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Porto Sokhna Beach Resort is one of the prominent real estate investment & development projects executed by Amer Group in Ain Sokhna City to cover a total of 2.500.000 m² in 2007 to include 990 units.

you can get more advantages & prices in the resort through this article.

All You Need to Know about Best Ain Sokhna Resorts

Porto Sokhna Resort

  • Amer Group executed a variety of real estate investment & development all over Egypt as the developer executed Porto Ain Sokhna uniquely located in a strategic site as the compound is located in Cairo-Zaafarana Road K48 which makes it 90 minutes away from Cairo center.
  • Consequently, the resort offers a luxurious atmosphere featured with quietude & beauty on the Red Sea Coast. So instead of being a destination for Cairo residents or Resort residents only during summer for relaxing and enjoying pure seawater & beautiful atmosphere, the resort became an ever-lasting destination for all units owners to come all year, during official monthly, weekly vacations, feasts, and carnivals for more enjoyment away from city clutter.
  • Regardless of the unique strategic location, the resort offers a variety of advantages & services for dear clients whether tourist services, medical services, entertaining services or sports ones and the most highlighted services are as follows:

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Best Advantages In Porto Ain Sokhna Resort

  • The compound offers A big number of private coasts for more privacy & enjoyment.
  • Easy transport with the Aerial lift in the compound to enjoy unique gardens & lagoons views in the compound
  • Unique swimming pools.
  • Large medical center with the latest medical equipment
  • Mall & open large market.
  • A number of sports fields, clubs & golf courses.
  • Big number of unique  cafes & restaurants of international design.
  • A variety of hunting activities & scuba diving for lovers of hunting, swimming & exploration in Red Sea depth.

Find out about the Apartments for sale in Al Ain Al Sokhna

Units Spaces & Prices In Porto Ain Sokhna

Porto Ain Sokhna offers a variety of residential units including penthouse & standalone villas besides offering different units types with different spaces & purposes as we can find that:

  • 55 m² and 57 m² penthouses consist of a bedroom, small hall, bathroom & kitchen, 63 m² penthouse consists of 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms & kitchen while 100 m² apartments consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, small reception & kitchen
  • As for penthouse, there are so many of 200 m² consisting of 3 rooms & 2 bathrooms while standalone villas space starts from 430 m² consisting of 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen & vast reception.
  • Units prices in Porto Ain Sokhna generally starts from 700.000 L.E per for the smallest unit with a facilitated payment option by paying 10% of the amount and the rest to be paid in installment over 7 years.

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Best Compounds In Al Ain Al Sokhna

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