Know The features of living in Murano Wadi Degla?

Murano Wadi Degla
Published at 2019-02-25

Murano Wadi Degla

Murano wadi Degla resort is the first therapeutic touristic resort in Ain El Sokhna today, as the executive company worked on choosing the location for the project very carefully as the project infiltrated by the medicative Sulfurous water and also the water of El Ain El Sokhna's Sea.

So it's considered today from the most famous touristic resorts that many customers go to it for treatment, also many important services have been provided inside the project which became today an integrated village on El Sokhna road.

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Know the location of Murano sokhna 

What makes Murano Wadi Degla Resort special from other residential compounds that exist on El Sokhna road is the special location as it's located:

  • An hour away from Cairo by El Qatamya-El Ain El Sokhna road, so it makes the weekend a special and enjoyable vacation.
  • In addition to it's located at the beginning of El Za'afrana road
  • Also, the resort is located only a 5 Kilometers away from the end of El Qatamya road that made it one of the touristic resorts near Cairo.

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Know more about the space of Murano Wadi Degla

On a Space of 470 thousand meter square, Murano Wadi Degla Resort was designed with a budget up to one and half billion, and the executive company worked on executing the residential units on a simple space compared to the spaces that have been specialized to the services, Green Spaces, and the entertainment places inside the project.

2000 different residential units were designed with different spaces and shapes, and the resort was designed in the Italian style as its name was inspired from The Island Of Murano in Italy.

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The executing company of Murano Resort

Wadi Degla Company for real estate designing is considered the executive company of Murano El Sokhna, These company has a huge and special experience in the world of real estate designing.

As the company provided the customers with 3 important projects in El Ain El Sokhna in addition to 3 Resorts holding the name " Blumarand also many projects in the North Coast and Hurgada, from the important residential projects that the company presented until this day is Neopolis project in Mostakbal ( Future ) City in New Cairo.  

  • River Walk Compound the most famous compound in New Cairo
  • Tijan Project in Zahraa El Maadi
  • Victoria Project in Victoria El Maadi

What are the services available in Murano Wadi Degla?

Wadi Degla company worked on providing Murano Resort El Ain El Sokhna with many special services to make it from the most complete residential compounds on El Sokhna route, From the most important services that have been provided in the project are:

  • This Project is considered the first therapeutic touristic project at the same time as for the flowing of the Sulfurous water that many customers come for it in El Ain El Sokhna 
  • There are 6 swimming pools available and have been distributed on the resort to serve the residents 
  • Gardens and Greenspaces on large spaces inside the resort
  • More of Restaurants and Cafes that offer a lot of international meals and drinks
  • in addition to the availability of a 4-star hotel includes 110 hotel room working on receiving guests inside the resort for enjoying the pure seawater and the sulfurous water for treatment
  • Also, More of Commercial and Entertainment Services are provided inside the resort
  • Playgrounds especially for kids
  • Health club
  • There's also a Spa in the resort

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The types of residential units in Murano Wadi Degla Resort

  • Wadi Degla Company worked on providing many different residential units in spaces and shapes within Murano Resort, as Chalets and Duplex units were provided.
  • There are 2000 residential units have been provided in it and the spaces start with  55 meters and up to 265 meters, also there are stand-alone Villas with different spaces to satisfy all the clients.

The Prices of the residential units in Murano Wadi Degla Resort

  • The prices of the residential units differ depending on the spaces of the unit and the prices start from 1,300,000
  • Also, Wadi Degla Company worked on providing an easy way for paying the price of the unit, the client pays 15% downpayment of the total price of the unit and the remaining is paid in installments over 7 years, and we should refer that the company started to launch the residential units for the project since 2015.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Hotel