Details of Coronado Marina Resort and its major features

Coronado Marina
Published at 2019-02-25

Information about Coronado Marina resort

Coronado Marina resort is one of the most important residential touristic compounds today that located on El Ain El Sokhna road, with its special location and the services that are found and provided by it made this project from the best touristic locations that are found in Egypt today.

Also, this resort located next to many centers and vital regions in El Ain El Sokhna road, it's designed on one phase only that includes a lot of different residential units to provide the biggest green spaces, landscapes, and the entertainment services in the project.

Location of Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna

Coronado Marina Resort Spotted and was designed in a very special location on El Sokhna road.

  • Its located on Kilo 108 El Za'afrana Route also it's located after El Ain El Sokhna Gates by 55 Km only.
  • it's 25 Km far from Porto El Sokhna directly in front of The Second Windmills.
  • it's 1 Km only far from Long Beach El Sokhna.
  • Also, it's located before many famous resorts on El Sokhna road like Malibu Village and Blue Blue Village and more.

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What's the space of Coronado Marina Resort?

on a space of 72 acres, the Coronado Marina Ain El Sokhna project was designed, and the executive company worked on allocating small spaces only for the residential units in the resort for leaving huge spaces for the services and amenities inside the project.

The width of the beach is 1600 meters while the deepest point from the resort gate to the beach up to 220 meters, all residential units overlook the sea clearly and the furthest unit from the sea is at a distance of 180 meters. 

About the executing company of Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna

Mahmoud Mostafa's companies group is considered the presenter to El Ferdaws Company for constructing the touristic facilities and the Spanish ( Al Aspania) Company for constructing touristic projects is the one that executed the Project, as the company owns special latest projects and works like:

  • Aquaris El Sokhna Project
  • Coronado El Sokhna 1
  • Coronado in the North Coast in addition to a group of tourist companies.

What you don't know about services in Coronado Marina

The executing company for the project provided many services for the residents like:

  • The resort includes a huge commercial mall which was constructed on a 6000 square meter space that features many variables and famous international brands.
  • Swimming Pools
  • also a mini aqua park
  • Playgrounds
  • Mosque is available
  • Motel
  • There are Trasses on the sea for relaxing and enjoying.
  • There's a Marina for fishing.
  • Covered Swimming Pool for ladies
  • Huge entertainment space for the residents
  • Restaurants and Cafes that serve international meals.
  • Health club.
  • There are trainers available on a high level for training the kids on many sports games
  • All the residential units in the village are designed on U-Shape so all the residents can see the sea directly and the resort is combined from one residential phase.

The Properties of the residential units in Corodano Marina Resort

  • All the residential units were designed on Chalets' form with different spaces start from 70 meters and up to 150 m².
  • All the units in the project see the sea clearly also they are overlooking the green spaces and water bodies inside the resort, all the chalets consist of Garden, First Floor, and Roof.
  • it's fair to refer that each chalet has a different design from the other chalets with the difference of the special spaces between them.

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What's the prices of the residential units in Corodano Marina Resort

The prices of the residential units differ as to their spaces change and the residential units are delivered on the key with furniture, all the electrical appliances, and air conditioners, And the executive company for the project provided easy payment systems for the customers as:

  • 10% downpayment, 5% receiving payment, and the remaining over 3 years.
  • 20% downpayment, 5% receiving payment, and the remaining over 4 years.
  • 30% downpayment, 5% receiving payment, and the remaining over 5 years.
  • Only if the client put a receiving deposit 10% and the outlays for the counters 7 thousand pounds upon receiving.
  • The unit is delivered after one and a half years from the date of contracting and it can extend to two and a half years.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Hotel

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