The Major Features and Flaws of Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort

Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort
Published at 2019-11-25

Piacera Village is considered one of the best and most classy touristic resorts in Ain Sokhna, because it has a distinct and more attractive view on the sea directly, it contains a high-quality hotel and full-service, includes more than 100 residential units, and the village is a sparkling interface for everyone who loves the entertainment and water relaxation as diving and swimming and boats and yachts riding And for more details click Egypt Real Estate

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What's The Location of Piacera Ain Sokhna Resort?

  • It has a very special geographic location on El Ain El Sokhna Road that the executing company of the project chose, and the project is constructed on a large space, as 20% of the total space was specified for the residential units, and the remaining 80% was specified for the water bodies and the green spaces and the many services.

  • The resort is located on the Red Sea coast and it's 60 minutes away from El Suez City, and this made it near all the services that are found in the city, and the resort is located in the kilo 100 on El Suez El Za'afrana Road, and the residential units overlook the sea directly and near Cairo as it's 120 minutes away from it.

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The Most Important Services of Piacera Resort

  • The resort includes many swimming pools with various sizes and shapes that suit all the ages.
  • Hypermarket with all the products.
  • Artificial lakes.
  • 4-stars hotel.
  • Various green spaces.
  • Aquapark with many games.
  • Integrated social club.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Mosque.

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Major Features of Piacera Al Ahly

  • Designed in a sophisticated and rare way to provide residents with all the entertainment means and a healthy and natural atmosphere.
  • The greens spaces occupy 80% of the total space and this space equals 4 times the space of the residential units.
  • Wonderful spaces and artificial lakes.
  • Swimming pools with various spaces for all ages and genders.
  • 4-stars hotel with the best services.
  • Integrated commercial mall with all the services and needs.

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Prices and Payment Systems in the Project

  • Although the village contains many services and features that do not exist in many of the other residential compounds that surround this district, but the prices are considered suitable for these services and suitable for all customers in different categories.
  • The special price is determined by the space of the unit chosen by the customer.
  • There are many paying systems as the client can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price of the unit and the remaining on a 6 years' installment and the units are delivered Super-Lux finished.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa