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El Sokhna Murano
Published at 2020-09-04

Murano El Sokhna

Murano Sokhna is a haven for anyone looking for recuperation and comfort, due to its location on the beach or its stunning sea view, as well as its attractive and dazzling design, it is one of the best resorts in the region where it offers all the needs of customers of all desires.

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Location of Murano Wadi Degla

The resort is strategically located in Al Ain Sokhna, where it is located exactly on the beginning of Zaafarana road and is approaching Cairo by one hour, making it easy to reach anywhere within Cairo as soon as possible, while the distance between it and Katameya Road is estimated at about 5 km, in addition to being near Suez Road.

Properties for sale in Murano Al Ain El Sokhna

Area of Murano Wadi Degla El Sokhna

The area of Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna is estimated at about 470,000 square meters, where it was divided between units and green spaces, and the largest part was allocated to green spaces, while a very small part has been allocated for the buildings containing only 2000 residential units, to be completed within one phase only that has reached a cost of one billion pounds, and the most important characteristic of the units is its direct view of the Red Sea.

The resort has a variety of residential units with different sizes, there are chalets, duplexes, and apartments as well as villas, all of which overlook the stunning landscape in addition to the sea and its attractive blue color, and their areas are as follows:

  • Apartments: spaces range from 90 square meters up to 265 square meters.
  • Duplexes: The Middle Duplex space starts at 174 square meters, and the Corner duplex space is estimated at 196 square meters.
  • Villas: The villas areas start from 238 square meters up to 248 square meters.
  • Chalets for sale in Murano Sokhna: varied in size, the two-room chalets space is estimated to be 56 square meters, while the 3 rooms chalets have an area of 132 square meters.

The project's executors designed the resort with an Italian style that is famous for its many cheerful colors, named after the Italian island of Murano.

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Services Provided by Murano Wadi Degla

Murano Resort has provided many features and services that customers need in their daily lives, in addition to paying attention to the entertainment aspect to have fun and special time, so that visitors do not have to go outside the resort to get what they want, these services were as follows:

Green spaces: The resort has many wonderful greenery that gives a very impressive view, as well as giving everyone a sense of comfort, tranquility, and recuperation.

Swimming pools: The project includes 6 swimming pools with a variety of spaces for everyone, as well as kids' pools, taking into account the highest standards of safety and privacy.

4-star hotel: The resort has a visitor reception hotel that offers all the services they need, with about 110 rooms, as well as a health club with the best technology.

Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the best and highest international food and beverages that are preferred by customers and prepared by the most skilled chefs.

Shops: There are many shops that offer all customer supplies, in addition to providing all trademarks and international brands.

Waterfront: The project enjoys a 750 square meters beach view, as well as sea view and all fun activities.

Hot Spring: Because the project's implementers are keen to take care of all aspects, Hot Spring has been created to protect hair and skin, and also help customers get a calm atmosphere full of relaxation and psychological comfort.

Security and guarding: 24-hour security and guarding were provided, providing them with the latest and best security equipment as well as security cameras to provide security inside the resort.

Private Tracks: Designated tracks are designated for walking and cycling, taking into account privacy and safety.

Medical tourism: One of the most important advantages of Murano Resort is its reliance on medical tourism due to the presence of sulfur water that cures many diseases.

A private garden for each unit: not only is the beach and sea view, but there is also a private garden for each unit filled with magnificent greenery.

Gym: A gym with the best and latest sports equipment is available for those who enjoy these activities, as well as a spa for those who enjoy relaxation and recreation.

Entertainment area: A designated kids area with the best and latest entertainment games with the highest level of privacy and security.

Parking: A designated parking area has been established to prevent crowds and congestion in front of the resort's buildings.

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Murano Prices

Murano Al Sokhna provided suitable prices for everyone so that they can buy the right units for them, compared to the services provided within the project, where the first phase units were delivered in 2019, while 2020 will witness the delivery of the units of the second phase, and as for the third phase, it will be delivered in 2021.

As for the method of payment, several ways were offered for the convenience of the customer when purchasing the residential unit, and these methods were:

  • Pay 15% as a down payment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 7 years.

  • In case of buying a residential unit on the ground floor, 20% of the total value of the unit will be paid as a downpayment in two equal payments, with the rest of the due amount being paid over a period of 6 years.

  • If you choose to buy a duplex either in the first or second phase, 15% will be paid as a down payment, then 5% is paid as a first payment, 10% as a second payment, with the rest of the outstanding amount being repaid over a period of 6 years.

Short History about The Owner Company

Wadi Degla Company, which implements Murano Al Ain Al Sokhna village, gained its reputation in the field of real estate through successful works that have been implemented, establishing about 19 projects in different regions, including " West and East of Cairo, in addition to the North Coast and Al Ain Al Sokhna since its establishing in 2005, it is a subsidiary of Wadi Degla Holding, all of which has contributed to the digging of its name in a field to become a very famous company.

The company's previous projects were: "Neoplois Mostakbal City, which included about 14,000 residential units, Blumar Ain Sokhna, Blumar Sidi Abdel Rahman and Blumar Hills project, as well as Marina Wadi Degla El Sokhna, River Walk in New Cairo, Tijan project, Promenade Maadi Compound, Canal Compound, Wadi Degla Club and Blumar Hurghada, as well as the construction of units for the middle-income and above-average projects to meet the needs of the Egyptian Market.

Murano Sokhna is unique with the presence of Sulfur water, which made it distinct from other projects in the region, and became the focus of everyone's attention for medical tourism, as well as the rest of its full services so that the customer does not feel that there is something missing, in addition to the prices that suit everyone and the variety of payment systems that work on the comfort of the customer, so you have to book your unit quickly to enjoy a comfortable life full of sophistication and luxury.



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