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All You Need to know about IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Resort

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IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

It is the largest tourist project on the Red Sea coast; the project aims to be New Capital for Ain Sokhna. Al Galala was chosen especially because of its excellent location on the Red Sea coast, its wealth of agricultural and mining resources, now we will learn more about the features of IL Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna.

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The project is a global project on the land of Egypt and is located precisely on the highest plateau on an area of ​​19 thousand acres, along the coastal road between Ain Sokhna to the north and Zafarana to the south, deep in the mountain, where the coastal part is dedicated to tourism projects. The mountain back of El Galala plateau will be divided into residential cities, private facilities, as well as an industrial zone and quarries area, so and it will not be a burden on state facilities.

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The project will be executed on 3 axes:

  • The first axis consists of the main road of the project; it is the new road of Galala and extended to more than 82 m and rises to a height of 700 m.
  • The second axis includes the tourist resort, which is considered the most prominent city facilities, and is located on 1000 acres on the sea directly, and will be managed in a hotel-style of companies specializing in it. The resort will include a mountain hotel, an international yacht, and a water sports city, a tourist walkway, a restaurant complex, a hypermarket, and an entertainment center.
  • The third axis: It is especially in Al Galala City located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, the temperature is about 11 degrees below Cairo. It will include tourist resorts, residential cities, electricity plants, desalination plants, factories, and quarries.
  • IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is the second largest national project by the Egyptian government after the Administrative Capital, within the framework of its comprehensive plan for real estate development; the establishment of major cities throughout Egypt, it will be built at a height of 700 meters above sea level on the mountain back in the depth of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, directly on the sea, in particular, north of Cairo, and about 150 km away, along the coast between Ain Sokhna to the north and Zafarana to the south.
  • The location of IL Monte Galala Sokhna has made it an important tourist part of the tourist resort and its annexes, but the location is rich with mining and agricultural activities, therefore, residential cities, factories, and quarries will be set up to create a comprehensive development of various sectors to attract more foreign investments. More than 80 national companies in cooperation with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority are executing this project, and are about to complete 95% of the first phase of it.

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Opening of Al Galala Road

It will be fully opened in March 2019 as the new road of Al Galala is one of the most important pillars, on which IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna project is based, and the most engineering challenge, due to the mountainous and rocky nature of the area reaching Al Galala, it was necessary to blow it up to heights of more than 220 m, the height is equivalent to a building of about 80 floors, which has already established in an area called Mutair Dam"."

  • This name was referred to as an Arab sheikh called Mutair, which pointed to the armed forces at the weakest point of the mountain, through which the completion of the body of Ain El Sokhna road at the lowest costs and the fastest time. Where bombing, drilling, and landfill operations were carried out with the utmost professionalism, without affecting the geological environment of the mineral-rich region, the use of rock residues in the work of the body of the road, and its landfill, especially as it rises to about 700 meters above sea level.

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The Path of IL Monte Galala

  • The road runs for about 82 km and starts from the South Port Said area until kilo 92 Ismailia desert road, then south to reach Kilo 10 in the governorate of Beni Suef on Beni Suef-Zaafarana Road. In the future, the road was planned to be completed from the south until it reached west of Hurghada, west of Safaga, and then "Abu Ramad", on the international border with Sudan on latitude 22.

  • We find that the road map of the Highest Plateau included one of 30 June axis, which connects Port Said and Beni Suef, as part of the development corridors plan and the main axes linking all governorates within Egypt, the road link to 30 June axis is primarily aimed at facilitating trade between Egypt and the African continent, as well as linking agricultural and tourist projects, ports and new residential areas expected to be established in that promising region.

  • The new road will also serve the quarries area and the new industrial zone. which was established in IL Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna and the economic zone in the north-west of the Gulf of Suez, in addition to the current interchange, the new road of Al Galala intersects the old coastal road with two connections, the first in the area of ​​"Ras Abu Daraj" with a length of 17 km, and the second in "Wadi Mallah" for 13 kilometers, the old road is expected to be canceled, to become an internal road between the tourist villages; at the opening of the new road of Al Galala.

  • The new road of Al Galala has the advantage of avoiding the dangers of the old coastal road, each direction is made up of 3 lanes and fully insured against floods, where it was supplied with giant concrete pipes, working on collecting floodwaters, and equipped with harvester and bunkers to make use of floodwaters in industrial and agricultural projects, in the middle of the road there is concrete casting to prevent the fall of cars on both sides of the mountain road.

  • The road is designed at a 4% slope with a speed limit of 120 km/h, so that passengers do not feel any obstacles, difficulties, or hardship, in general, the new road will be one of the main roads in Egypt, which will facilitate movement from the south to the port of Ain Sokhna and Zafarana, the port of Hurghada, and Safaga port.

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IL Monte Galala Resort

  • IL Monte Galala Sokhna is a promising area from the environmental and tourist point of view, so it is a very productive destination for many investors. Therefore, within the scope IL Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna, there will be many tourism projects, other than the Royal Armed Forces Resort, which is the official resort of the city.

  • The most important tourism projects on Galala Ain Sokhna are the luxurious Ain Sokhna Resort, based on its implementation by Tatweer Misr, which chose IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna precisely because of its beautiful landscape, where Galala project is located on the Red Sea coast after Mövenpick about 7 km, and Porto Sokhna by about 11 km, on a total area of ​​about 520 km.

  • The project was executed in two phases, Phase I most of its units fully sold, and the second phase is currently available, the 33-acre crystal lagoons phase was executed by one of the world's largest companies. The second phase of the project also includes the "Maesta" area, the highest area in the project, which will enjoy the most beautiful view of the sea.

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Prices and services

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna offers you a luxurious collection of facades with modern facades, designs, and variety of spaces to choose from them what suits you, between chalets and villas where you can identify through the prices of IL Monte Galala and take an idea of ​​the average prices in general.
The spaces and prices of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna as follows:

  • Chalets consisting of 3 bedrooms with spaces from 109 to 140 m², prices starting from 2.200.000 to 2.800.000 pounds.

  • Duplex consisting of 3 bedrooms with space of 155 m², prices of 3.200.000 pounds. 

  • Twin house consisting of 3 bedrooms with spaces from 175 to 200 m² and garden areas of 68 to 180 m², starting at 3.800.000 pounds.

  •  288 m² villas with price start from 6.700.000 pounds.

  • Please note that these special prices are provided with payment facilities, where you can book at Galala Resort with a 10% downpayment and installments up to 10 years, delivery within a year and a half, the units are received with super lux finishing and furniture.

  • As for the services that you will find within the resort of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, most notably, it is designed and executed with the aim of realizing the concept of First Home, so you will find all the services and facilities around you, the project is located in a mountainous area, with terraces system; all units have sea view.

  • The project is connected to the sea through 4 links that are very similar to the tunnels passing over Zafarana road, Central Park is huge on an area of ​​8 acres, and mountain Park is unique with all mountain activities such as mountain climbing, safari, and others. IL Monte Galala Resort is based on the theory of "first home"; by providing all the comfortable facilities for customers to consider it their first and basic home, and they can resort to it throughout the year.

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Services within IL Monte Galala Resort

  •  hotels, including 2 international hotels, and 3 boutique hotels.

  •  Club House.

  • Social center.

  • Vast green spaces.

  • A fitness center and a golf course.

  • Large commercial malls, with the most luxurious international brands.

  • Yoga Center, Gym, Spa, and Beauty Center.

  • Marina for yachts.

  • Medical Centers.

  • Varied swimming pools.

  • Special recreational area for children.

  • Cabins on the beach, and a range of restaurants and cafés.

  • Cultural area.

IL Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna is one of the most luxurious and attractive tourist projects to enjoy the beauty of this picturesque area.

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