreds of stores for different brands and international brands and many restaurants and cafes, in addition to security and guarding.

Comprehensive information on the Townhouses for sale in Shorouk City

What are the spaces of the residential units in Al Burouj Compound?

The enormous space of this project has provided the real estate developer with a great advantage which is the diversity of the apartment spaces as follows:

  • Apartments of varying spaces start from 90 m² and up to 190 m², some of these apartments consist of two rooms and the other three rooms.
  • Duplex space is 175 m².
  • Townhouses vary in spaces from 165 m² to 245 m².
  •  Villas spaces are up to 440 m².

The compound includes 28.000 finished super Lux units, with the highest level of quality where the developer used unmatched materials with magnificent designs. This project has also provided you with a variety of payment systems for the convenience of the customer and you can book a residential unit after you pay 10% downpayment only and install the rest of the price over 8 years.

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Best Compounds In Shorouk City

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