Know More about the major features in La Vista El Sokhna and is spaces.

La Vista Ein Sokhna
Published at 2019-02-25

La Vista Ain Sokhna

La Vista resort is one of the largest resorts in El Ain El Sokhna that is special for its strategic location and many upscale services that suit all the customers of different ages.

But also it owns a series of touristic resorts starts from kilo 142 and extends to many kilometers along with the Red Sea coast until it's number reaches 7 special integrated touristic resorts.

And that is not new on Tiba Company for Real Estate Development that owns hundreds of residential touristic projects, and the administrative and commercial buildings and it contributed in many other real estate projects.

But it wanted to produce a fascinating architectural icon that provide all the services, utilities, and the entertainment activities that the clients need to spend the most wonderful and enjoyable times in the center of the charming nature and the pure water and the white sands and the sulfurous eyes, the high various mountains and the refreshing air all the year.

Where does La Vista Ain Sokhna Locate?

As for the location, the company made sure of constructing the resort in an attractive and strategic location near Cairo and Suez City to be a link.

  • And through the great attention that's paid on the New Administrative Capital, it lays only 28 minutes away which makes a  lot of this city's residents spend their weekends and vacations not only the summer vacations easily.
  • So the developer established La Vista on kilo 142 El Za'afrana road, as a result, it's only 90 minutes away from Cairo and 60 minutes away from Suez City.
  • So it gives the customers the ability to enjoy all the services in the city from all ways like the commercial malls, Hospitals, and all the different utilities, but it is only 35 kilometers away from El Za'afrana City.

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Units of project La Vista Resort in Ain Sokhna

Know about the space of La Vista El Ain Sokhna

As for space, the Company worked on providing this resort on a space exceeds the 70 acres for constructing all the services and utilities.

Also, it worked on designing it with a Terracing system which is up to 7 terraces to make all the units overlook the sea from all angles and the various mountains work on controlling the temperature of those units and keeping it warm all the year.

And 17% only of the total space was allocated for constructing the units and chalets.

While greenspaces, Crystal Lagoons, Swimming pools, Sports Playgrounds, and clubs on the remaining spaces for providing the services and utilities and enjoying the refreshing air and the charming nature in the center of Ain Sokhna.

Who's the Executing company of La Vista Village?

As we mentioned before that Tiba Company is the executing company for all the real estate La Vista projects in Egypt, and it was established since 1991 and it constructed a lot of residential projects through this time.

The Series of El Ain El Sokhna Villages is considered the largest of these projects and it left its fingerprint in the real estate market through it, but also it has done many residential projects like:

  • La Vista Group in the North Coast that includes La Vista Bay, La Vista Cascade and Ras El Hekma.
  • Large projects are found in New Cairo that carries the name of El Patio 1,2,3,7 and also El Patio Oro.
  • As for El Sherouk City, it also carries El Patio's name like El Patio Casa, El Patio Prime, and El Patio 4,5.
  • For 6th of October City, the company constructed the project El Patio 6 and El Patio Zahraa.
  • And it didn't forget Marsa Alam city where it constructed La Vista Marsa Alam Resort.
  • And the Company is still continuing in constructing and developing many touristic resorts and special residential compounds.

Know more about La Vista's El Ain El Soknha Services.

As for the services, they are many and various to make the customer enjoy the different entertainment activities and main utilities like:

  • Vast green spaces covering the village
  • Artificial lakes and Various Swimming pools
  • Aqua Park for Kids and Medical center and Club House
  • Large Commercial Mall, Elegant Restaurants and Cafes on a high level of service
  • 24/7 Security and Guarding units.
  • Yachts and Boats Marina with providing chairs on the sea to directly enjoy the sunset and the warm sun rays

Know More about The Cheapest Sokhna Resorts

The Spaces of the units and the average of their prices in La Vista El Ain EL Sokhna 

  • The space of the units and Chalets in La Vista Village differs as it starts from 80 meters and up to 180 meters.
  • While Stand-alone  Chalets Start from 190 Meters and up to 500 meters.
  • And their prices start from 1,500,000 pounds and could increase depending on the space.
  • As for the facilities that the company offers, It allows the client to pay 10% of the total price of the unit and pay the remaining over 6 years as an installment or paying 15% and the remaining over 8 years as an installment depending on the customer's desire and the space of the unit.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Hotel Aqua park

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