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Porto Sokhna Resort
Published at 2019-03-31

As the foreign and Arabic investments are flowing into constructing the New Administrative Capital that's located in Cairo El-Suez Road, This made many people construct some touristic projects in El Ain El Sokhna where the turquoise water and the intermediate climate and the charming mountains.

So we find one of the largest and famous touristic resorts in Egypt which is Porto El Sokhna that's owned by Amer Group ( Porto Group ) That has a great history that exceeds 25 years in Egypt, and it constructed a huge number of residential and touristic projects and also administrating buildings.

It constructed the first touristic resort on the top of the mountains that are similar to the three Pyramids in addition to providing the first Telfrek in Egypt and many entertainment activities and other utilities that made it an integrated resort which provides the visitors with high and special services and make them spend the most amazing times in the middle of the charming nature and the pure air and the white sands.

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Where's Porto Sokhna Resort's Location?

The resort is located in the center of El Ain El Sokhna as Amer Group chose the best locations that overlook the Red Sea and on the top of the charming mountains.

  • It's 90 minutes away from Cairo.
  • It's 25 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, So many people can spend their vacations in the resort.

Many special services are found in the resort in addition to the high residential compounds and the chalets and also the special touristic resorts, that made it a golden chance for many people to own apartments or chalets in this high touristic district in the center of El Ain El Sokhna.

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Porto Sokhna Village Space?

  • The project's space is very large as it was constructed on 2,500,000 square meters in the center of the mountains and with a 270 meters' height above the sea level.
  • This space was chosen to provide all the entertainment services and the main utilities and also for providing a huge hotel as Porto Pyramids Hotel which has the shape of the three Pyramids and it provides a huge number of rooms.
  • In addition to constructing many standalone chalets and residential apartments with different spaces that suit all the families.
  • And the company specified 70% of the total space for constructing green spaces and artificial water bodies and different entertainment activities for kids.

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Units of project Porto Sokhna Ain Sokhna

A Brief about the Executing Company of Porto Sokhna Project

As we mentioned that Amer Group is the executing company of the project and it constructed the resort in 2007 to be the first destination for the tourist in El Ain El Sokhna district where the turquoise water and the intermediate climate all the year and also to be near from the capital.

And that's not new for Amer Group where it has a great history filled with achievements extends to 25 years, It constructed during this period 5 commercial centers and many residential compounds as:

  • Porto October.
  • Porto Pyramids.
  • Porto New Cairo.
  • Porto Golf Marina near Porto El Sokhna.
  • At last, it continues constructing the last phase of the Porto Matrouh project.

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The Available Services in Porto Sokhna Amer Group

The company provided many special services and utilities to attract many visitors from inside and outside Egypt as:

  • The first Golf playground that was constructed on the top of the mountains and overlooks the sea directly.
  • In addition to constructing the first Telfrek in Egypt that provides a panoramic view of the whole compound and all the surrounding mountains.
  • With providing a huge hotel with a high level of services and it has 4 stars and it's constructed on the sea directly which is Pyramids El Ain El Sokhna Hotel.

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In addition to many other services as:

  • Sports playgrounds.
  • Many health clubs and sauna and jacuzzi.
  • Many swimming pools that suit all the residents.
  • Special sits on the sea directly to enjoy the wonderful view.
  • Yacht and boat marina.
  • Many dancing parties.
  • Also commercial malls, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas.
  • Security and guarding teams.

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The Units' Spaces and Prices in Porto Sokhna Beach Resort

  • The chalets' spaces are various and suit many families as they start from 120 up to 500 square meters.
  • Their prices start from 1,900,000 pounds.
  • You can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 9 year's installment.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa

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