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Boho El Sokhna
Published at 2020-09-03

Boho El Sokhna Resort

The resort is one of the latest projects of Al Asreya Development Company, which has been implemented it in the world's highest model to attract all investors and force them to buy various units to enjoy the numerous services that will be provided within the project, in addition to the stunning landscapes.

Boho Location

The resort is characterized by its strategic location in Ain Sokhna, where it is located specifically on Zaafarana Road, and the distance that separates it from the new exit of El Galala road is estimated at 3.5 kilometers, while approaching Cairo about 80 minutes by car, while Porto Sokhna is up to 20 kilometers away.

It is also close to the well-known main hubs that help with easy access without exhaustion, as well as being located near Mangroovy Village El Gouna.

Area of Boho Al Asreya

Boho Resort area is estimated to be 20 acres along with the 225 meters beach, divided by only 20% for residential buildings, while the rest is allocated to green spaces that add an attractive look to the project as well as distinctive views.

The company implementing the project was keen to diversify the residential units of different areas, including chalets, standalone villas as well as Twin Houses, ranging from 63 square meters up to 310 square meters.

Design of Boho Resort Ain Sokhna

It was built on the idea of terraces that provide full view of the sea from all residential units, the units are built on three terraces with very attractive designs and colors that bring comfort and happiness to everyone who looks at them.

The project is named after this name because the word Boho is derived from "Bohemian" originally means life differently and enjoy the attractive nature of the eye-catching beauty and splendor, and this is already implemented by Al Asreya Real Estate Development Company.

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Features & Services Provided by Boho Sokhna

Al Asreya company implementing Boho Resort has provided many services, whether basic or recreational, for the convenience of the customer and provide everything he/she needs so that he does not have to go outside the resort to look for everything he wants, and these services were represented in the following:

Swimming pools: It features various swimming pools with different spaces to suit the desires of all customers while providing the highest level of security and privacy.

Green spaces: There are large areas of green spaces that give a sense of comfort and recuperation when viewed, as well as artificial waterfalls and Crystal Lagoons.

Club House and Aqua Park: The project has an Aqua Park area full of recreational water rides that help you have fun and special time, as well as a clubhouse.

Kids Entertainment Areas: A designated kids' area, equipped with the best and latest entertainment games, is dedicated to entertaining their time with privacy.

Commercial area: There is a large commercial area with many shops that offer all the supplies in addition to the presence of brands and international trademarks, as well as a business center.

Track For Running and Cycling: Track is dedicated to running and cycling to provide privacy and security to customers.

5 Star Hotel: There is a guest hotel with the best services and features for the convenience of all customers.

Gym and Spa: The resort features a gym with the best sports equipment, as well as a spa for leisure and recreation enthusiasts.

Restaurants and cafes: There is a wide range of restaurants and cafes offering the highest food and beverages that customers prefer and prepared by the best chefs.

Medical clinics: The project's implementers did not lose sight of the medical aspect, so medical clinics were provided to provide health advice and equipped with the latest and best medical devices.

Pharmacies: Pharmacies have been established throughout Boho Sokhna project to provide medicines to customers, in addition to first aid.

Mosque: A mosque was built for religious services and prayers so that the customer does not feel that there is anything missing while there are on vacation.

Hotel services: The services provided are characterized by the hotel features so it is provided at the highest level and the best quality.

Security and guarding: 24-hour security and safety were provided, in addition to providing them with the latest security equipment and surveillance cameras.

Boho Prices & Payment Systems

Boho Ain Sokhna provided prices suitable for all customers of all needs, compared to the services to be provided, in addition to providing several payment systems in order to comfort the customer when choosing and purchasing the residential unit, and the prices are as follows:

First Row Units

The price of standalone villa with an area of 320 square meters starts at 9,500,000 EGP, while the Twin House with space starting from 250 square meters up to 270 square meters is priced at 4,559,655 EGP, .

Second Row Units

Ground floor prices start at 1,997,252 EGP which consists of two rooms and an area of 105 square meters, the three rooms with an area of 130 square meters, start from 2,364,466 EGP, while duplex units with an area starting from 136 square meters are with a price up to 2,535.6 Egyptian pounds.

First & Second Floor

The two floors have units consisting of two rooms and other of three rooms, the first has a space starting from 114 square meters and priced at 2,028,827 EGP, and the second is with an area of 140 square meters and priced up to 2,484,042 EGP.

Third Row Units

The price of the ground floor units with two rooms starts at 1,716,000 EGP, with an estimated area of 105 square meters, while the three-room units start at 130 square meters and are priced at 2,155,000 EGP.

Fourth Row Units "The First & Second floors"

It includes units with two rooms ranging in size from 114 square meters up to 117 square meters, with prices estimated at 1,795,422 EGP, and 1,845,522 EGP, while duplex units with an area of 117 meters, priced at 2,051,267 EGP, while the price of units with an area of 134 meters range from 1,977,000 EGP up to 2,027,741 EGP.

The Ground Floor

It features different and varied spaces, there is one bedroom with an area of up to 50 meters and a garden with an area of 34 meters, priced at 874,000 EGP, while the two rooms with an area of 80 meters and a garden of 34 meters are estimated at 1,148,745 EGP, while the units consist of three rooms with an area of 102 meters and a garden of 36 meters are with the price of 1,558,219 EGP.

The First Floor

There are 65 m² units with one bedroom at a price of 842,000 EGP, and units with two rooms with an area of 75 meters and an estimated price of 968,370 pounds.

The Second Floor

It features 77 m² units with two bedrooms at a price of 1,114,859 EGP and units consist of two rooms with 85 m² space in addition to a terrace of 40 m² at an estimated price of 1,350,000 EGP.

The payment systems were as follows:

  • Installment of the due amount of the residential unit over a period of 5 years with no downpayment.
  • Pay 8% as a down payment with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 6 years.
  • A 15% down payment is paid with the rest of the due amount for the residential unit to be paid over a period of 7 years.
  • Pay 20% as a down payment with the rest of the outstanding amount to be paid over 8 years.

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Short History about The Owner Company

Al Asreya Developments, the executing company of Boho Al Ain Sokhna Resort, has a great experience of up to 25 years in the real estate field, acquired through various projects it carried out with attractive new designs that impress all investors, relying on the highest types of construction and taking advantage of the wonderful nature of the project place, thus enjoying an attractive and wonderful view for all units.

The company's previous work was: "Divina Gardens project in Al Shorouk, as well as Boardwalk New Administrative Capital."



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